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September 28, 2011

strands of love

The way we are behaving now, it is going to lead us to darkness. The conflict that is striving to make its place in our relationship can be resolved though, but what is going to trouble is the imprints of this conflict on our heart, in our minds and the shadows of these quarrels in our behavior.

I don’t know what makes you think beyond my love for you and what makes me feel sick about your actions, knowingly that we both love each other and this love is eternal. But we are making sin with this undying love and the beautiful everlasting feeling is being buried under the dust of our baseless discussions for few impassible desires.

The bond we two share is afar our existence and this is what we have got as the most kindness side of life. The way this beautiful, mild and divine love happened in our lives, we experienced the amazement of being in trans. But soon, the other things got superior and we started ruining it.

Your heartlessness and my silence are killing the beauty of our attachment, even of we resolve it with discussions, the pain is going to grew denser. Love, lets take a walk back to the place, where we started. Let’s start all over again to make it last forever and nurturing it with our each blood drop, lets relive the promise and lets walk back!

I know this note will reach to you, as the knots we have tied from heart to heart are not too frail to split with the strain that our behavior causes. The strands of love have united us together; let’s fall into the everlasting cuddles and let the strands wrap us completely.

September 25, 2011

Dadda I love you

It has been a long time since I left home for completing your dreams and chasing my goal. I have now become almost used to this strange environment and I have learnt living independent. I can cook now, I can go market alone and buy stuff and in fact I can cross the road without holding your hands. Guess I am a big gal now. I hardly get time for thinking about you. I have got work to do; initially it was studies and now its office.

You never complaint that I don’t call and generally don’t answer the phone because you understand that I am busy and I have job hovering over my head, but whenever I look at the goals that I settled up for myself they seem too far, though I have travelled miles in chasing them.  And this is the reason that I have left everything behind. Time, my place, my family and I barely get time to visit you.

Whenever I miss the childhood moment when you would teach me the tough lessons of my history subject and you would bring mangos for me every afternoon, I burst into tears but I somehow console my heart that the day would come when I will be someone very famous and then I will spend my days with you; BeAuTiFuL dAyS .Tough I know that life is in ‘today’ but the shiny hopes concerning future, keep me going
I live among the people who underestimate me and harass me and annoy me like hell, yeah there are a few who care for me sometime, there are a very few people who jump with  me when I achieve something, I miss jumping with you and hugging when I used to win trophies in my school days.

The road I travelled is a one way road, which has no coming back but I know that you and your wishes are walking parallel to me and that is the driving force that drives me to go on. I was your best buddy and I always saw you as a strong person, when I grew up I started feeling the softness inside my heart and mom was the reliable and sensible choice to share all those softness and that was the reason that I started spending more time with mom and gradually you and I started interacting less.

But I know that we silently say millions of worlds to each other. No matter how big I become,  for you I will always be the little baby who didn’t have to bother wearing diaper when she was in your lap. No matter the heights of life I touch but you shoulder will be the highest place for me ever, from where I could see the dance of jokers in the fairs above the heads of tall people. May be being the participants in sophisticated race of life, I have forgot the innocent way of showing my possession over you and somehow the same has happened to you but the feelings in the hearts are same and they will never ever change because you are the best dad and I am the daughter who will never stop striving for being best part of your life.

There have been phases when you have been left alone and hurt by life, you have seen the dark days and you never complained, you tried to keep everything in your heart, life has been really cruel at times and this may be the reason that sometimes you look so tired. I want to kiss away all the pain that you went through and I wish to erase the lines of tension on your forehead. I know you love me and I am your forever princess. Trust me dad I never thought of changing you in any manner you are the best and I love you more than anything in this world. I stopped showing because there was no other way left but dadda I love you.

September 4, 2011

set my soul free

I am dead and cold, travelling on a terrible lane
The fear of losing you forever is driving me insane
The coating on my soul is flanking off, every single day
Cut down my nerves and save me from this dreadful decay
The assassination of my emotions has squelched the little life in me
I had seen enough of suffering in your love, please set my soul free  

The way soreness has sucked my soul, has really been heartless 
The bloodsheds are still embossed on the dead heart that I possess
I hide behind the frail gasps; because I am too weak to face the stress
Come touch the lifeless body of mine, feel what I live with- a void frigidness
I stand frozen listening to the silence of my soul that synchs with restless yet calm sea
The trembling silence of my painful groans cries out loud to say, please set my soul free    

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