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November 30, 2012

In search of "Talaash": Movie Review

The film, which had all the eyes on to it, is finally in theaters now. The first thing I must say about the films featuring Amir Khan as lead is-“Houseful of audiences” from morning till evening. Earlier it were the magical films of Golden Era or single screen theaters, which experienced such magic, But it is only Amir’s films managing to stand out strong in the multiplex trend with the same glory.

The film begins with the intentional blur on the screen, playing Muskaane Jhoothi hain in really notable voice of Suman Sridhar, showcasing some faces, which are sad, hiding their pain or learning to live with it.

And, when the blur fades out, a night scene of a seaside road in Mumbai fades in, filming the same hopeless and tired people at the middle of the night. Suddenly, a car runs and rashes on the road, even before you can really settle yourself in your seats and relax, the terrible accident, making the car fly in air and fall in the sea alongside, shocks you with disturbance. Disturbance that lasts throughout the film and disturbance you fall in love with eventually.

Amir Khan is introduced right after the accident happens, as inspector Shekhawat, serious, poised and dedicated. The dead person in accident happens to be a film star, making this case high profile and complicated. As the accident happens near a famous red light area of the city, it takes inspector Shekhawat (Amir Khan) to the notorious roads, where pimps and prostitutes rule or are being ruled in their own ways. Here he meets Rosy (Kareen Kapoor), who claims to be an A+ category whore and famous for satisfying here customers with love and passion. She offers help to Amir for whatever he is searching for, fetching Amir’s attention towards her ‘till the end’.

These streets too unfold people who are blackmailers and criminals at small or big level. Nawajjudin Siqqiui gets a remarkable presence here. A lame helper boy, working under a guy named Shashi, who happens to be involved in murder case of the film celeb.

Apart from this High Profile celeb car accident mystery, a dull and sad personal life of inspector Shekhawat (Amir Khan) moves as the sideline factor featuring Rani Mukerjee as his on-screen wife Roshani. Roshani is a lady, who is fighting through psychological issues after the death of her only 8-year old Son-Karan. This troubles Amir but more that troubles him is the complicated case strangled in regret of his past as he believes his son died because of his irresponsible attitude.

Throughout this process, he seeks for the truth, searches for it everywhere and chases it hastily. Meanwhile Roshani (Rani Mukerjee) is busy in talking to her son through a lady, who can talk to spirits. This disgusts Amir and makes him feel bad about her wife’s mental condition. To get rid of all this, he prefers meeting Rosy, where he feels a different sort of peace.

Floating between action, frozen time, investigation and memories of past, the story ends up unfolding an unbelievable yet acceptable ending to every character’s “Talaash”. But, what freezes Amir is the fact and truth that since the case happened to his life, he was talking with a Ghost. Simran’s Ghost. The thing he never believed in, happens to him in his this very life, leaving him clueless, speechless and restless. But ultimately, he manages to find all the answers and prefers to find a new way towards life.

The Technique:

The film unfolds so beautifully that audiences are to get a hint of what to happen next exactly the moment before it appears to screen. That gives a wooah feel to everyone projecting the next scene in his/her mind and getting exactly the same on screen in very next moment. This is what you call hook a guess. It keeps you laced throughout and without letting you feel like blinking your eyelashes a bit.

I must say Reema Kagti (Director-Talaash), along with Amir Khan (lead protagonist) have worked with such a brilliant passion. Every minute detailing tells this, each suspense, every next scene and shot are coded beautifully like a coded programming by software engineer. You cannot have the whole program running if you miss a single code and this is what can be seen clearly here. The coding is so seamless that you don’t lose interest for a single second; neither you get to know very soon what the story is going to be all about.


All the songs are played in background and you kind of love them being played through the big sound systems of big screen. But, without of background score of Movie, I must say, there hasn’t been such an impact. Perfect background score, expressing it all…!!


Amir Khan does justice with his role and performs with enough passion required to bring an Inspector Shekhawat to life.

Karina Kapoor looks too pretty in her roadside seductress’s role and keeps the viewers hooked with her mysterious yet stylish dialogue delivery.

Rani Mukerjee has performed convincing enough. Seeing her away from screen for years had made most of her fans think twice before considering to watch her films. After all, how much time it takes for a forgotten heroin to forget acting. Anyways, but this doesn’t go with Rani. She did perfect in the role assigned to her.

Ahaan! Special mention for the wonderful dialogues by Farhaan Akhtar and Additional dialogues by Anurag Kashayp. They made the story too way beyond it could have reached normally.

And, when it comes to special mentions, the stimulating lighting bangs a remarkable attention. How perfectly the lighting has been designed that every scene comes alive carrying the essence of every emotion, which the director wants to portray, character wants to reflect and audience wants to perceive. This sensation created by magical lighting keeps you entangled to it as light entangled the bumble bee... :)

Recommendations: I loved watching it and found myself thrilled and delighted. The climax drenched the blood in my nerves for a flash of second. Now it’s your call. I think that was convincing enough.

Looking forward for your reviews on my review.

PS: I didn't simplify the story intentionally. After all, you all too deserve to have a good show... :) Enjoy

November 24, 2012

Disappointment, what else?

The last stone of miles that Yash Chopra traveled in Bollywood industry aka ‘Jab tak hai Jaan’ couldn’t turn itself into a milestone to be remembered forever. I would not say the film failed to create a buzz, I would rather say, this film didn’t even attempt to do the same. Discuss about pre-release agenda or post release, the only thing that appeared common was, the people associated with this film only kept talking about profit it would make and it made respectively.

How insecure the producers and actors were, they only wanted to showcase the world that they dared to make a big budget film and somehow managed to get the fair returns on the same.

jab tak hai jaan movie review

It was so funny to see Komal Natha’s box-office report on etc channel, in which, he was constantly convincing the audiences that (Kulmila k) all in all the film has covered its expenses really well and created a good profit share, which shows, it is a successful film. Interestingly, he counted all the major options of getting returns back on the investment made by YRF, be it DVD selling rights, broadcasting rights, international tourism rights and blah blah.

Since the time film released, all the news channels and other entertainment channels were talking about the total earning this film is making and whether Son of Sardar is leading in making the profit share big or Jab tak hai Jaan. I mean what is this? Were these film produced to race with each other for profit? If yes then why the hell they were showcased to poor audiences? Or may be audiences were the meters to count the profit share and finalize the leader. What else such collaborative nonsense can bring to the world, if not Disappointment?

Where the hell is any discussion about story, screenplay, work of actors and other rest of things, which a normal audience looks forward to, when a new film hits the silver screen? Here the discussion is not about how the film worked or how the story was, what troubles me is the way it is just being limited till profit making. This insecure series of discussions has ashamed everyone, who ever believed that cinema is reflection of art, first and then a source of earning. Yash Chopra’s last creation failed to make it big and prevented the final stepping stone to become milestone.

PS: The post wasn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feeling; it’s just a clear observation, which needed to be constructed in words.

November 21, 2012

Kasab Fallen… what next??

Being the writer, who began to blog with the clear purpose of spreading love and sharing pain through her words, is today amazed to see herself typing for the issue called terrorism.

Kasab was hanged today morning (21 November 2012), 7:30 A.M. paying tribute to the lives of 166 people, who were assassinated during the brutal attack of 26/11. This will surely tell the whole world that arrested terrorists are not treated as guests in India. Sooner or later, they are treated the way they should be. This step has given a bit of contentment to the families and relatives of dead and injured in this attack, which they have been looking since the day they faced the dark day of 26/11 in their lives.

But, the only thought, which troubles me is, what next…??

The mask, which appeared as publically accused face of the ruthless massacre on 26th day of November has fallen. Kasab is no more! But everyone knows he was just a mask. What about the real faces, who veil themselves behind such masks? Who is going to deal with them, when will they be dragged to the platform and get their necks tightened in the nooses?

Kasab was a teenager, born and brought up in not so good conditions in Pakistan. As much as I have been able to Google about him, poverty and disruption of his daily desires were the valid reasons behind he turning shoplifter or ruffian. This was the point, where transforming him into a terrorist and fueling him enough to make such a big and brutal massacre take place was someone else’s talent I would say. The talent of those who cover their horrible faces behind such pawns and keep carrying out major incidents of terrorism in our country.

It has taken us 4 years to deal with one “mask” and it is not tough for any normal human being to estimate that how many of these “new masks” must have been produced within this time period. The point is how long we will keep fooling ourselves by chasing, arresting and hanging the pawns…

Kasab, who was hanged till death in this morning, was just a ragdoll and many like him are stocked up with people, who are enemies of people’s smile and happiness. But, still it has given a reason to smile all those, who had witnessed the painful days after 26/11 was brought to their lives, headed by the Kasab-the pawn, and monitored by the real faces, handling the remote control to damage others' lives, yet not having the courage to face it all…

One pawn has fallen, thousands are being prepared and stocked up in the hidden bays of terrorist master minds. Now what next..?

November 8, 2012



We turned our love into a relation…
A relation in that, the world can allow us, to love forever
A relation that came with few hopes and expectations
Few needs to share pain and spread happiness
But now when it is all set, we don’t spread happiness, neither we share pain
We look at each other, blankly and wait, who will begin first to spread the smile
We turn back at look in the void, expecting the either one to share the pain
We have tried speaking, tried talking, done with yelling and ended up crying
It’s not that either one of us is happy or either is sad,
The only thing is that we couldn’t find the way to stop it from being that bad
To turn or love legal, we given up all that we had
Now the heart feels, being just lovers without any relation wasn’t that bad…!!

October 1, 2012

Just walk along…

I know we have started a bit late.. But we’ll catch up the pace…
Just believe what I say, hold my hand and walk along…
The path we have chosen to travel leads to our dreams straight away..
Tell me love, do we really need to think before traveling, ‘How Long?’ 
It has been too hard to travel this path of life without you…
We together will take care of every thorn, every stone…
It just takes your smile for me to forget and forgive 
Let go everything… What has been lost & what has gone…
My heart tells me every minute, as long as you are there
Nothing can fall apart… nothing can go wrong…
The moment you arrived in my life.. till the moment you are here..
I listen to the air around me whispering in my ears.. I will never be left alone 
We might not reach the heights, we dreamt day & night…
But, we’ll enjoy our journey for sure.. Love..! just hold my hand & walk along 

July 19, 2012

"I Don't Want to Make Money.. I Just Want to be Wonderful"..Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the lady who held the charm that arrested attention of camera. It was said that the limelight and fame were addicted to her impeccable magnetism. She led a life that most of the people dream of but can never ever imagine to achieve it. Who could have ever though that the little baby girl born almost orphaned in a general hospital of Los Angles as Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker would become the most celebrated actress amongst all in each corner of this earth? But, it happened and in such a way that it was destined in miraculous manner. Marilyn was the fame-name, which the Hollywood industry offered her with and people apart from those who have read or watched about her rarely know about the original name she had.

She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, yet she lived a life, which was glorious and full of luxury. She has an aura, which was hard to ignore for almost everyone. The life of Monroe wasn’t perfect like a fairy-tale as people loved her, hated her, appreciated her and disliked her too. But, what they could not do was ‘ignore her’. It was her inner charm, the ‘IT’ factor that she was born with and carried forward well, which couldn’t let people look beyond her when she was around. People were always interested in exploring more about her, some did it because they were huge fan of hers and other did because they were on the critics’ side. 

Monroe has such an alluring factor in her, which dragged everyone’s attention towards her. She had the most erotic smile placed on her lips so innocently, which looked no less than a magic. She was openhearted girl and she knew inside that she was a star. Despite of being born and brought up as an orphan in lower middle class conditions she believed it thoroughly that she was meant to shine like a gleaming crystal wide open up in the sky. And she shined, she still does. It is not only the stack of photo-rolls and video clips in which Marilyn exists, there are millions of hearts in this world, beyond the boundaries men have divided themselves, which love her, adore her, appreciate her and most importantly, they have kept her alive inside their hearts.

Many filmmakers, philosophers, writers and photographers have always been keen in searching the core of Marilyn’s charisma and the secret behind the undying charm she owned for lifetime and beyond that. Was it her lusciously polished body, her golden blonde hair locks, which is achieved by bleaching her original brunet hairs or was it style of talking, her acting, her confidence or anything, which is still a secret…? The mystery remains unsolved yet captivating enough to indulged people in the discussion seeming ceaseless.

The one thing, which she possessed and reflected through her each action was freedom. The lady of dreams owned such a powerful gemstone that most of the people keep looking for a lifetime yet die without experiencing its warmth. She did. She felt the warmth of being free and lived it to the extreme. She always believed to be free from anything that has been made by men, she didn’t believe in shackling herself with well-beaten thoughts and systems of society, fears or pain anymore. Everyone witnesses tough times in life and she did too. She had days, when she was left alone, she felt suffocated and her lonesomeness yelled at her at nights, she died to be accompanied and was so afraid to be alone, but she kept the freedom alive in her somewhere in such asphyxiating times too. She knew it inside that she was meant to be free and life was meant to have its thorns. That was the reason she always followed what her heart said and nurtured the Charisma inside her. As she would say “I Don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful” and she did that so beautifully. Her wonderfulness has no limits and gleams through ashes of time very well.

If not so then why would you be so indulged in reading about a lady who had left this world decades ago. She has lost a life but she hasn’t lost a charm that she earned and preserved well. It was the blissful X-factor that the successful model, outstanding actress and astounding singer had, which still blossoms through her memories. As I said earlier, each individual on this earth holds a hidden Charisma within, which is needed to be discovered, taken ahead and kept alive by nurturing with inner warmth of positivity and care, so did she. Monroe was Charismatic from within like all of us but the only difference was, she was a step ahead from people like us. She knew it that she had it and her efforts to carry this magnetism forward are worth appreciating and that may be the reason that world adores her, appreciates her and celebrates her.

Exclusive Video of Marilyn Monroe:

January 24, 2012

Cold Blood

Everything seemed calm as always
The blood nurturing her was warm
Warm enough to give her a sound sleep
She slept slowly, on the rhythm of the heartbeats
The heartbeats of the God, The lady, Her Mother
In every blow of air reaching her,
She could feel the essence of her Mother’s Happiness
She felt safe inside and trusted that outside will be even safer,
But still she wanted to stay there, inside her mother
The warmth of blood that was nourishing her, was heavenly
She was afraid whether she would get this out there or not
Not someone else but her mother was knowing
That her little princess was everyday growing
Soon she would be out in this world
How would she look, how would she smile
This feeling of nurturing a body inside body was fragile
May be these were the feelings which were flowing in the blood
Warming it to be cozy enough for the little daughter
She loved the warmth and calmness to the core
But one day suddenly, the blood turned freezing cold
The shivering that trapped her body, she could hardly hold
Had something happened to her mother?
Ambushed in the anxious thought she turned inside the womb
The coldness of blood was thickening her
Sighs of pain reaching to her though the blows of her mother’s breaths
Were clear enough to tell that her mother was not fine
She wanted to grow up, stand for her mother & fight to save her
Naïve of her strength she moved hastily inside the womb
The frostiness of the cold blood seemed scrawny in front of her courage
She was sure she would save her mother from this problem
But something abruptly stopped her.. piercing her thin soft membrane
She couldn’t feel the pain, neither had she cried
The thing was warm, but this warmth was alien
Now the cold blood was flowing down the floor & so was she
The cold blood that was her quilt was flown mercilessly
Before she could know that it was not her mother but her, who was in trouble
She died.
Before she could cry for the pain that her poor skin tolerated during her assassination
She died.
Before she could find out who murdered her hardheartedly for what reason
She died.

National Girl Child Day. So what have you decided about the life of your Girl child? Will you be able to let her live in the warmth of love or will it be a cold blood thing written in her fate? 

January 22, 2012

Decayed DTC

A driver bumps the DTC bus into the wall, crashing five people; a sixteen year old boy loses his life and others get the injury which they are going to remember for a long period of time. The matter of DTC accidents in the capital has become so common that newspapers and TV news channels are bored of it and pick it up if only they don’t have any other spicy stuff to cook upon.

Police claims that driver lost control over bus and he has been arrested for the offense of negligent driving and killing someone; quite the reverse the driver claims that the bus he was driving was an old (KHATARA I would say) bus and the breaks of that vehicle got out of control.

Who is responsible for this entire blunder? Is it the poor bus, which has been working as a slave since decades without any hope of getting retirement or the driver who has been driving it to earn his livelihood? Now what would possibly happen? May be few reporters and bloggers like me will write about this issue and then a new happening of this sort will divert our attention to the fresh bungle. The authorities will, (as usual) try to get their ass out of it and may be the poor driver will get paid years of stay in jail as the appraisal of his years of service to the people of this metropolitan.

The system is shameless, people are speechless and the future of this country is futureless….Just because the blockheads handling this entire system cannot perform their duties, people die and the middle class men serving this system like that driver get trapped into uninvited offensive situations. The entire system of the country is more like an OLD DTC BUS ..KHATARA (decayed).. which has no breaks, no speed, no structure. Nothing. I agree with the thoughts of my Bro who emphasises that there is an urgent need to crash down this deseased system in order to build a new one so that the disaster could be controlled that takes place every day.   

The silly mixture of old and few new try-outs is even more dangerous Because no matter how much sugar you add to the poison, it will still be a poison, bitter & destroyer.  The clear example of the same is the muddle of old DTC buses and new low floor ones, even after the investment of crores , no one has the courage to clean sweep the field of old models of DTC buses;  what are the administration people waiting for? The poor buses to go on strike for demanding a retirement!

This is nothing but ignorance…If the situation stays like this, may be one day machines too would need a special court to hear their matters…the roots of problem are so strengthened, so there is an urgent need to Dig it Deeper .

January 21, 2012

Pain’s Bride

She was looking at the world outside
Trapped behind the invisible bars, she sighed
She could feel the thunder twisting her muscles
Seems, previous night she had again been pain’s bride
The tenderness in her eyes reflects the sucking of her soul
Something is killing her slowly that her faded smiles can’t hide
The murder of her inner-self is too mysterious to understand
Or may be it is as easy as an open book, but no one ever tried
Her drained eyes are exhausted of looking at the outer world
But still are fixed there, may be she has nothing to look at, inside

January 9, 2012

The fiery situation: well, they call it hunger!

Okay, before I begin to jot down my thoughts for the contest, “KFC chicken grill- sets you on fire!” let me confess that I have been thinking for more than 10 days that how to write such a stuff, which can help me in winning the croma store voucher worth INR 30,000, the prize for winner promised by Indiblogger and yeah those KFC food vouchers too. 

Tried hard to structure a fiery situation that can get me the pleasure of being a winner, wanted to add the entire hot topics which allure modern readers, gave my best to look for the hi-fi quotes, non-veg jokes & stuff but at the end couldn’t get my hands on it, the blogger inside me kept banging at the window of my mind that I had closed years ago, the window that invited the thoughts having the essence of kindness in them. My desire of buying a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera by winning the croma voucher and the urge of hitting at the ignored truth crashed inside me and created a inner-war-like situation that made its hard to pick a perfect topic, but ultimately here I am, to express my views on the assigned topic, “describe the fiery situation-real or imaginary”.

So respected Judges and valued readers,I am here with the description of the same which is real, not imaginary as for the first time, my imaginations bowed down in front of this reality- the burning issue, not because they were weak, rather they supported the fact that this issue is something worth bowing down for.

Fire is passion, fire is God, fire is pure and above all the finest element of this universe, without which the construction and destruction of this globe cannot be imagined, but far from these sacred definitions, there rests one more meaning of the term fire, “fire in stomach”, yea! The fire of hunger! The fire that burns the appetite of poor; every day, every night, mercilessly! 

There are millions of people who face the fiery situation in their appetites every day. Even after burning down their entire body in the scorching heat, they manage to feed their hunger of one time. The government frequently launches the plans to deal with this blistering fiery situation, but unfortunately most of the plans lay in papers only. And the high class people hate poor as if they are not humans; the middle class people don’t have enough time to stop and give it a minute to think and help them, a few show the gesture of ‘kindness’ and throw some coins on them, but the fire is so stubborn, it keeps examining the potential of the intestine by melting its power to fight with starvation.

But is that true? Do we really not have time? Are the excuses that we offer, acceptable? Can showing up mercy for a moment and then heading ahead on your path heal the situation? 

No! It cannot. We need to take the steps which can cure this disease, lying in the appetite of every poor. If an empty mind is the home for the evil then an empty stomach is the home for death. Can’t we just open our eyes wide and see, the people dying with hunger and rotten food grains resting on the path in the rain, waiting for the blockheads shouting in the parliament to decide that who shall eat them? 

The day you dine out with your friends and family, spare a note of INR 1000 to inflate your fake glory, then have you ever given a thought that the food which you leave half eaten, is the hope for a shrunk abdomen, who has been waiting for you to throw it so that h/she can dig the dustbin with the street dogs to find it and feed the fiery situation.

Ever pained your brain-nerves to think of skipping a party one day and contributing money to provide food to the ones who really need it, instead of inhaling the smoke of cigarettes at your favorite sutta corner or eating up at the shop which you must be visiting 100th time? If you haven’t, well, then give it a try, may be it helps you to set yourself free from invisible fire that keeps burning your head all time in the form of tensions & worries. 

I am not asking to do this all for the barefaced beggars, who tap at your car window at the traffic lights or snatch the corner of your shirt and make poor faces to show you that they have been wandering without food throughout the day but actually when you donate them something, they go and smoke it away in a cigarette.  All you need to do is look for the person who really has been suffering through the ailment called hunger, I know, that being the modern generation, you are smart enough, when you can judge by watching the promo that how the film is gonna look like, then it is pretty simple to find out the tummies bearing the real fiery situation.

Help the poor in fighting with the daily fiery situation inside their appetite. Contribute! It really feels good.

For you the picture below may the reason of twisting your tongue for praising it with the best possible adjectives such as delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering, yummy and blah blah blah, but for a poor, it is the most beautiful dream ever. 

If this blogpost has knocked at the door of your heart, then my purpose of participating in this contest is accomplished, now I hardly care for the rewards and prices, Dear DSLR, seems that you need to wait for a little more until I get my hands on the salary package which allows me to get my hands on you. 

PS: those who win these KFC vouchers try and donate a few of them to the ones, who need it more than you, to feed their hunger, not the desires of their tongues. 


This post has been written for KFC Grill Chicken, the  Indiblogger contest, launched by KFC in association with Croma Retail Store. For more info, click here.. :)

January 6, 2012

Chase: Happiness & I

Happiness! The mischievous butterfly
So Soft, colorful and vibrant
Trying hard to engage every single eye
Everyone so eager to chase you
All I can give you is, a dim glimpse & deep sigh
I have tired enough to attempt a chase
I stand still as I have given it enough of try
Your colors still get embossed in my eye-crystals
But I understand I couldn’t reach that high
Your li’l presence at times, reminds me of the days
When I would sit alone, waiting for you and I would cry
I have been a compulsive follower of yours
It is one of the truths that I can not deny 
Though you never even cared to stop and notice
I never had wings like you, so that I could fly
Sometimes I wish you could’ve stopped-by for a moment
It just took too long to know that without you I won’t die
As I have understood that you aren’t meant to last forever
I wish you a great soar, as you have with you, the entire sky 

January 5, 2012

This one is for you…Bro

Finally my bro has a blogger account- Dig it Deeper. That makes the first week of New Year really special for me as I frantically wanted his presence on this platform because I knew that the world on the web needed his presence and the way he nurtures thoughts inside his brain, he deserved to be tagged as a blogger. He is intellectual, strong enough to dig out the root of any confusion and sincere enough to put it is simple words. 

Few people who glanced at his writings, complemented me that he writes like me, here I had to correct them, ‘no I write like him’. Its genetic, the thought system that I possess is in his account prior than me. He acquired it first from mum and dad. My writings are just a reflection of his. 

I desired greatly to read his blog and get the imprints of his write-ups on blog, after a long wait, finally he is here. He is greatly inspired by the inner force that drives him, that drives his notions and as I usually believe inspiration is always bigger than the creation. 

Bro I wish you an enlightening journey with the leading light of your inspiration, May you light up your life by illuminating the paths of others with the shiny realms of your ideas.

Cheers, Bro, the intensity of your ideas justifies the title Dig it Deeper.

Lots of Love

January 1, 2012

So, celebrating big time?

So, the New Year fever is high on every head...even mine too, but the only difference is I am busy in hitting the keys of my laptop and people are busy in banging the floor with their feet and express their enthusiasm to welcome 2012, whom they will be waving goodbyes after a year in the same way but then the attention would be more on the welcome of next year...

Okay why all this? The wishes, the happiness, the resolution formations and all that excitement? Practically what has changed? Only the last digit of your date format? One numeric digit change has made the whole world go crazy.. huh..!! 

Have your work in office changed? Has your principle announced the inaugural of pool-party-lectures instead of routine boring class schedule? Your partner isn’t paining your nerves anymore? Or have the rotten yet not-forgotten moments of past sent you an apology letter to confess their chasing attitude? What is the remarkable difference that this New Year has made in your life, which is worth celebrating?

Now some people may argue that it is a good chance for them to restart their lives and start working on it all over again. Fair enough! You consider 2012 as a life renewal system, but does that help? Are you sure?  If you bet then i have an argument, you did the same last year, and did that work? May be yes for a minor part of population but what about you, ask yourself!!

Now the people who believe that enjoyment is the key to happiness and no one should attempt the foolishness to miss any chance of celebrating and rejoicing occasion may disagree with the points I am trying to make here. But fellas, I am not at all against celebrations. The point is why rejoicing the arrival and departure only, why not every day? 

Why can’t we hold this zeal of celebration in our every new day? The New Year which comes once in a year deserves a grand celebration then why not every new day that knocks your door ever day? Have you ever given a thought to celebrate your every day and rejoice every moment passing by? May be you cannot afford to shake your butt daily on new dance numbers and your pocket may not allow you dine in those “yo-yo” type of restaurants but still you can have a calm and composed attitude to respect every single second that life has gifted you with.

Happiness is something divine which does not need a list of excuses to happen, it is within you. Just look inside your soul and hold it. Start being happy every single second and i wish may this thought be your New Year resolution for this time's celebration.

Happy New Year 2012.

Adieu 2011, you have been a nice companion so far.

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