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July 8, 2014

My Rainbow Smoothie Cake: Alphabate Soup

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating tasteless food or घास फूस! There are innumerable creative recipes that you can invent in your mind right away and cook them up in your kitchen. Once you are aware of health and nutrition benefits of any particular fruit, vegetable or other edible item, you can simply blend the best of them together to prepare a mouthwatering dish. Today, I will talk about my all-time favorite- Rainbow Smoothie Cake. I call it VIBGYOR jelly cake too…

Get ready to prepare heavenly, fully raw and luscious smoothie cake! This seven layered cake, dipped in exotic chocolate sauce and energizing flavors of healthy fruits would fill your mouth with ecstasy of rich taste-A cake, where there are no added preservatives and no added colors!

Take a square shaped bowl/dish made of glass. To enhance look and feel of the cake, it is important that each layer looks neatly through the glassware! So, make sure that the square bowl is made of superb quality gloss and has transparency equivalent to waters of unexplored beaches.

Now, let’s start filling the colors of taste, flavor and joy from bottom to top of the square glass bowl.

RED: Neatly place bowl full of red Kashmiri cherry at the very bottom of glass bowl. Put the whole cherries, it would be a lot of fun in rolling your lips to blow out the stones when you relish the cake.

ORANGE: Put fresh figs in a blender, don’t forget to add two spoonfuls of honey and little bit of cardamom powered. Trust me, the flavor of honey and cardamom will drive you crazy when it will melt inside your mouth.

YELLOW: Blend freshly sliced mango with fresh curd. The smooth paste should remain thick so that it stays right above the thick (almost solid) fig-honey base.

GREEN: Slice kiwis neatly and place these slices right after mango-yogurt smoothie…Ah! How I love the design of kiwi slices! They are surely going to add an impact to our rainbow smoothie cake J

BLUE: Who doesn’t love blueberries? They have awesome taste and flavor! Anything named smoothie, cannot be completed without them! Add 2 spoonfuls of fresh milk cream to a bowlful of blueberries and blend them nicely! Your gorgeous jelly mixture is ready to be layered upon mango smoothie.

INDIGO: Black plums are strong and it is better to add nothing that might reduce their stubborn taste. So, we would rather make plain, concentrated smoothie of black plums and place it right above the milky blend of blueberries.

VIOLET: Purple grapes would finish up the topmost layer of our yummy jelly cake. Place the grapes on the topmost layer! Finest arrangement of these little violet balls will add gorgeousness to cake’s appearance from the top!

GARNISHING: The cake is ready and now its time to garnish it. Pick a bowl full of your favorite dry fruits, add some gorgeous chocolate sauce, sprinkle some nuts and pour some honey too.

Recommended: Put the cake bowl in refrigerator for 15 minutes, so that it is all chilled and ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Now you are all set to serve and taste the jelly cake. Nicely organized in a gorgeous square dish made of beautiful glass, all the seven layers of rainbow jelly cake look amazingly delicious.

Since the cake is so beautifullly imagined and has a colorful presentation to offer, its important to choose the most suitable glassware for it. For me, nothing can be better suitable than a grand range of glassware from Borosil. 

PS: If you are too fond of Borosil's test tubes and the chemistry lab nostalgia is powerful enough to drag you back in school days, no problem! You can experiment trail of this particular dish in a test tube!

This post is my official entry under My Beautiful Food Contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil

Checkout the amazing Borosil products here and add some gloss and shine to your kitchen, dining and creative recipes of course.

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