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August 22, 2014

Morning Practice


✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯  Yes, stars are actually shining up in the sky...A crescent moon is there too.... And here I am, staring at my laptop's screen or actually trying to sleep...The alarm is set for 5:30 am in the morning...sharp! Ouch!

Every night & day, I deal with this...First problem is that I can't sleep when I plan and second, I can't wake up when I am supposed to. Breaking up with my pillow and ditching my cozy bed in the morning are two toughest things to handle...I can't do anything of the first problem, so I switch to odd hour blogging and for the morning, I have a smart solution...Let's try it, right away!

Before I hit the bed, I decide to send a text to my bestie... (safe side)-"Hey wake me up at 5 tomorrow...keep calling until I am up...Sleep well...Love ya!"

*Waiting for her reply*

Before I decide to settle down in my bed, thrashing all the worries aside, my mobile cries there's a text message...and it reads, "I was sleeping well...your useless text at 2 am in the darkness of night abrupt my sleep...and excuse me, wake you up at 5 ...like AM...in the morning? Dude! Get yourself tested for dengue or malaria or any other fever that can attack mind...huh! REMEMBER last time you asked me to do the same thing and I was stupid enough to do that...AND you failed to recognize me over the phone in the morning...cut the call and WORST you SWITCHED OFF THE PHONE...am I an idiot here? Even if somebody keeps beating drums and ढोल नगाडाs over your head, you won't wake up...the only thing that can force you to get out of bed is smell of food...dude! I am sure your DNA has the roots emerging straight from कुंभकरण...Arrrgggaaahhhhh..."

"Opps! Such a long text, you sound upset honey...I shall read it tomorrow morning, for now, I am copying and pasting it in my blog...let the निशाचरs or odd hour blog readers read it!..."

"Go to hell... "

"Ah! I read that..."

"Better!" Sneaky smiley (Evil and cruel emoticons)

"And I still love you..."

Oops! She's calling! Hah...I guess tonight's plan for tomorrow's morning practice includes...late night nonsense talking with a mad girl Girl Moving Eyebrows smiley (Funny Emoticons set)...till 5 am in the morning, then go to morning walk, fresh n up and breakfast...Then Sleep...Anyways...You still have time..Go to sleep before a mad friend of yours calls you! Hush Hush.. Sleep well...

Moving Eyebrows smiley (Flirting emoticons) What are ya looking at?


  1. Yes...she is really likable.... :-D

  2. He He! I was planning to wake up early today morn & to set the alarm before dawn. But couldn't manage as I had slept close to 3 AM & my sleep is dear!
    The 2 planets are closest now & wanted to view them... :)

  3. Hahaha..
    Can I borrow your friend?
    She has awesome sense of humor :D


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