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Meet the Princess

August 10, 2014

Time goes by like a train


Carrying a light vintage bag, she stepped out of the train. Her visit after almost two decades clearly told her that the little town hadn't changed much. The cemetery located alongside the railway track was still there...She remembered coming there with her father to place fresh flowers on her mother's grave. 

Daddy would point out at the trains passing by and talk about relation of train and time...In a loud and firm tone, he would say...

"Run fast or you would miss it...
Wait for it and it will make you wait even more...
Time really goes by like a train. They say time never stops but I wonder if they have never encountered sleepless nights or never waited for someone.Time stops, looks at you, grins and enjoys your misery; each time the clock delays to hit the next minute, similarly the much awaited train delays to reach the station.

Time that once passes, never comes back...trains do! Does that make time different from train? If we look closely, trains do come back again, but not with the same passengers, same mood and same impressions!"

These words uttered by her father would mingle with the train passing by and she would jump to wave the train...

Sound of train passing by the station, brought her back from the past...but her father's words still echoed in her mind. Gathering her luggage and courage, she stood to walk towards the cemetery...

It was not only the path to cemetery she was following, it was a walk down the memory lane. She remembered passing this town multiple times, train stopped at the station, but she couldn't gather enough courage to get down of the train and visit the graveyard... She would glare at the white graves from the moving train and immediately look away...!

But, today was special day. She had to come here. She had requested her only son to bury her next to her parent's graves. She glared at the two adjacent graves and sat next to her father's. 

Trains kept passing by the track located alongside the cemetery, so did the time on clock. All she had to do was, wait for her son to come with her dead body and bury it next to her parent's grave. She was restless and waiting made the time go slower on the clock. She didn't understand it takes time to travel miles...after all, she was just a spirit now, a blow of air, free to travel anywhere!


  1. GODDAMN!!! Who would have thought of the major twist you brought in the end. DAMN!

    1. Hahaha...Red...your comments are so expressive, I can actually see you saying all this, inside my head :D

      And you were not supposed to read any blogs...but you read mine..Ah! I am honored :)

  2. Hi Priyanka
    Fantastically written .. superb
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great weekend
    Bhavikk shah


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