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August 23, 2014

Waiting to be set free

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The train was on time, even if it was raining heavily in the town. As the train came closer, her heartbeats grew louder than the engine's echo...it was time to go! Unshackled from his poisonous love, she was free to go anywhere and start afresh. After all, this is what she wanted, freedom from the man, who never understood & respected her feelings...then why was she still waiting for him to come at the station and give her a goodbye kiss? May be, love never sets you free...even if the person you love does!

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  1. That IS the tragic part of an unfinished relationship. When one cannot let go and another has already left. Beautifully rendered.

  2. ah...we women....we are too complicated to even understand ourselves.

  3. Very well said that "love never sets you free...even if the person you love does!" A tragic end of a love story, but then who knows the future.. Bad relationships should die and new one should come alive...

  4. Sometimes, it's difficult to let go even when the relationship becomes detrimental to the soul. Nice one, Priyanka!

  5. "love never sets you free...even if the person you love does!" Beautiful!!


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