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February 17, 2015

The Befikar Umar Bhar Bucket List

Life is like a chewing gum; it tastes good in the beginning and gradually turns tasteless but sticks with you. People, who are alive like us are bound to chew the tasteless lemons, which life gives us and wait for some miracles to happen. But still, there are some people, who still believe that life is beautiful. How? What makes them think so? May be they lead a planned lifestyle, which reduces their worries in the long run?

Considering the idea of planning life smartly and then living #BefikarUmarBhar, I hereby try to imagine a life, which nowhere looks like a chewing gum. If I ever get an opportunity to live my life worry-free, then I am sure I would like to fulfil following wishes that are rotting in by bucket list for years…Take a look!

World Tour
Who doesn’t want to travel the world? A life without traveling is a life wasted! I have always been fascinated with the idea of travelling around the world. In trains, airplanes, cars, cruises and I don’t mind riding the horses too! I am sure if I am not bound by the worries of a financial imbalanced life, then I would jump in the plane right away and start wandering in the streets of Madrid or explore the exotic Vienna may be.

Write an Annual Travel Journal and Get it Published

Through travelling, I want to see the different countries, explore their cultural beauty and writer about it. I want to create such a fascinated travel journal, which gets published annually and tells people about the most memorable experiences one can have during a trip to any corner of the world.

Learn Flying a Plane

Oh yes! I always wanted to fly a plane. I used to complaint about my toy airplane not having enough space for me to fit into it during my childhood days. But since, I am a grown up girl now and I am imagining a life, where there are lesser worries and more time for me to celebrate each moment passing by, I would definitely want to sign up for a pilot course.

I am sure flying a plane is easier than driving a car…After all there are no red lights in the sky…

Buy Most Expensive Cameras Available in the World

Cameras has been my second love, as first is food! I am fascinated with the idea that how a little gadget can preserve memories forever. This has ignited my passion for photography and thus if I have an insured and balanced life, then I would surely want to save money for purchasing the most expensive cameras in the world.


Climbing the mountains is thrilling experience. I have tried it once and this is what has inspired me to love the idea of trekking, mountaineering, camping and exploring a different side of life. I am sure a worry free life deserves wandering across the mountains.

Thank you IDBI Federal Lifesurance for asking me to share five wishes from my bucket list… For more information, visit this link http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar

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This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #BefikarUmarBhar in association with IDBI Federal Life Insurance and IndiBlogger

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