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August 21, 2014

In Search of Beauty & Wellness


Wellness is not a destination...Its  a way of life 

Hitting the gym often, waking up early, morning walks, hydrating quite often and eating right...Is that you should do on occasional basis? No! These things ought to be in out daily routine, as habit...I sincerely believe that no one needs motivation to stay healthy and fit... It should be an obvious thing to often because that's how Mother Nature has designed & programmed our body!

But, unfortunately, it doesn't happen. People are too busy in building a materialistic life that they often don't see their priorities and responsibilities towards their own body...I can say this because I have been one of such people, for quite a few months...! Constant ignorance towards health & wellness has turned it tougher for us to keep our bodies in shape. Health issues are popping up and we don't have enough time to act normal, live natural and be spiritual. 

I have closely noticed how my body responds towards right eating, sound sleep and balanced lifestyle...So, I have decided to adopt it for me...I request you to listen to your body and explore what it needs (Don't listen to the first voice, it would ask for chocolate cake, cheese burst pizza or sleeping till late in morning...). Keep trying again and again until you are able to hear the frail voice hiding behind this stubborn foodie!

Here are quick things that I have explored about healthy living...Ah! I wish you discover it too and share it with me soon...

Wake up @ 6 am and drink H2O
✓ Walk...
✓ Never Miss Breakfast 
✓ Eat raw, eat healthy, eat fresh 
✓ Stay active, play games, swim, go on long walks...
✓ ㋡ Smile...and (•◡•) Smile Again!!

What does real beauty mean to me?

Has anyone on the planet ever been able to define what beauty is? Ironically, Mother Nature has planted the living definitions of beauty everywhere on this round green sphere, we call earth. But, when they say Real Beauty the answer has to be real precise...

Beauty might be those glossy lips, perfectly touched-up face, fake yet attractive eyelashes, lush lines of imported eyeliner and eyes gorgeously painted with smudge free kohl. But Real Beauty is of course combination of velvety lips, which do not require any gloss to hide the broken lines, the healthy eyes, which need no concealer to hide their, a face that appeals without makeup and of course a vibrant smile that adds value to your simplicity. 

No... I ain't saying makeup is a bad thing... it is an art, like others, its just that if my face is canvas, then I would prefer it to be empty, rather than trying out this particular art...You all are free to paint almost anything on your face-canvas. Love ya J

I would like to thank BeautyGlimpse.com – India’s Fastest Growing Beauty Site for bringing up this question to me...

Why do I love BeautyGlimpse.comWhat? (Read the blue line above and tell me if you wanna know more)...What? You do? Okie...here you go!

☛It is a beauty and wellness website and I am a girl...Girls ∝ Beauty Secrets! Said & Done. Period.
☛They not just share blind idea to paint your face in creative ways using lipsticks, liners and kohl... They also share information about wellness, leading and healthy and beautiful lifestyle.
☛They share info about weight loss and eating right...Ah! I like the people, who spread awareness about right eating, humanity needs this...Cheers! 


  1. I adopted a healthy lifestyle last month. Its working wonders, trust me.
    Great that you are on to it!
    I like makeup....and my face is a canvas....I can wash it squeaky clean later :P

    1. Yes, it does work wonders. Waking up early in the morning is really a battle...and yes, i am sure you look gorgeous with makeup and without it too... :)


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