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February 6, 2014

Procrastination Confession

Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh! (Do I sound annoyed enough? Alright then, we're good to go)

Well yes! Hell yes! I am annoyed. Annoyed because of my The Procrastination Queen kind of attitude!
Why can’t I be regular on my blog? I have got a lot to do and still not doing it. I am sure you’ve understood that it’s my confession sort of post.

While I was busy dealing with winters, some part of mind was busy creating a backlog list for me! I mean come ON! Can't writers have a usual writer's block just for a chilly month called January!!!

Alright! Here goes the backlog list I need to deal with!

To Do List:

----> Got to continue the Piu Series and GUESS WHAT Poor Piu is still stuck in Party! I got to bring her back to home, so that she can create some blunders and bloopers for you to laugh at.

----> Swimming tales are floating in my mind. I get to splash them out and wet the blog floor for you to slip off and fall into laughter tubs.

----> **And, I really need to tell you all that a loud Siren buzzes inside my head, echoing one sentence- You Have Missed Writing Three Consecutive WOW Posts**

---->  Reading my fellow bloggers posts is one important thing I have been missing for so long (sob sob)

----> What else… Deadlines for contests! They are approaching… And I hide myself in my cozy mink blanket, trying to escape from winter and everything else that it brings along, including blogging! Huh!

I just want to know when will I get over with this BACKLOG FANTASY?

Okay, I’ll try saying it out loud… Hope it works.

Cute Piu… No more Backlog…Just Blog!

(Wow! I am quite good at cheap taglines! What do you think?)

But I just want to confess that I wasn't me..It were the Winters...They Screwed it all! I just Cooperated!

Wait! Do you still think I am making excuses???

Well then i might just get you arrested! Poker Face 

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