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May 14, 2011

"Goodbye Kiss"

My heart tries hard but it can’t escape the flashes when we would have our “Goodbye kiss”

I can’t run away from the memories, I can’t get away from the tunes of your heartbeats.

I can’t get myself out of those tempting moments when I used to turn back and kiss your smooth lips with mine at the time of goodbyes. Those sugary and romantic goodbye kisses and going through the instants of holding you in my arms and pushing myself into yours.

Passing passionate glances to each other and kissing again....

The kisses at the time of meeting seemed unlike; they had an essence of ecstasy and joy of closeness and desire of being together for more n more time. But what used to turn our end of the meetings, sensational, was our deep, divine n romantic, “goodbye kiss”.

The kisses at hellos were a symbol of the fact that we had completed our promise at the time of our previous goodbye kiss and what every goodbye kiss meant was... “Will see you again sweetheart and that’s a promise” this promise was unsaid and unheard... Just sensed... 

I remember coming all the way long to see you, to feel the hugs of bliss. The baseless talks and endless walks, Remember talking to you and us kissing each other after every single word. Your fingers sliding through my curl locks, and you tickling my fingertips with yours and the way my cheeks would turn red.

Whenever I go back in the olden times I find myself collecting all those moments, like I am collecting beautiful stones on a beach... The beach of the ocean of my emotions “my heart”

The portrait of our smooth kiss, which I captured with closed eyes, is still here, safe into my eyelashes.

I know time never comes back; it’s the memories, treasured in our hearts which last forever.

“Our every single goodbye kiss” is Safe, here, deep in my heart.

Sometimes when I walk on the foregone roads the flashes of previous times appear right in front of my eyes and I literally see “you & me”... feeling the essence n depth of our goodbye kiss.


  1. lag ja gale se ke ki ye haseen raat ho na ho ...

  2. my all kisses nd memorable movement for my lyf patner ......................here ill go nd give wtever she need ill support her in all activities in which she needs me as her best frnd ..... ill give her wtever she want nd make her lyf so beautiful nd full of joy nd lov........i thnk my frnds m rgt for my decision wt do u say my frnds..scrap me on dis plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. mohit.. yeah ur thoughta are positive and nice.. :)

  4. Beautifully written, and excellent picture too

    Gitacharya (G)


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