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Meet the Princess

October 7, 2014

The House of the Dead

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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While Lallan was too busy consuming his favorite alcoholic beverages, his phone rang. It was Samantha. ‘Think of the “Soon-to-be-dead” and “Soon-to-be-dead” is here’ he thought to himself while pressing the answer button on his phone.

“What is it?”

“So you are too drunk to stand straight” Samantha teased him in her husky voice.

“I am more in my senses when I pour this magic potion inside of my throat…and you know that.”

“I want to see you, right now.” Samantha wanted to cut the talk short.

“Tonight I am staying in and visitors are not allowed either…See you tomorrow” Lallan would never let a lady win over him.

“It’s urgent, this cannot be postponed till tomorrow…Please” Samantha knew she would have to plea to that rash criminal to get him out of his den and so she did.

Lallan thought to himself that as per his plan, Samantha is soon to be dead and most probably tomorrow, then why not consider this meeting as her last wish. But, that was not convincing enough for a dangerous man like Lallan, so he made some quick plans in his mind before saying yes to Samantha.

“Okay, let’s meet up…not at your place, not at mine, somewhere in the middle…” said Lallan, getting annoyed by constant call waiting alert.

Samantha had plans to invite him to her house and slaughter his neck to bleed until his body would turn blue, but she now had to change the plan…the prey had invited her to some unplanned located.

“Ökay…” She said, holding hands of Dutta, her lost love.

Lallan hung up abruptly, trying to check who was calling and as he looked Jenny’s name flashed on the screen. ‘Today seems to be my lucky day! Think of the murderer and murderer is here’ He grinned.

“Yes my darling Jenny…at this hour? Everything okay”

“I want to see you right now…”

“Me too…but what has happened to all the sexy ladies in town?”

“Stop being complicated, where are you? Tell me I will come to your place”

“I would have asked that what is it regarding but before that, I have an assignment for you…the last assignment of your life and then you are free…free to go anywhere” Chuckled Lallan.

Jennifer had turned used to all the nonsense gestures of Lallan, so she decided to cut the crap and ask what exactly he was trying to say.

“Percival’s house…”

“But it is sealed” Said Jenny.

“That’s the advantage for us my dear. Just reach there with your beautiful razor as tonight your painting of killings will be complete. See you there in an hour.” Lallan hung up.

Jenny looked confused. She knew there was something dangerous going on in Lallan’s mind and it could be the plan of her murder. She could not take Cyrus along for such a dangerous game. So, her first focus was to make Cyrus asleep so that she could leave for her mission, without letting the love of her life get hurt.

Samantha’s mobile beeped, showing text from Lallan. Her face turned pale in shock when she read the text to Dutta. “See you at Percival’s house sharp in one hour from now. The house is sealed, wait for me at the corner of his block and I would take you in, safely.”
“What does it mean” Queried Shekhar, caressing Samantha’s naked back and yet thinking of Tara and his little Roohi. Where had his life reached…Past haunts you and then hunts you down, brutally and that’s what Shekhar was going through. His past had haunted him always and now it was hunting him. He was not sure if he would be able to go back to his family again. Tears started rolling down from his eyes and he broke down into uncontrollable cries.

Samantha was busy figuring out what was Lallan upto but Shekhar’s cries brought her back to the days when she was just Seema. She hugged him tight and tried consoling the man she had always loved.

“I don’t want to die…I want to live with Tara and Roohi. I had never imagined this dreadful life for me.” He begged and held Samantha tight.

“Lallan is not ready to meet tonight…So let’s have a drink and spend some quality time.” Jenny said smiling, while Cyrus sat speechless at the corner of the bed in hotel room.
“Jenny, you need not to kill anyone now. Aryan is there, he will take care of everything. Please don’t let the evil rule over you.” Spoke Cyrus.

Jenny held his face in her hands and imprinted a passionate kiss on his dried lips. Cyrus felt a gust of passion and emotions flowing down in his body. Their lips immingled in such a way that only passionate gasps and moans could manage to escape, adding up more to the desires.

They made out. The passionate cries and moans soon vanished as Cyrus and Jenny fell asleep, cuddling each other tightly. But, how could Jenny be asleep. Being in the dark roads of crime had made her a good actor. She managed to make Cyrus believe that she was all tired and asleep, so that he could go to sleep easily.

Jenny got up, without hindering CY’s sleep and tiptoed outside the hotel, where Lallan must be waiting for her to take her inside of Percival’s house. Lallan drove off, staring at the dark roads of city, lit up meekly with city lights.

“What is it?” Asked Jenny

“Let’s revise the murder sequence at Percival’s house. Let’s confuse the policemen. But, this time it won’t be Pervical of course…it would be Samantha.”

Jenny clutched the razor in pocket of her hoodie jacket as she figured out what Lallan was up to.

Shekhar stared at the darkness outside as Samantha drove the car through not-so-happening roads of the city. She had never felt this contented before. Shekhar was the man, who could satisfy her to the core. She didn’t want money, neither the luxury nor the power…it was Shekhar whom she always desired. It was the right time for her to start afresh, kill Lallan, finish up Shekhar’s family and start a new life with him again. This was the only way to resurrect Seema.

But, Seema had already died and she knew it. Dead people do not resurrect…they just wait for their next birth to live up a whole new life again. She pressed the breaks, car stopped with a screeching sound, strong enough to bring back Shekhar from his gloomy thoughts.

“Get down Shekhar Dutta…Your wife and daughter must be waiting for you.” said Samantha, trying to control the burst of tears in her eyes.

Shekhar looked at her in astonishment.


“It’s my mess and I will handle it alone. And thanks for being there tonight. I owe you for that.”

Shekhar got down of the car and watched Samantha driving away in the darkness.

Percival’s residence-the house of dead was waiting for the killer and prey to come…but, it was yet to be decided that who would be the prey and who would be the predator tonight.

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