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Meet the Princess

August 6, 2014

While you were sleeping...


While you were sleeping, I heard a frail knock on the door. I shivered because I could hear it...I was afraid it would grow louder and I would have to open the door for it. My heartbeat grew with the thumping sound of knocks on the door. I decided not to open the door but the knocking continued... You didn't seem bothered with the chaos happening around, like always. You 'lifeless yet breathing' laid still next to me, while your soul wandered in the dreamland.

Looking at your calm face, I forgot about the knocks for a moment, but suddenly absence of that chaotic noise in the surroundings bothered me. I shook my head to clean my ears and find out where did that knocking sound vanish?

Before I could think of anything, I heard those footsteps. Which window did I left open? They had managed to enter inside again! I pretended to be asleep but the footsteps grew closer. I held my breath, pretended to be dead, but they closely examined by restless heartbeat and whispered in my ear, "You can't let go like this"

I knew them, I recognized them, I had made them, they belonged with me...You said that they didn't exist but they were here, whispering in my ear...talking to me, knocking at my door...Did you lie to me? I clinched nothingness in my fist and almost surrendered to them...They were taking me with them, away from you...to where I belonged, to the place, where I found my comfort level and to the place you named Past.

They were my memories, strong enough to drag me away from you, my present. I see you stand still, helpless and wounded, waiting for me to get out of yesterday's marsh. 

The green land of future awaits us, the marsh of past drags me in and you try hard everyday to take me out of here but every night, I give up and you fail. I can see you standing on the thin line, gradually turning into past... 


  1. It's always difficult to forget past, the dilemma of which beautifully presented in this writeup

  2. Really touching, Priyu. And so real.
    Beautifully expressed.
    We all have to fight battles with our past. We win the present & future if we succeed...

    1. Yes Anita, Present and future is the reward, if only we succeed. How thoughtful. thanks for being here :)

  3. I always say, you're brilliant with your prose ... Your narration part is too strong ... Kudos for this write-up, Gal ...

  4. Now, this is class, class class and class, filled up to the brim in a shiny glass :-p

  5. That was like a quirky poetry I read. Expressively conveyed heart's despair.

    Best of luck to win the photo challenge! :)

    1. Thanks Arun Prakash. I am happy you liked it.. :)


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