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Meet the Princess

August 5, 2014

The Lady in The Canvas


"Daddy, can we leave this painting behind" He pointed out his tiny finger at the large canvas, featuring a gorgeous lady with hazy fumes in the background, mysteriously scratching the canvas.

"But why?" Daddy asked in astonishment.

"Her house is on fire, can't you see the smoke? She's scratching the frame and one day will come out...and then..." How wonderfully this little kid knew where to stop.

"And then..." Daddy was curious!

"And then you will marry her" said the little charmer.

"Haha..Marry her...who told you this" Papa painter was thrilled to see his 4 year old son talking strange thing about his masterpiece.

"Mommy did! She said you loved this painting more than you loved her..." Ah! How children manage to keep dead people alive in their talks & hearts of course!

Daddy didn't want to bring back the bitter memories he had with the lady, who gave birth to that cute boy standing next to him. He let the painting rot in that abandoned house because his beloved son, the second thing he loved the most was afraid if the lady manages to break the canvas and start staying with them.  

The first thing he loved, was of course his masterpiece that stayed alone after he moved in to a new house with his only son. And, the mad artist inside him, stayed afraid of kid's freight about turning that painting real...Because if it turned real, the lady would have no strings attached and free to go anywhere...

Why an artist is obsessed with his creation? Why can't they just let go.


  1. That was a very imaginative and wonderful usage of the prompt !..loved it...

  2. Now that's a completely unique interpretation of this picture ... just wow :-)


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