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July 20, 2014

Love for Living Black Things

When it is all about love for black things, then why only non-living stuff? Imagine, when talking about non-living items can give so much of happiness then how interesting and full of delight it would be to talk about living things. This beautiful thought inspires me to write one more post, where I am gonna talk about my love for living black things. 

Black Kitten

I love kittens, no matter black or white. But, I have a black cute kitten in my wishlist because of the fact that most of the people avoid adopting black kitties. Or worse, they consider these black cuties cursed and differentiate their love. Love is unconditional, it shouldn't be subjective...

Cuckoo Bird, कोयल

Not only me, but I guess everyone who has heard this black beauty's beautiful voice...Loves it. I don't want to cage this beauty. I rather want one to stay in my garden and keep singing the melody to make me feel good about life.  

Black Horse

Horse riding has been my dream since childhood. I would imagine myself riding a black horse with glossy skin and soft hair. If I get a chance to wish for a living black thing, then I guess that's what I would ask for. 

 Black Orchid 

May be I don't want to be stuck in the old school thoughts, where only roses could express your feelings. Orchids have been one of my favorite flowers and black shade is a heart winner. It has that appeal, the gorgeousness and uniqueness that anyone could expect from a flower. It dark purple veins and black outlook reminds me of a beautiful witch from ancient times...

Black Fish

I love the way these beautiful creatures wandering accross the glass of aquarium don't let you feel alone. You can spend hours looking at their beautiful skin and the way they compliment the green side of fake sea you have created within a glass box. This explains my love for fishes...But I prefer black fishes over others because their glossy dark color compliments the green setting of aquarium is the finest way. 


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