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May 9, 2014

What? Google @ 99

What, Google’s on sale!

Driving across the road, when I glanced at something unbelievable to eyes, I was heartbroken.  The little counter by the road read-“Google @ 99”.

Why would Google do this…Sob Sob! My email Ids are there, my blogs are there and guess what I had also started using Google Plus.

Wait, but why Google would sell itself with such cheap auction and that too by the road? I understand that big companies do see a downfall, but like this? Selling itself for just 99 Indian Rupees and that too on a ठेला?
But, as soon as I came out of the shock and widened my eyeballs to really find out the additional…I noticed a bunch of Goggles arranged neatly on the ठेला.

Psheww! So the guy who owned that ठेला surely meant Goggles @ 99 & 199 Rs. Wow… I just hope Google Officials didn’t get to see this, otherwise some of them must have had instant heart attack!

May 8, 2014

Kanna Keep Calm, Girls do watch IPL Cricket, any problem?

Disclaimer: Girls do like watching Cricket! And, if you don’t agree with me, close your eyes and sit calm in front of the screen, without moving an inch…cuz I just want to punch hard… straight into your nose! Don’t bother, I have programmed this blogpost smartly that an automatic घूसा punch will flow freely from your computer screen and do the needful!

Ouch! Did that hurt? No worries, you have the right to take revenge….So what are you waiting for…Punch your laptop screen back…even harder! :p

Oaky, enough of boxing, back to cricket now!

IPL…India Premier League! Classy isn’t it. The name itself sounds royal enough to capture anyone’s attention!

Anyways, I have been watching IPL since first season and interestingly I have also been answering many people around that why I watch it. Being a girl, who watches IPL has been a crazily challenging journey till date. Well, take a look at this season’s highlights:

When my bestie pours down her salon & spa sort of suggestions at me,  “Baby, you are a girl and girls don’t watch cricket… Behave like a girl at least once for God’s sake! And yes Stop Behaving like A tom Boy…I HATE WHEN YOU STICK TO CRICKET!”

I answer-Well, this conveys a clear message to me, MY HUSBAND* Will Love ME… (* if I marry a male :p)

The awkward moment when my female colleagues ask me, “Why would you watch an IPL match?”

And I answer, Because I Loooove it when bowlers spit on the bowl and rub it along their thighs! Whatever!

When my nagging neighbour’s nerd daughter nudges  every time, “Do you really think watching an IPL match makes you cool or Stud or Dude…”

And I never miss a chance of throwing unnecessary attitude at her AND SAY, “It does, so what!”

And the killer challenge hits back, when my Mom says, “Hand over the remote I need to watch my favourite serials… Don’t you know Sanchi is pregnant and Ballika Vadhu is going through a crucial phase…!” I mean wow… Moms want you to skip a live match because her favourite characters from the daily soaps are dealing with maternity issues. Hah! Moms I tell you…

And I silently follow the orders… Handling over the remote to her, I switch to Starsports.com cuz, #KannaKeepCalm, Watch Pepsi IPL on StarSports.com!

When you take an out of the box endeavour, technology is certainly a life saver. Watching my favourite matches online has been a blessing for me and Yuhu…What I love about starsports.com is:

  • They serve you everything hot about IPL matches on the main platter, yes, their home page…Easily accessible and fun to watch.
  • When you want to watch highlights, they’ve got option of INFOGRAFIX, which lets you watch edifying extract of the match with classy visual effects…Entertainment doubled!
  • Can you afford to miss instant score updates when its about CRICKET! Of course no! And Starsports.com knows it well… Its amazing to get the fastest score board updates right here right now!
  • Grab the finest corner in your room, keep calm and enjoy watching the deferred live (slight aka few minutes of delay from live) IPL match. What else can you ask for?
  • Scrolling through ZIPCLIPS to get quick video updates of major match points recorded in real time is amazing fun!
  • And, the way it gives me freedom to catch the match whenever I miss it on TV :)

Let's find out some of the craziest things I have done to watch IPL.

The Madness that begins with every IPL season is brilliant. You just don't want to miss the thrill at any cost. But, there are people in your family, who believe that there are other things more important than watching the opening match of IPL.

My Madness: Underneath the Bed

April 16, Wednesday. I was super excited to watch the madness of match to be held between KKR and Mumbai Indians. As I planned to park myself on the comfy couch, my Dad reminds me to go swimming. Wait! Can't he just let the swimming thing go for a day? 

"I thought I would take rest for today and carry on from tomorrow Dad"
"But, you said you loved swimming and it was fun"
I loved IPL opening match more than anything...will somebody explain this to him, for me...
"Um..Ah... I do...I just thought to relax today and give myself a break"
"You joined yesterday only and today you want a break...Just for watching a match?"
Huh! There was no point of arguing, specially when you had chosen to go swimming everyday and pushed your Daddy to pay the fee for swimming classes.

But, you cannot afford to miss the opening match either...That's where you be proud of your quirky brain... 

I walked outside to show my Dad that I was getting ready for swimming classes. Used Mommy's mobile to ring on his mobile, which was plugged in at the charging point. As he walked out to pick up the phone, I tiptoed in the room and adjusted myself underneath the bed, with a comfy pillow and my popcorn tub.

After few uncomfortable encounters with the floor and legs of Mommy hanging down from the bed, I managed to feel comfortable and enjoyed the IPL thrill to the core. 

Pros of the madness: I didn't miss the match, what else could I ask for?
Cons of the madness: I couldn't enjoy munching the crunchy pop corns. Just to keep my underneath the bed mission secret, I soaked the pop corns in my mouth and killed their crunch. It felt like I was eating cotton balls :( eyuuuk!

But, the madness was worth it. 

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