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June 27, 2014

My Statement on State.com: Reviewing a global opinion sharing platform

Well, the moment you begin to think, "My opinion doesn't matter anymore, for anyone under this heartless blue sky", wait...Wait because your opinion matters...Ask state.com about it and you'll know the rest! After all, it is the global opinion network.

Since I was privileged enough to be invited for trying this awesome opinion sharing platform and share how did I feel about it, here I am with a bundle of things to tell...

That's where I started...

Looks nice and simple huh! But, it wasn't that simple for a normal human mind, which has turned habitual towards well beaten style of social network. So, when I signed up using one of my social networking credentials, a lot of nicely arranged categories hit the confusion cords of my mind. 

A sensible social media addict* (ahem ahem routine user, lets say) would feel little uncomfortable when neatly arranged and category based system is offered to him/her. Same thing happened with me. Before signing up for STATE, the idea was to write any random thing as my status update on my social media handle and wait for people to like, comment or express their views about the same! But, this global platform has provided dedicated areas to state your opinion about, without any confusion and you will be able to make your voice reach to the people of similar interest.

How thoughtful, but this organized setup confused me for a moment and I couldn't figure out which category to choose. Finally, I managed to pick a few and tuned into the world of opinions.

I somehow managed to take control over my dancing brain and continued with the exploration and reviewing process...And, Here goes my state.com profile. 

When you tune into your preferred category, you are free to state an opinion and clicking the left hand side icon on the opinion will help you to choose suitable adjectives or terms of mention in comment or statement...Its easy and fun! Plus, no need to look for adjectives via online dictionary :p

So, without wasting any time further, let's begin with the review process. And yes, I am gonna use the traditional method o reviewing-The Pros & Cons list. It is easy and convincing technique amongst all...SO let's do it: 

State.com Pros

State.com Cons

Freedom of Expression: The platform lets you share your opinion on any specific matter/topic to a massive scale of audience, without having them in your Followers/Friends list. 

PS: You can use text, pictures and links to state your opinion.

No cons! What? Do you want me to write that state.com doesn’t require usage of any hashtag thing…! Come on! Should this really come under cons?

PS: कुछ सीखो (Learn something) Its not necessary to have cons every time!
Categorization: Multiple categories and sub categories are available for you to choose and start stating your opinion.
Too much of categorization and still you find something is missing. You are bound to fit your topic under any of given categories or subcategories… And mostly every unique and creative opinion is likely to go under MISCELLANEOUS section!
PS: Categorization part has a large scope of betterment and more categories should be introduced.
Ease to Express: You cannot deny this, stating any opinion is simple and easy. Its just click and go thing!
Do you still want me to write something under this section…?
Well! Shut up!
Socialize smart: It lets you connect with your existing connections through your login medium. Also, you can connect the account with twitter as well!
However, being a global opinion platform, sometimes you feel little uncomfortable to see posts by unknown people.
For example, if you are exploring foods category on state.com, you will find trending updated by people, who have tuned into this category. For some people, who are limited till their social network friend circle, it is little difficult to adjust with such stuff.

The Idea is to start a brilliant conversation with people of similar interest and make new friends!
Friendship has no consequences and well if it does, friends themselves will conquer it.

Since, it is a global opinion sharing platform, so it’s common to find miscellaneous topics and opinions floating around. Some of them I couldn't relate to because they came from a different cultural, social or political background. I was rather busy in searching for some trending opinions from India. However, people, who are interested in exploring knowledge about different cultures around the globe, would find this thing really interesting.

Conclusion says that State.com is a lot different than number of popular social networking platforms available on the web! But as a user, I just hope MISCELLANEOUS category section is elaborated into various other categories in creative manner. 

I have just started and I hope that things will get better as I keep exploring this wonderful network and meet like-minded people. My favorite opinion on state.com:

And yes, Thank you Blogadda.com for shortlisting me for State Your Opinion, Connect to the World, activity.

Know more about state.com here:

June 23, 2014

Inspired to save trees :)

Okay, I am little late to write about my role model thing…But, still I am here with my post…Thanks to a very famous saying “Its better late than never” Hah! What a relief!

Who’s my role model? Hmmm… Daddy! Brother! Mom, my Best Friend…Actually my entire extended family teaches me to do good every day. But talking about my own family for all the good they have taught me…won’t that be narcissism? I mean come on! Everyone is lucky enough to have a wonderful family and friend circle to guide them… So, I better decided to not act partial by giving all good grades to my own family members and write about some people who don’t have any blood or heart-to-heart relationship with me…but still inspire me to do good and be a better person every day!

As I sometimes manage to go out for morning walk, I am totally amazed to see this old man, who walks slowly, stands by every tree coming his way and hugs it gently. I have seen him every time I manage to go to the park early in the morning and he is always there, sharing love and hugs with trees. He is never late, he never misses the routine.

I remember when for the first time I was told that trees are live like human beings. They just don’t move…but they breathe like us. They are made for betterment of humans and its because of trees that we can breathe in fresh air…I was amazed when I heard all this for the first time but now it is so beautiful seeing someone really believing it. Trees are alive and they live for us…don’t they deserve our love? Don’t they deserve love, care and at least a hug every day?

This amazing old man gives beautiful message to everyone walking across the park. Some notice it, some don’t…But how does it matter as long as the trees are getting their daily dose of love and hugs.
I have never hurt environment and trees in any manner. But, never took out extra time to care for them either. Now that I have got a role model, who every day teaches me to take out some moments of leisure and spend them with trees and plants; I am all set to do this.

PS: I have no plans to hug trees as of now, but I do have plans to show love and care towards them by watering them and planting a few new :)

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association withBlogAdda.com.

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