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August 28, 2014

Just Like That

At least for a day, let's live 'just like that', a state of mind, where there are no expectations bundled up on ourselves and there's nothing to chase...For a day, let's leave the bundle of dreams aside and walk freely...let's not wait for an exclusive shopping day to be happy, let's choose those faded pajamas to fit in, over those glossy bottoms...

The race we are in, might never end and we might never be able to change this trend...but let's try to take a break...stand still for a short while and step aside of the well beaten path, to look around, for the moments, which are often being ignored, the experiences, which are priceless, yet are there for free and the people, who might just be waiting for us to stop, look at them and share a smile...

At least for a day, let's live 'just like that' ㋡ 

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  1. Now I want to live just like that..and do things just like that...and love just like that :D


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