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November 26, 2014

Good Old Days

A lot has changed since I started blogging. Earlier, I used to believe that things that I write, happen with me only. I am the only one under this wide open sky, who feels the pain, gets nostalgic and understands how it is like being in love.

But, over the time, I have learned so much. I have seen people going through the same pain that I have experienced at some point of time. Everyone has met the most memorable people in their lives, everyone has lost someone they love the most and everyone has seen the dark days of lonliness. It's just that everyone has a different way of expressing it.

Earlier my blog was all about emotional stuff, then it grew up and starting exploring different expressions. Today a friend of mine asked me that why don't I blog these days. However, life has been strict about all the time that I had stolen from it and she wants it back, so I am a bit busy paying it off. 

But thanks to the stubborn side of mine that I have again managed to steal some time and scribble few pointless yet beautiful thoughts here in my blog space.

So, what should I talk about...Hmmm, I can't think of anything but nostalgia, which hits me rarely nowadays. Yes, I read it somewhere that nostalgia is a state of mind, which makes you believe that the time went by was much better than is actually was. Anyways, whatever it is, but this nostalgia thing has been really close to my heart.

I sometimes think of the good old days, which I spent with people, who are altogether different individuals right now. I don't recogize them and cannot relate to them with what they were few years back. I guess they have changed or may be it is me, who has become altogether a different person.

But still, I have managed to keep a tiny space secured in my heart, where all those memories hide that belong to a delightful nostalgic life of mine. The days, when few close friends, one hostel room and backstreet boys songs were enough to make life perfect.

Sharing one of the numbers that still manages to ignite the feeling of nostalgia in my busy heart...Cheers to Good Old Days!

October 7, 2014

The House of the Dead

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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While Lallan was too busy consuming his favorite alcoholic beverages, his phone rang. It was Samantha. ‘Think of the “Soon-to-be-dead” and “Soon-to-be-dead” is here’ he thought to himself while pressing the answer button on his phone.

“What is it?”

“So you are too drunk to stand straight” Samantha teased him in her husky voice.

“I am more in my senses when I pour this magic potion inside of my throat…and you know that.”

“I want to see you, right now.” Samantha wanted to cut the talk short.

“Tonight I am staying in and visitors are not allowed either…See you tomorrow” Lallan would never let a lady win over him.

“It’s urgent, this cannot be postponed till tomorrow…Please” Samantha knew she would have to plea to that rash criminal to get him out of his den and so she did.

Lallan thought to himself that as per his plan, Samantha is soon to be dead and most probably tomorrow, then why not consider this meeting as her last wish. But, that was not convincing enough for a dangerous man like Lallan, so he made some quick plans in his mind before saying yes to Samantha.

“Okay, let’s meet up…not at your place, not at mine, somewhere in the middle…” said Lallan, getting annoyed by constant call waiting alert.

Samantha had plans to invite him to her house and slaughter his neck to bleed until his body would turn blue, but she now had to change the plan…the prey had invited her to some unplanned located.

“Ökay…” She said, holding hands of Dutta, her lost love.

Lallan hung up abruptly, trying to check who was calling and as he looked Jenny’s name flashed on the screen. ‘Today seems to be my lucky day! Think of the murderer and murderer is here’ He grinned.

“Yes my darling Jenny…at this hour? Everything okay”

“I want to see you right now…”

“Me too…but what has happened to all the sexy ladies in town?”

“Stop being complicated, where are you? Tell me I will come to your place”

“I would have asked that what is it regarding but before that, I have an assignment for you…the last assignment of your life and then you are free…free to go anywhere” Chuckled Lallan.

Jennifer had turned used to all the nonsense gestures of Lallan, so she decided to cut the crap and ask what exactly he was trying to say.

“Percival’s house…”

“But it is sealed” Said Jenny.

“That’s the advantage for us my dear. Just reach there with your beautiful razor as tonight your painting of killings will be complete. See you there in an hour.” Lallan hung up.

Jenny looked confused. She knew there was something dangerous going on in Lallan’s mind and it could be the plan of her murder. She could not take Cyrus along for such a dangerous game. So, her first focus was to make Cyrus asleep so that she could leave for her mission, without letting the love of her life get hurt.

Samantha’s mobile beeped, showing text from Lallan. Her face turned pale in shock when she read the text to Dutta. “See you at Percival’s house sharp in one hour from now. The house is sealed, wait for me at the corner of his block and I would take you in, safely.”
“What does it mean” Queried Shekhar, caressing Samantha’s naked back and yet thinking of Tara and his little Roohi. Where had his life reached…Past haunts you and then hunts you down, brutally and that’s what Shekhar was going through. His past had haunted him always and now it was hunting him. He was not sure if he would be able to go back to his family again. Tears started rolling down from his eyes and he broke down into uncontrollable cries.

Samantha was busy figuring out what was Lallan upto but Shekhar’s cries brought her back to the days when she was just Seema. She hugged him tight and tried consoling the man she had always loved.

“I don’t want to die…I want to live with Tara and Roohi. I had never imagined this dreadful life for me.” He begged and held Samantha tight.

“Lallan is not ready to meet tonight…So let’s have a drink and spend some quality time.” Jenny said smiling, while Cyrus sat speechless at the corner of the bed in hotel room.
“Jenny, you need not to kill anyone now. Aryan is there, he will take care of everything. Please don’t let the evil rule over you.” Spoke Cyrus.

Jenny held his face in her hands and imprinted a passionate kiss on his dried lips. Cyrus felt a gust of passion and emotions flowing down in his body. Their lips immingled in such a way that only passionate gasps and moans could manage to escape, adding up more to the desires.

They made out. The passionate cries and moans soon vanished as Cyrus and Jenny fell asleep, cuddling each other tightly. But, how could Jenny be asleep. Being in the dark roads of crime had made her a good actor. She managed to make Cyrus believe that she was all tired and asleep, so that he could go to sleep easily.

Jenny got up, without hindering CY’s sleep and tiptoed outside the hotel, where Lallan must be waiting for her to take her inside of Percival’s house. Lallan drove off, staring at the dark roads of city, lit up meekly with city lights.

“What is it?” Asked Jenny

“Let’s revise the murder sequence at Percival’s house. Let’s confuse the policemen. But, this time it won’t be Pervical of course…it would be Samantha.”

Jenny clutched the razor in pocket of her hoodie jacket as she figured out what Lallan was up to.

Shekhar stared at the darkness outside as Samantha drove the car through not-so-happening roads of the city. She had never felt this contented before. Shekhar was the man, who could satisfy her to the core. She didn’t want money, neither the luxury nor the power…it was Shekhar whom she always desired. It was the right time for her to start afresh, kill Lallan, finish up Shekhar’s family and start a new life with him again. This was the only way to resurrect Seema.

But, Seema had already died and she knew it. Dead people do not resurrect…they just wait for their next birth to live up a whole new life again. She pressed the breaks, car stopped with a screeching sound, strong enough to bring back Shekhar from his gloomy thoughts.

“Get down Shekhar Dutta…Your wife and daughter must be waiting for you.” said Samantha, trying to control the burst of tears in her eyes.

Shekhar looked at her in astonishment.


“It’s my mess and I will handle it alone. And thanks for being there tonight. I owe you for that.”

Shekhar got down of the car and watched Samantha driving away in the darkness.

Percival’s residence-the house of dead was waiting for the killer and prey to come…but, it was yet to be decided that who would be the prey and who would be the predator tonight.

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September 26, 2014

Her Paintbrush Has Done It Again...

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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Jennifer’s mind was still tied up with Cy’s blog so she refused to Roohi’s play proposal and requested her to either sleep or do something creative with her drawing room.

Disappointed Roohi moved to the balcony attached with living room to indulge herself in some solitary activities as Jenny continued to discover Cyrus through his blog. 

Aryan was waiting for Tara and Cyrus at the art gallery of India Habitat Centre. Dressed in black kurta and faded blue jeans, he really looked one of those fancy art-lovers. His long silky hair adorned his lean physique and made most of the girls in the gallery to stare at him repeatedly. He welcomed Tara and Cy as they reached there. 

The duo narrated the entire story in detail, Aryan listened carefully. As they finished, he queried, “Are you sure you have told me everything?”

“Absolutely” Said Tara, staring at Cyrus for confirmation. Cyrus, for a moment thought to himself that whether to talk about the sketch from Roohi’s paint book or not and then nodded in agreement.

“Hmmm…See my dear…there are multiple threads entangled together and that excites me to investigate more about this mess”. When a super cop like Aryan called this case a “mess” he totally meant it. Tara was disheartened for a moment because she thought being an undercover cop, Aryan would have a solution.

“How can you help…um I am can you help?” asked confused Tara to whom things seemed getting denser and wait for a brighter future longer.

“Relax… If you are worried about Cyrus’s Monday mysteries then don’t bother…the rhymer’s poetic brain has been slaughtered…” Tara looked at Aryan in astonishment as he uttered those words.

“What…How can you say this?” Asked confused Cyrus…and Aryan raised his left eyebrow, throwing weird glace at Tara and Cy.  His firm looks clearly conveyed that he didn’t like what Cyrus just said. 

“He just is shocked because past few days and especially Monday nights have been really dreadful for him… I am sure you understand Aryan and you can trust Cy, he is like a family” Tara tried her best to handle the situation as she was quite good at it. 

After exhaling a deep sigh, Aryan continued to talk as Cyrus stood frozen, trying to figure out what exactly the man in black Kurta going to reveal. “Percival, your Professor Borah…” Aryan looked at Cyrus tracing the expected bewilderment in his eye and continued, “…I have spent days with him…to assist him in his doings.”

Before Cyrus could figure out anything, Aryan spoke, “Not as a law student of course…But as a drug curator and I must admit his rhyming annoyed me to the core…”

“But…how…I mean…I can’t understand what are you talking about” Cyrus couldn’t stop himself as Tara tried to calm him down.

“Percival was a skilled criminal and art lover too… You know how dangerous this combination is… A criminal yet artistic mind! He mastered the art of changing identity. He did it flawlessly; with no errors…He had contributed to almost every crime that takes place in the dead of night. He supplied drugs, was involved in human trafficking and Delhi’s serial murder mystery too. I was this close to get the evidences of him being involved into those serial murders…but before I could do that, someone else added his name into the list of the dead too…” Aryan sounded little frustrated. 

“What? Does that mean he wasn’t behind those brutal serial murders?” Queried Tara…
“I am one hundred per cent sure he was the mastermind behind it…But now, someone else has taken on the lead…Percival was killed the same way he planned all those murders, which means someone who was deeply involved in this plan is willing to take over the world of crime…” Aryan concluded.

Cyrus couldn’t stop himself from showing them the drawing she found in Roohi’s drawing book. Before Tara could understand and react about it, Aryan spoke “I made it for Roohi…But why did you specifically tear this from her painting book?” 

“When? What?” Tara was confused.

“I visited your house the day before Shekhar and Roohi came to Delhi…Just to grab a quick coffee with Shekhar and he was busy on some urgent call, so I decided to play with Roohi. Then she requested to me make a drawing…she instructed and I made it…”

“What is going on” Tara almost cried in confusion, “Roohi didn’t tell you this out of her imagination, Shekhar told me that someone came to our house, to give her the toy Dog with a razor hanging in its neck…”


“How could you just ignore such important clue being a cop?” Tara was upset.
“I just thought it was a kid thing and you know that I often draw silly imaginations of Roohi on paper for her.” Aryan explained.

All the incidences that had been troubling Tara and her acquaintances for last few days flashed in her mind again and what she could pick out were four words her paintbrush is a razor. A wave of terror dreaded her. “We need to check Roohi’s painting book…now” she cried.

They reached back to Cyrus’s place. Roohi was asleep. Tara flipped the pages of Roohi’s drawing book without wasting time as Jennifer, Aryan and Cyrus stood alert, hoping to see some fruitful clue. 

There were random drawings in the book, nothing helpful until she reached the last page, where four men and a woman laid dead amidst of blood coated dogs.  Who drew this? She thought. Hassled and troubled she woke up Roohi angrily. Unaware of what was happening around; the little kid rubbed her eyes and tried to hug her mother. 

“Why did you make this? When did you make this?” Tara shook little Roohi’s body with full force, which was enough to make this kid cry.

“Calm down, she is just a kid, how can she make such complex drawing” Aryan tried to console her as his phone rang.

Aryan picked up and on the other side, a lady spoke in husky voice, “Dutta’s finished.”

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September 16, 2014

Lets Play, Hide and Seek the ''Riddle''

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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“Where is Roohi, where is Jennifer? What the hell is happening here?” Tara screamed as they reached in front of the ice cream shop. Shekhar tried to console her as Cyrus looked around for Jenny.
“She must be here…she was really panicked when she called up, I just hope she is alright” Cyrus thought to himself, while dialling Jenny’s number. The phone rang but no one responded… Tara’s screams had invited a considerable crowd outside the ice cream parlour and that hindered Cy from hearing the sound of phone ringing properly.

Just to confirm that Jenny’s number was dialled well, he walked away from the chaos, towards the footpath. As he stepped forward, things were audible more than he expected. He not only heard the ring in his phone but also ringtone of Jenny’s phone, which laid waif near the footpath.

Arrows of suspicion and heartache struck him together…He stood frozen for a moment until the wave of worry & concern for Jenny melted him. He rushed to the chaos point, where Tara had almost lost her senses because of continuous crying.

Meanwhile, Shekhar had somehow managed to disperse the crowd with the help of few gentlemen around and made Tara sit down on the toy chair outside the icecream parlour.

Tara held hands of her husband and repeated the same question again and again, “That bitch took away my child, why did you and Roohi come to Delhi? She was safe there...”

Shekhar held her hands tight as she again repeated, “Why did you bring her here, she was safe there…”
“No, she wasn’t safe there Tara…She was not!” Tara was stunned to hear that.

“I brought her here because something weird happened in our house back in Mumbai…”

‘’What? What happened and why didn’t you tell me” Tara wiped her tears actively, the inherent journalist in her was back, which was taken over by motherhood for few minutes.

“Somebody sent a dog at our house, with a razor hanging in its neck…”

“What?” Before she could come out of this shock and fear, Cyrus came back, gasping heavily, “Jenny’s missing too…I found her phone by the footpath…”

“What?” Shekhar and Tara responded in shock.

Shekhar was in action now; he landed his left palm in back pocket of his beige chinos to bring out his phone. Sensing his gesture, Tara queried “Are you calling the police?”

But her question was ignored as Shekhar started searching all his pockets hastily. It was clearly written on his worried face that his phone was missing.

“Where, where is my phone? Did I give it to you? He was wiping his face again and again with his palms, while searching for the phone here and there…”

“Somebody in the crowd must have stolen it…let it be, let’s go to the nearest police sta…” before Tara could complete her sentence, Shekhar rushed to her and said, “dial my number…it must be here only…see if it is still switched on.”

“What is wrong with you…it is just a bloody phone you can buy another one, if lost…We are here because our daughter is lost…” Tara almost roared.

“I need it to call the police honey…calm down” Shekhar tried to act normal, “Let’s go to the police station”
“I have called the police already” said Cyrus, who was away from the entire phone lost episode, as he was busy making some calls in pursuit of his beloved Jenny and Roohi of course.

Shekhar inquired Cy about which police station had he called and what all did he mention to the policemen…Cyrus explained that he had just told that two girls were missing from Chuna Mandi area and the police patrolling vehicle must be there anytime soon.

“What? You called up the police?” Shekhar was angry.

“But what’s wrong with that?” Queried cyrus.

“Stop being over smart…How you can call the police to file my daughter’s missing report without taking my consent” Shekhar was angry now…

“But my friend is missing too…”

“I don’t care about your friend…we all are in trouble because of you today” Cyrus didn’t like the way Shekhar blamed him directly, in a public place.

“Guys, we should act as a team…two innocent girls are under threat…Shekhar, our daughter Roohi… think of her, it’s not the time to fight…Please act sanely…both of you” she massaged her husband’s shoulder and looked at Cyrus caringly, when the most familiar voice came from right behind her, “Momma…”

She turned back in astonishment… yes it was Roohi…Standing right behind her. She rushed to hug her, landed, million kisses on her face….without breathing for a nano second. While Cyrus and Shekhar stood astonished, trying to figure out what exactly just happened.

“Where have you been? You made mamma cry…”

“I wanted to play hide and seek with Jenny aunty so I went in the backside of the shop to hide…but she didn’t come to look for me…where is she?”

Roohi’s hide and seek prank had saved her, for the good of her family, but Jenny was missing. The tension wasn’t over yet. Finding of her phone by the footpath had clearly hinted that she had been taken…
Roohi was back…but the mystery wasn’t over yet… Jenny was still missing and Shekhar’s mobile too...

This wonderful Sketch by- Arvind Passey
Visit his blog-www.passey.info

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August 28, 2014

Just Like That

At least for a day, let's live 'just like that', a state of mind, where there are no expectations bundled up on ourselves and there's nothing to chase...For a day, let's leave the bundle of dreams aside and walk freely...let's not wait for an exclusive shopping day to be happy, let's choose those faded pajamas to fit in, over those glossy bottoms...

The race we are in, might never end and we might never be able to change this trend...but let's try to take a break...stand still for a short while and step aside of the well beaten path, to look around, for the moments, which are often being ignored, the experiences, which are priceless, yet are there for free and the people, who might just be waiting for us to stop, look at them and share a smile...

At least for a day, let's live 'just like that' ㋡ 

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August 23, 2014

Waiting to be set free

Click here for image source

The train was on time, even if it was raining heavily in the town. As the train came closer, her heartbeats grew louder than the engine's echo...it was time to go! Unshackled from his poisonous love, she was free to go anywhere and start afresh. After all, this is what she wanted, freedom from the man, who never understood & respected her feelings...then why was she still waiting for him to come at the station and give her a goodbye kiss? May be, love never sets you free...even if the person you love does!

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August 22, 2014

A stolen leaf from her diary

Photo by-Elina Banerjee

What is it? Just a Fallen Leaf or an untold story. Often leaves fall, when they are dead and dried but this one is greener...was it plucked? separated from the tree? Who did it? Maybe someone, lost in deep thoughts plucked it unintentionally...Sat there holding it, twisting it in between their fingers, without even noticing...They must have placed it in their palm, carefully, stared at it...But did they see the leaf or beyond it...to search the face of someone they love?

Every fallen leaf tells a story, of the people, who plucked it, held it and left it behind...of people, who look at it and simply ignore, of people, who notice it and click pictures...

Elina, thank you for capturing such a story with your camera...Your pictures do inspire people to discover such stories... Waiting to steal some more glimpses from your shutterdiaries 

The Ice Bucket Challenge

I recently noticed people doing this ice bucket challenge...one person stands, anywhere suitable to them and second one pours a bucket full of water (not ice, but hopefully chilled) and there's one person to take picture or record video of the same...hah! How innovative!

Wait, I am not finished yet, How innovative way to waste water. Out of curiosity, I discovered that what this viral stuff actually is. Well, it is some charity stuff and I am not here to discuss it in detail.

My point is that why waste water for charity? Don't they realise that water crisis is big challenge and itself requires charity...A considerable percentage of people are forced to drink contaminated water! People are doing it for fun... I am afraid if anyone is hardly concerned for charity. Okay, How rational it is to tear down your pants to cover the upper part of your body? How can a charity cause push you to contribute to creation of a new crisis for mankind?

The water people are wasting to do this fun challenge could have been used in better way. Okay! So, its their life, they can waste as much water as they want because it is running out of their bathroom taps...But at least, do yourself a favor, stand in a garden while pulling this ice-bucket stunt for charity...

However, some people have posted their pics doing this challenge in garden...but still, is wasting water like this convincing enough? I mean they should have picked other ways of contributing to it, for example cleaning the roads! Most of the people are doing it because its fun, they don't even know what exactly ALS is...

Save water because you are lucky enough to have it...wait, don't confuse...you have it, but don't own it. 

Morning Practice


✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯  Yes, stars are actually shining up in the sky...A crescent moon is there too.... And here I am, staring at my laptop's screen or actually trying to sleep...The alarm is set for 5:30 am in the morning...sharp! Ouch!

Every night & day, I deal with this...First problem is that I can't sleep when I plan and second, I can't wake up when I am supposed to. Breaking up with my pillow and ditching my cozy bed in the morning are two toughest things to handle...I can't do anything of the first problem, so I switch to odd hour blogging and for the morning, I have a smart solution...Let's try it, right away!

Before I hit the bed, I decide to send a text to my bestie... (safe side)-"Hey wake me up at 5 tomorrow...keep calling until I am up...Sleep well...Love ya!"

*Waiting for her reply*

Before I decide to settle down in my bed, thrashing all the worries aside, my mobile cries there's a text message...and it reads, "I was sleeping well...your useless text at 2 am in the darkness of night abrupt my sleep...and excuse me, wake you up at 5 ...like AM...in the morning? Dude! Get yourself tested for dengue or malaria or any other fever that can attack mind...huh! REMEMBER last time you asked me to do the same thing and I was stupid enough to do that...AND you failed to recognize me over the phone in the morning...cut the call and WORST you SWITCHED OFF THE PHONE...am I an idiot here? Even if somebody keeps beating drums and ढोल नगाडाs over your head, you won't wake up...the only thing that can force you to get out of bed is smell of food...dude! I am sure your DNA has the roots emerging straight from कुंभकरण...Arrrgggaaahhhhh..."

"Opps! Such a long text, you sound upset honey...I shall read it tomorrow morning, for now, I am copying and pasting it in my blog...let the निशाचरs or odd hour blog readers read it!..."

"Go to hell... "

"Ah! I read that..."

"Better!" Sneaky smiley (Evil and cruel emoticons)

"And I still love you..."

Oops! She's calling! Hah...I guess tonight's plan for tomorrow's morning practice includes...late night nonsense talking with a mad girl Girl Moving Eyebrows smiley (Funny Emoticons set)...till 5 am in the morning, then go to morning walk, fresh n up and breakfast...Then Sleep...Anyways...You still have time..Go to sleep before a mad friend of yours calls you! Hush Hush.. Sleep well...

Moving Eyebrows smiley (Flirting emoticons) What are ya looking at?

August 21, 2014

In Search of Beauty & Wellness


Wellness is not a destination...Its  a way of life 

Hitting the gym often, waking up early, morning walks, hydrating quite often and eating right...Is that you should do on occasional basis? No! These things ought to be in out daily routine, as habit...I sincerely believe that no one needs motivation to stay healthy and fit... It should be an obvious thing to often because that's how Mother Nature has designed & programmed our body!

But, unfortunately, it doesn't happen. People are too busy in building a materialistic life that they often don't see their priorities and responsibilities towards their own body...I can say this because I have been one of such people, for quite a few months...! Constant ignorance towards health & wellness has turned it tougher for us to keep our bodies in shape. Health issues are popping up and we don't have enough time to act normal, live natural and be spiritual. 

I have closely noticed how my body responds towards right eating, sound sleep and balanced lifestyle...So, I have decided to adopt it for me...I request you to listen to your body and explore what it needs (Don't listen to the first voice, it would ask for chocolate cake, cheese burst pizza or sleeping till late in morning...). Keep trying again and again until you are able to hear the frail voice hiding behind this stubborn foodie!

Here are quick things that I have explored about healthy living...Ah! I wish you discover it too and share it with me soon...

Wake up @ 6 am and drink H2O
✓ Walk...
✓ Never Miss Breakfast 
✓ Eat raw, eat healthy, eat fresh 
✓ Stay active, play games, swim, go on long walks...
✓ ㋡ Smile...and (•◡•) Smile Again!!

What does real beauty mean to me?

Has anyone on the planet ever been able to define what beauty is? Ironically, Mother Nature has planted the living definitions of beauty everywhere on this round green sphere, we call earth. But, when they say Real Beauty the answer has to be real precise...

Beauty might be those glossy lips, perfectly touched-up face, fake yet attractive eyelashes, lush lines of imported eyeliner and eyes gorgeously painted with smudge free kohl. But Real Beauty is of course combination of velvety lips, which do not require any gloss to hide the broken lines, the healthy eyes, which need no concealer to hide their, a face that appeals without makeup and of course a vibrant smile that adds value to your simplicity. 

No... I ain't saying makeup is a bad thing... it is an art, like others, its just that if my face is canvas, then I would prefer it to be empty, rather than trying out this particular art...You all are free to paint almost anything on your face-canvas. Love ya J

I would like to thank BeautyGlimpse.com – India’s Fastest Growing Beauty Site for bringing up this question to me...

Why do I love BeautyGlimpse.comWhat? (Read the blue line above and tell me if you wanna know more)...What? You do? Okie...here you go!

☛It is a beauty and wellness website and I am a girl...Girls ∝ Beauty Secrets! Said & Done. Period.
☛They not just share blind idea to paint your face in creative ways using lipsticks, liners and kohl... They also share information about wellness, leading and healthy and beautiful lifestyle.
☛They share info about weight loss and eating right...Ah! I like the people, who spread awareness about right eating, humanity needs this...Cheers! 

August 10, 2014

Time goes by like a train


Carrying a light vintage bag, she stepped out of the train. Her visit after almost two decades clearly told her that the little town hadn't changed much. The cemetery located alongside the railway track was still there...She remembered coming there with her father to place fresh flowers on her mother's grave. 

Daddy would point out at the trains passing by and talk about relation of train and time...In a loud and firm tone, he would say...

"Run fast or you would miss it...
Wait for it and it will make you wait even more...
Time really goes by like a train. They say time never stops but I wonder if they have never encountered sleepless nights or never waited for someone.Time stops, looks at you, grins and enjoys your misery; each time the clock delays to hit the next minute, similarly the much awaited train delays to reach the station.

Time that once passes, never comes back...trains do! Does that make time different from train? If we look closely, trains do come back again, but not with the same passengers, same mood and same impressions!"

These words uttered by her father would mingle with the train passing by and she would jump to wave the train...

Sound of train passing by the station, brought her back from the past...but her father's words still echoed in her mind. Gathering her luggage and courage, she stood to walk towards the cemetery...

It was not only the path to cemetery she was following, it was a walk down the memory lane. She remembered passing this town multiple times, train stopped at the station, but she couldn't gather enough courage to get down of the train and visit the graveyard... She would glare at the white graves from the moving train and immediately look away...!

But, today was special day. She had to come here. She had requested her only son to bury her next to her parent's graves. She glared at the two adjacent graves and sat next to her father's. 

Trains kept passing by the track located alongside the cemetery, so did the time on clock. All she had to do was, wait for her son to come with her dead body and bury it next to her parent's grave. She was restless and waiting made the time go slower on the clock. She didn't understand it takes time to travel miles...after all, she was just a spirit now, a blow of air, free to travel anywhere!

August 6, 2014

Hollowness..What else?


Shouldn't the question be, will you marry a monster, who raped that girl? Will you ever talk to him, stand by him or even attend his wedding celebration? 

Or shouldn't the question be, will you marry a girl, who had car accident? A girl who fell down from the staircase accidently? Isn't rape an accident with the woman, who goes through it?

I don't understand why a girl, who has once encountered the rape accident is tagged 'raped' for lifetime? Doesn't she have the right to start afresh?

Why can't a raped girl in our society can be treated as normal patient? Why is she seen as poor victim, who would have died right after the rape, because she doesn't deserve to be alive anymore! She doesn't deserve to live a normal life, get married, pursue her life like she used to do before the so called rape tragedy happened...Why?

I personally believe it is important for us to change our mindset! IIt is not the raped girl, who should be questioned, get some guts and ask all the nonsense from the monster who has done this!!! 

While you were sleeping...


While you were sleeping, I heard a frail knock on the door. I shivered because I could hear it...I was afraid it would grow louder and I would have to open the door for it. My heartbeat grew with the thumping sound of knocks on the door. I decided not to open the door but the knocking continued... You didn't seem bothered with the chaos happening around, like always. You 'lifeless yet breathing' laid still next to me, while your soul wandered in the dreamland.

Looking at your calm face, I forgot about the knocks for a moment, but suddenly absence of that chaotic noise in the surroundings bothered me. I shook my head to clean my ears and find out where did that knocking sound vanish?

Before I could think of anything, I heard those footsteps. Which window did I left open? They had managed to enter inside again! I pretended to be asleep but the footsteps grew closer. I held my breath, pretended to be dead, but they closely examined by restless heartbeat and whispered in my ear, "You can't let go like this"

I knew them, I recognized them, I had made them, they belonged with me...You said that they didn't exist but they were here, whispering in my ear...talking to me, knocking at my door...Did you lie to me? I clinched nothingness in my fist and almost surrendered to them...They were taking me with them, away from you...to where I belonged, to the place, where I found my comfort level and to the place you named Past.

They were my memories, strong enough to drag me away from you, my present. I see you stand still, helpless and wounded, waiting for me to get out of yesterday's marsh. 

The green land of future awaits us, the marsh of past drags me in and you try hard everyday to take me out of here but every night, I give up and you fail. I can see you standing on the thin line, gradually turning into past... 

August 5, 2014

The Lady in The Canvas


"Daddy, can we leave this painting behind" He pointed out his tiny finger at the large canvas, featuring a gorgeous lady with hazy fumes in the background, mysteriously scratching the canvas.

"But why?" Daddy asked in astonishment.

"Her house is on fire, can't you see the smoke? She's scratching the frame and one day will come out...and then..." How wonderfully this little kid knew where to stop.

"And then..." Daddy was curious!

"And then you will marry her" said the little charmer.

"Haha..Marry her...who told you this" Papa painter was thrilled to see his 4 year old son talking strange thing about his masterpiece.

"Mommy did! She said you loved this painting more than you loved her..." Ah! How children manage to keep dead people alive in their talks & hearts of course!

Daddy didn't want to bring back the bitter memories he had with the lady, who gave birth to that cute boy standing next to him. He let the painting rot in that abandoned house because his beloved son, the second thing he loved the most was afraid if the lady manages to break the canvas and start staying with them.  

The first thing he loved, was of course his masterpiece that stayed alone after he moved in to a new house with his only son. And, the mad artist inside him, stayed afraid of kid's freight about turning that painting real...Because if it turned real, the lady would have no strings attached and free to go anywhere...

Why an artist is obsessed with his creation? Why can't they just let go.

August 2, 2014

…And it rained that night

His green eyes glared at the roaring sky as it turned blacker moment by moment. A poignant sigh waited inside his throat until the next roar came up and he looked at the broken roof of the single room he owned and called it home. 

His wife and 3 months old daughter were enjoying a deep sleep, unaware of the horrific weather staring at them out of the broken roof.

Sitting outside the door, he ignited another bidi (thin leaf wrapped cigarette), which obviously didn't help to reduce his worry about protection of his family against heavy rain.

The factory manager had promised that he would release his salary tomorrow. Then he could get the roof repaired. His all prayers were asking that night to pass dry... 

...and it rained that night!

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July 31, 2014

Manali to Leh with Skyscanner

While I was writing first post about my Travel Planning experience with Skyscanner, I had to explore this portal for the first time. And planning for trip to Paris was awesome! Now since I have got hand on experience in planning a smart trip with my travel buddy Skyscanner, I thought, why not plan a domestic trip too... So here we Go!

By the way, if you really wanna know how I fell in love with Skyscanner, read my Travel Planning Post here- Trip to the Future with Skyscanner

They Say Ladakh is photographer's paradise, so how can I even think of not planning a dream vacation here? Ladakh has everything, snow covered peaks, gorgeously steep curves, blue lakes, chilling winds and everything one could imagine to experience on a heavenly trip.

Since I know Skyscanner is there to make planning part easier, I would simply sit and weave an imagination of a trip that I want to have. Uh-oh! I am not worried about calculating the budget, booking the flights or cabs, hotels etc. because my travel buddy is here to help me out.

Okay, here’s the plan:

Day1, 2, 3-Snoozing In Manali

Delhi to Manali- Ah! Once I am here, I would just want to freeze with the gorgeous white snow at least for two days. Sipping hot coffee and capturing the snow falling outside is something I would want to do. 

Day 4- Moving from Manali to Sarchu

Rohtang Pass (13050 ft) wuhu, no one would ever want to miss the thrill of traveling on this road. The plan is to wave Manali goodbye early in the morning and say Hi to Sarchu, undoubtedly through tranquil, serene and scenic roads.

After traveling 222 Kms, I would obviously want to eat some good food and take a sound sleep in a comfy hotel room. Sarchu, see you tomorrow morning!

Day 6- Sarchu to Leh

So, finally the road map to final destination is here. This 255 Kms of journey is going to be amazing because this entire route is loaded with Mother Nature’s wonderful creations. Once I salute to the gorgeous evening in Leh, all I would care to do is sit in my comfy hotel room by the window and plan the sightseeing itinerary.

PS: You must be wondering how I am so sure that I can plan this entire trip with SkyScanner? Actually, I have planned an international trip with the same. What? you don't believe me? Read this!

And look at this picture to know why this platform is really worth it for travel planning?

Visit Skycanner's official website here for more information on excellent travel planning...There you go!

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