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January 13, 2014

Offbeat cinema: Daring to challenge the well-beaten trends

Offbeat cinema! Ah! Something quirky, bold, peculiar and of course a valid storyline; that is all what is expected from the term offbeat cinema. But, is this enough to define this parallel world of cinema, which has been strong enough to survive in commercial rage.

SO, how would you define an offbeat film? A film about sluts or cinema capturing baggers? A film about exactly what? Well, offbeat cinema is an idea to tell the story boldly, which is needed to be told, bluntly, strongly and without bothering about box office verdict.

Offbeat Cinema is revolution and that makes be bow down with respect!

Though, the race of box-office success is turning dirty day by day. The films are being judged on the basis of their speed and stamina to cross 100 Crore Line sooner than the previous record breaking box office collection! A film is blockbuster if it has been able to enter in 100 Crore club and is unsuccessful if it didn’t.
Storyline, critical acclaims, music, direction, performances etc. are not lucky enough to be even the secondary factors when it comes to measure success of films.

Ironically, the offbeat films with superstars in it work wonders; Shahrukh Khan starred Chak De India and Amir Khan starred Taare Zameen Par clearly exemplify this theory. Whereas a real work of excellence lies in wait for appreciators! But no one really cares to stand at the box office window and buy tickets for such off beat films, which cannot afford superstars in them.

~I am nowhere against the idea of super stars acting in offbeat cinema and getting huge response at box office (its rather good); but at the same time, I expect the audience of cinema to be sensitive and attentive towards offbeat filmmakers for the goldmine of ideas they hold in their brains and come out with the strength to execute them~

The list of offbeat cinema that has thrilled the audience and left an imprint in their minds for always is quite long! It is hard to pick any 5! So I better decided to play lottery game and choose 5 lucky chits out of the bowl full of them of course.
SO here it goes!

Chandani Bar

Madhur Bhandarkar is well known for his off-beat films. He has been amongst the successful directors, who can turn offbeat films into a huge success. Chandani Bar being amongst his earliest films, still can be considered as a masterpiece. He portrayed life of a courtesan in Bombay, so excellently that the impact of film still echoes in viewers mind.
Mind boggling performance by Tabu and her co-stars outlined by Bhandarkar’s artistic and offbeat direction skills led the film to national award.
The film has everything, melodrama, tragedy, crime, naked reality of Mumbai’s red light areas and truth about the bars and lives of bar dancers. The film successfully portrays itself as a brilliant example of offbeat cinema.

Road to Sangam

Idea of reincarnation of Nation’s father’s thoughts and positivity tied in them was conceived and executed by Amit Rai. Starring Paresh Rawal, Om Puri and Pawan Malhotra the film was released in December 2009.
The film was perceived by the director one he knew about the fact that Gandhi’s ashes were discovered in Orissa bank vault. The story revolves around the lead protagonist Paresh Rawal, who has played character of Hasmat Ullah (Muslim Mechanic). He gets to repair old Ford V8 engine without knowing that fact that this engine was of the car to be used for immersing Gandhi’s ashes in Triveni Sangam.
The story might sound flowing a little slower for fast forward generation of modern time. But the way it moves, is flawless. It certainly reincarnates all the goodness that Gandhi Ji attained as a human being and spread amongst people of his country as a father of nation.


Ram Gopal Varma certainly has a different approach towards filmmaking (except some horror and remake disasters of course). His Nishabd is one living example of this. Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Jiah khan, the film pricks the long existed yet masked angle of blended relationships.
Beautifully the director has been able to paint the greyish pink shades of modern Indian society. How an aged man does feel when he needs to deal with the emotional and psychological hollowness despite of having a complete family and social backup. The film flows brilliantly and takes you to the new world of possibilities and you find the odd things happening around in an aesthetic and beautiful manner.


Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dor is a film that has all the power to find a way through viewer’s heart. The film beautifully connects two ladies belonging to different horizons and for an unexpected reason. Gul Panag, Ayesha Takia and Shreyash Talpade are in lead roles and have done effectively justice with the scripts offered to them.
The film talks about new hope and motivation despite of all odd. The story drifts so gently and beautifully that it takes you along and you somehow find yourself as an eye witness of events happening in the film. It is a work of excellence and spreads the message of freedom.

Taare Zameen Par

This film is an excellent piece of commercially and socially successful offbeat cinema. Directed collaboratively by Amole Gupte, Ram Madhvani and Aamir Khan, this film hit on such a topic, which has been ignored by people in society despite of having its presence felt at every nook and corner. Children suffering through disorders of many kinds including physical, psychological and emotional are portrayed so strikingly that no one can escape the central idea of the film.
The message this film carried was positive enough to showcase the path towards betterment of kids to their parents. It has been a great attempt to modify society and people’s thought process towards dealing with their children and upbringing them.


People, who prefer to watch cinema for a grand experience, often choose offbeat films as their priority. They don't follow any well-beaten trend blindly. Being an eager offbeat cinema lover, I always look forward to such brilliant films coming in...And here's one I am really looking forward to...

MISS LOVELY, an off-beat film directed by Ashim Ahluwalia is set in the lower depths of Bombay's 'C' grade film industry. It follows the devastating story of two brothers who produce sex horror films in the mid – 1980s. A sordid tale of betrayal and doomed love, the film dives into the lower depths of the Bollywood underground, an audacious cinema with baroque cinemascope compositions, lurid art direction, wild background soundtracks, and gut-wrenching melodrama. Miss Lovely is scheduled for commercial release on 17 January 2014.

Miss_Lovely_India_Trailer from Future East on Vimeo.

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Where is Love

“Home, office, market, shopping…Life’s racing too high! No halt, no time” She said hopelessly, putting the groceries on the table.

“Calm down sweetheart” He said in a gentle tone, helping her to unpack the grocery bags.

“You want me to calm down? Our life has turned so boring, we don’t go out anymore, we are not at all the
same, everything is a mess and you want me to calm down” She almost yelled, and continued, “You have changed, a lot. Where’s the fun and joy that used to be center point of our life, WHERE IS LOVE”

“Hush-Hush! Love is smiling at us right away!” He held her hand gently and pointed out towards their little baby boy, smiling at the couple gently.

Image Source-www.babieswallpaper44.blogspot.com

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January 12, 2014

The Hair Fall Saga: Rushing for Recharge


“How short ma’am?” The hairdresser puts his question in low tone, snipping the scissors bleakly, next to my left ear.

Staring deep in the salon mirror I numbly gesture towards my ear, using my index finger to explain the length of hair I want to keep on my head.

Swirling his fingers through my curls, he coldly twists them around a thin comb and snips the scissors recurrently.  This makes me too nervous, my numb heart pops a beat and I close my eyes to hold my panic.
Snip…Snip! I exhale a poignant sigh, realizing that I have been holding my breath for long. Blinking my eyes softly, I look down to the floor, trying hard to embrace the humiliation that had been killing me softly and now has started wrathfully.

The hairdresser continues his job and my still eyes targeted to the floor capture the glimpses of curly hair locks lying dead. I cannot take this anymore and close my eyes. The snipping of scissors stops and I finally walk out of the salon, eyeing straight on the road, I walk. Wind blows heavily through my naked ears since the hair-locks that would veil them are missing.

These blows of air would sound playful and familiar earlier. They would play with my long shiny hair-locks and make me feel alive & happy. But now, I feel lifeless as I have just lost the most beautiful belonging of mine-My long curly beautiful hair. Flouting the tears flowing down, I walk mortified. The glimpses of my dead curl locks rolling on the salon floor remind me of Samson and Delilah that I read in my school book long-long ago.

Image Source-www.bible-library.com

Reading this expert will surely make you think why this heart drenching tale to explain a routine salon affair? Ah! I wish it was a routine salon affair. There were days when I would visit salon to get my hair pampered, styled and nurtured. Hair massage, hair spa, trimming and hair cut were the usual things I would go for. But CUTTING MY LOCKS OFF MY HEAD? It was a big deal man! My heart bled.



Tragedy tales need not to have a tragic beginning of course! So the beginning is very bright of this entire FLASH BACK Story. Don’t get confuse, read on.

I was lucky enough to born with shiny black 2.5 inches long, thick curly hair. My mother caressed my hair beautifully because it was exact combo of her and dad’s hair she wanted. Yes, curls and length were fetched from Mom and softness was from Dad’s genes.

This was the reason they still have my first hair treasured that were shaved off in my tonsorial ceremony.
My hair weren’t like Rapunzel’s hair, strong enough to shine in the dark and heal the hurt. But, they were much better I bet. Beautiful enough to catch anyone’s attention around, playful enough to enhance my face’s appeal.

I loved my hair and the way people would entangle in them. Well, who doesn’t like attention? My long, curly hairs have been the major reason behind all the compliments I have ever received from known unknown people.

Metros, subways, accelerators, malls and any other social gather, would never go without people praise my hair and trying to touch my hair and find out if the curls were real or artificial.

Image source-Weheartit.com

I enjoyed this attention but as they say, life has its own twists & turns. As soon as I was lucky enough to get a job, my bad hair day started. Phew!

I had turned into the pendulum between ‘Failing to wake up early and rushing to hit the biometric attendance machine on time’. The metro rush added to it. People would take my hair locks with them while walking out of the train. This made me arrest my hair in a bun.

The bun would save the snatching of locks, but surely locked & jailed my pretty locks! They weren’t free to play along with the hair blows and this was it.

I could sense the sadness that had entered my hair-locks and they stopped talking to me. They didn’t bother to make me feel good anymore and soon the HAIRFALL started.

Hair loss is something I have always been afraid of…. But continuous ignorance, lack of care and loads of stress led me to COMPLETE HAIR DISCHARGE! All the energy was gone and I was left with nothing but hopelessness.

And, this hopelessness left me with NO OPTION but TO CUT DOWN MY HAIR.

But, this is not acceptable. I cannot bear this gradual downfall in energy of my hair. This surely calls for a hair recharge!
Why Do I want to recharge my hair?: An Excerpt

  • To overcome the trauma that my hair and heart suffered through in salon.
  • To bring back the magical strength of my hair that would turn all the faces around.
  • To RELIVE the moments where WIND TICKLED my hairs and played with my locks.
  • Like Samson in that story, I strongly believe my hairs are my strength, so I would surely want to recharge them and keep them Happy.
  • To make sure my hair are long enough that I can wear backless tops without carrying a shrug **Winks**
  • To veil the nakedness of my ear, so that I can filter the useless talks and keep them away from entering my head through the ear passage!

Enough? Do you still need some more reasons?

Okie.. I will give you one on your special demand. I want to recharge my hair that if by any chance, I get a Horse (or may be SCOOTY) to ride on, I will definitely want to make sure that my hair are alive and recharged enough to fly with the air gracefully. And of course, they don’t get too tangled to transport me to the hair cutting session again.

Image source-Google Images

PS: Recharging here nowhere means plugging in SOME SORT OF CHARGER and flowing director or alternative current through your hair (Issues in Public Interest by A QUIRKY MIND) HalaLuaaa! Hell Yeah!!!
Image source-Google Images

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January 8, 2014

Zeroing the Zero Effect

The term Zero has been a nightmare for me. I was always afraid of Zero grades, Zero performance, Zero growth and anything that had Zero in it. People around me hated Zero! Why, because for them Zero was nothing.

I was lucky enough to change my definition of Zero in time and all thanks goes to my Dad. He first time introduced me to world’s biggest invention Zero, without which it was impossible to construct a bridge towards brighter future.

But, I was still firm about my doubt. “Dad, they say Zero means nothing. Then how can something that means nothing form a bridge to future? That too a brighter one!” I asked hesitantly!

Zero is nothing, if you see it at micro level, but it is beyond infinity, if you enlarge your scale of viewing it” Replied Dad! (Ah! Dads know everything!)

And, if you still consider Zero as Nothing, then also you can find a way to deal with it. Try Zeroing the Zero effect and you might just find what you are looking for.

  • Zero means nothing… So if you are standing at Zero level means you are neutral, if nothing’s good at your side, then nothing’s bad either. SO cheer up!
  • When you are at Zero… It means the choice is yours. You can rise towards positive or fall in the swamp of negativity.
  • And, Zero has interesting meaning when it comes to countdown. Like set the timer to reverse and try performing the task before the clock hits ZERO. Try it during workouts, it works wonders!
  • And, biggest ever thing to keep in mind, there is life AFTER ZERO as the entire counting begins after Zero, So don’t give up!

January 5, 2014

Love Grandma

Today, on 5th January, I think of the lady, who introduced me with fairytales... And all i want to do is write her a letter, which is due for years...

Dear Grandma...


It has been 15 years since i saw you. Once day you disappeared to never return back. I was told that you have shifted to a new and better world. A world, from where no one comes back...They told me you were transported to a new world, which is far above from earth...

I wondered for months that how could it be possible. You never even went to bathroom without discussing it with me then going to another world and that too with no return ticket? It was tough to survive without you. Nights were longer without your fairytales, food didn't taste earthy without your herbs and a lot changed because you were not there...!

I yearned for you, cried for you and one day asked Dadda about your returning back... He gently placed my palm on my own heart and said that you haven't gone anywhere.. you have just got the special powers to dissolve yourself into invisible particles and inhabited inside our hearts forever...

I touched my heart and felt the warmth that only hugging you could offer.

It as 5th January 1999 and after 15 years, I still feel the warmth... I know you are here and will be forever...

But still I miss you. I missing seeing your beautiful face, those deep eyes, I miss listening to your voice and I miss the hugs that we shared...

Stay in heaven, collect beautiful stories and do visit my dreams some day and whisper them in my ears...Grandma..



January 4, 2014

Reflection of Love in Rear View Mirror

He never understood the idea behind girls painting their nails with orange nail polish; In fact any shade of nail polish. He hated it! Then why he fell for a girl with orange nails? This confusion was even bigger than the previous one.

He revered every moment when she would sit behind him on his motorcycle and place her orange-painted nails on his shoulders. A spark of electricity would blow up his brain every time. The urge to propose her would go wilder but certainly not powerful enough to deal with the fear of losing her.

Yes, it was fear of losing her that kept his mouth shut all these years and they were just friends.

But today something incredible happened. She placed her chin softly on his shoulder, giving him almost heart-attack and asked gently, “Do you believe mirror tells the truth”

Too fascinated to understand the question and answer rationally he spoke, “Yes I do”

“So how about this rear view mirror, is it telling the truth” She uttered gently.

He instantly looked at the rear mirror and something stunned him inside. The bike came to a screeching halt.
“Much Closer” He smiled.

It was awesome to see his love blossoming. Indeed, love has the power to shine out, no matter how dark are the shades of fear. 

The bike stood alone when they melted in each other's arms. The rear view mirror winked because it new "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" 

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January 3, 2014

Bunch of Moments

So, you don’t love me?
And that kiss?
May be we had a moment, that’s all.
Tears rolling down her eyes blurred her vision and she could barely capture the glance of him walking away, standing numb she wondered the thing she named love, was actually just a bunch of such moments.

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January 1, 2014

Lets Transport to a New Year...New Year Wishes

Alrighty! I have packed my bag… My bike is ready and I am transporting myself into a New Year.
Do you wanna know what is in my bag that is going to be transported with me to the next year…
Okiee.. You all are my lovingly beloved blog buddies and readers, so you deserve to know… Here goes the list:
  • Memories
  • Few Dreams
  • A Camera
  • Smiles
  • Books
  • Diaries & pens
  • Beautiful Experiences 
  • Lessons 
  • Hopes
  • Strength
  • Promises
  • Good Health
  • To do list
  • Music
  • Friends (That’s you)
  • & this blog for sure!
Wish you all a great and delightful year ahead! Lets ride to the future! 2014 IS HERE!

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