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Meet the Princess

July 21, 2014

Sealed Staircase

The abandoned bungalow had its doors opened today.They said some auction was taking place but no one cared except little Asmara. She remembered going to that bungalow every evening and sit with the old lady on the staircase with tattered rug laid on it. 

The old lady owned that bungalow and lived alone in it. Asmara would visit her every evening because she thought that lady resembled to her granny, who passed away when she was 3. They talked about fairies, princesses and everything that could exist in the world of fantasy. 

Asmara sneaked into the bungalow, everything was labelled 'sealed'. The dining area, the living room and the rugged staircase too. Suddenly something pinched in her brain. She ran hastily towards her home...all winded and worried, she asked to her mom, "will they auction away the staircase too?"

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