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Meet the Princess

July 16, 2011

I wish you to be here

Awhh this soothing breeze and moonlight melting from the sky

This creates perfect aura to make love or to miss someone and cry

I wish to capture the stars in my eyeballs, the way they appear

The sweetened night is passing by slowly; baby I wish you to be here

I am lying down on the edge of the mysteriously calm seashore

Remember the way I would surrender to you and you would adore?

The eyes have started shedding the salty rain, come wipe the tiny tear

Ouch the tiny drop has reached till my lips, baby I wish you to be here

My eyeballs hold an impression of u exactly as ocean holds of moon

The heartbeats have gone crazy now, I can hardly wait, come soon

I am all afraid of lonesomeness, come hold me and vanish my fear

Just to show you the moon behind my eyelashes, baby I wish you to be here

Taking a deep breath and engraving these verses on my heartland is all I do

The night is calm and I wanna scream out loud, “baby I can’t live without you”

Hold me when I scream, seal my lips and whisper your love smoothly in my ear

I wanna melt down in your arms like the moonlight, baby I wish you to be here

July 11, 2011

My eyes, a “piece of Gadget”

I have been trying writing for this contest since the moment it was introduced, I love writing but I rarely participate in contests and all. But this time I have the urge of participation to its highest extent as my mother wanted me to do so. Though she is not much aware about blogging and stuff but she is aware of the fact the she has full faith in her daughter and the gift of Lord which her kid possesses.

I tried hard to write on the topic “How my gadgets reflect my personality”, but ended up drawing a few aimless and funny sketches on the pages of my diary because I really didn’t have anything to write and the reason behind this was, ‘I never possessed gadgets as such’.

I have been through various gadgets though; a laptop of my roomie, Camera of my brother’s best friend, ipod of my US returned cousin, iphone of my lofty classmate and blah blah blah. I never had and I still don’t have any gadget as an owner, except my Nokia C3 mobile phone, which is indeed more than a gadget as it is a gift. There have been reasons for not being a gadget freak but there has always been a desire of buying a few for me one day.

So, trying hard to write down something fake to win prize and see my mother smiling was the only possible way but I am too bad at this, so I somehow made my heart understand the issue and requested it to make my mother understand the same and I gave up.

But today morning, mother called up and said, “Piyu, kid! It’s the last day of your contest, did you submit your entry”.
I was half asleep, but I could make out the level of faith and curiosity from her voice, I tenderly said, “will do it today maa.”

So here I am, without any experience with gadgets, but yeah I can give it a try in a different way.

If I were a Machine...oh I wish I really were.

It’s all a work of imagination though, but sometimes I wonder if I were a Machine. I would have been a full package of various Gadgets. My mind would have been the “Master CPU” containing all the memory, controlling the whole system and operating it all.

Considering me as a machine makes my each body part a Gadget, but the Gadget which reflects my personality is “A beautiful pair of eyes”. My eyes are the high quality, lets say HD quality cameras offering me audio as well as video feature. They capture each moment passing by and send them to the smart “Master CPU” and the mastermind decides which one to keep, which one to discard and which one to treasure for forever.

My eyes are the ‘piece of Gadget’ that speaks, blinks, works automatically and pours a strange liquid when any problem takes place.

That’s not all, my eyes posses a home screen as well, no power backup required, just need to put down the outer veil of eyelashes and I can watch any pre-recorded, creation of my mind, the places where I have been or may be the landscapes that I have never ever seen.

I thank God for gifting me with such a wonderful Gadget for lifetime & above all, free of cost.

Whenever I meet new people they say, “Your eyes speak a lot, they are very expressive and they reflect your entire personality.”

So that’s how I can rate my eyes as a “piece of Gadget” that reflect my personality.

This post has been written for:

Dell inspiration contest- Change is Easy

July 5, 2011

Sometimes it’s okay to let Go…

There is a box of pain and bad memories in heart; every smile ends up with tears because happiness and pain go hand in hand. The ones who were close to our heart are strangers today, things are not the same. Someone else has taken our place in our special one’s heart. Sounds unfair, hard to accept, seems unreasonable, pinching but sometimes it’s okay to let go.

Every new moment, every coming moment in life is enveloped mysteriously; don’t know what will come out when life will unfold it. People meet, walk together, get separated, go on different ways, their memories hit our mind, we miss them and eyes shed million of tears in their memory, it seems impossible to breathe without them, but sometimes it’s okay to let go.

There comes few turns where life means nothing, emptiness takes it all over, the ones for whom you fought with the whole world their behavior changes with a blink of an eye, they leave you in the middle of journey and walk away, without even looking back for once, they never come back and their absence draws you to a dark cave , full of pain drenching your soul. It takes a lot to make your heart understand that those who were your whole world have betrayed you. But sometimes it’s okay to let go.

When a wounded heart starts remembering those flashed of pain, which has built a “rigid yet broken” you, it wishes to scribble down each and every pain on the pages of that old diary, which you had purchased to write beautiful moments of life, years ago. Heart cries silently and feels the urge to mention each and every pain it went through, but after a few lines it surrenders. Because, sometimes it’s okay to let go.

July 2, 2011

I am still afraid of darkness

Remember the blunder that I created when you genuinely asked me for a night out and it took at least more than three hours for you to convince me that you asked me that thing casually, not otherwise.
“I am not that type of girl; do you think I really am?”I repeated this phrase infinite times.

And I am sure you were regretting asking this casual question from the all-time-confused and ‘a lot to handle kind of girl’.

You somehow made my complicated mind understand that going out didn’t mean that we would do something inappropriate; it’s just that you wanted a few amatory moments with me, beneath the silver moon.

You expressed it so calmly and beautifully, remember I would say that you are a magician and you would smile gently, here’s the reason for my almost every-day statement. The way you would stay calm to make me understand whatever you wished to communicated, even after my obstinate behavior against all your valid and thoughtful points.

That’s not the only basis; there were plenty of reasons for calling you a “magician”, may be my words would fall short to express the grounds, as your presence in my life, itself was a “Magic”.

Yeah so finally I was convinced for the moonlight moments and you were happy, we settled up all the plans, as I agreed to stay out with fou, beneath the silver moon, until 11 pm SHARP…

Like always you planned everything so smartly, the pickup, the drop, the place and the timings. We decided to meet up at 7 pm on Sunday evening and the place was still a surprise for me.

Oh..!! Now I was nervous, what to wear, how to react, the major point for being nervous was “finding an excuse for staying out of home, ahem-ahem a reasonable and acceptable excuse.” You helped me in that as well. I finally managed to dominate the nervousness with a cheesy face.

I could sense the soul-stirring experience when you veiled my eyes with a satin ribbon and whispered “I waited so long for this fragile second”.

I trembled … trembled… and trembled. You were holding me, you ‘the only desire of my heart’.

“When can I remove this?” I asked hesitantly.

“Once we reach beneath the moonlight” you answered.

“But I am afraid of darkness” I said in a slow panicking tone.

“I am here with you” you whispered again.

I held your hands and spoke three silent words, “I trust you”.

I knew that you heard my silence.

Throughout the ride, we kept on talking, holding each other; the cool breeze was tempting us to stay closer and closer. I wished that journey to last forever. I knew I could walk a lifetime with you with closed eyes and holding your hands.

This wonderful feeling landed us to the place, you chose for this wonderful “Half-night out”.

You held me in your arms and removed the satin ribbon gently, I opened my eyes and looked around, it was beautiful, we were beneath the open wide sky, somewhere among the hills, in the valley, that had turned completely dark and the moon was playing hide n seek.

I turned up and looked at you, you were looking at me with passion and affection, I came closer to you and you did the same. We held each other, the amalgamation of our breaths was tantalizing. We held our breaths for a moment until our lips immingled. It lasted for so long; we experienced the intensity of emotions and blended into each other’s hug.

The few raindrops approached us, the drizzle was on, I opened my eyes to check-out what was happening and yours were still closed.

I looked around, the scene had changed completely, the valley was darker than anything and the moon had disappeared, I shivered inside and sighed with fear.

My gentle sigh was enough to bring you back from your heavenly fantasies and you drew me closer in your hug.

“What happened love?” You were worried.

“I am afraid of darkness…I’m just” I was still shivering.

“Shhhh…baby..Don’t be afraid, I am here” you hugged me tightly.

I put my face on your chest and pushed myself towards you. You caressed me, your every tender touch started healing me and the fear began to disappear. Then you took out your lighter out of your pocket and lit it up right before my eyes. I was relaxed to see the beam of light and we looked into one another’s eyes.

Then you said the most beautiful lines ever, “sweetheart, whatever the situation comes, I am here with you, I won’t teach you to fight with darkness, I will rather stand by you forever to fight with the dense darkness, and I will never let the darkness touch you.”

I was soothed and secured, happiness cuddled me in that very moment and so did you.

We embraced….

And now, sometimes when I sit back near my window and look at the street in the darker nights, I think to myself whether you really happened in my life ever or it was merely a dream.

The thought emerges, troubles me until the fatigue takes over my body and I fall asleep.

But baby..!! I am still afraid of darkness.

July 1, 2011

Now what next?

What is the point of being in love, when you are you and I am me, there is no concept of us, I remember the instant, when for the very first time you said something against me, it frightened me, tore me deep down, I was shocked and stunned, couldn’t even express the way I felt, I shivered inside, but I kept quite because I thought speaking on my behalf would be against the feeling of love, because in love, two people thinks about “us” speak about “us” and dream about “us” there remains no existence of the thing called “I”.
Like others me too had a delusion that our love is different and we are into each other, no ego, nothing else. But it didn’t take so long to break that false impression.

We too started the discussions, the discussions that turned out to be quarrels and painful fights. The initial days when I preferred to keep quiet and expected you to listen to my silence, vanished soon; I had to join the argument and then everything was a mess, you were you and I was me, the concept of “us” was no longer alive.

Because I am no one to decide, may that be the reason that I failed to separate myself and to build the existence of “me”, though I tried but I failed. Because I am no one to tell you that I miss you because you still think that I don’t love you. Because I am no one to express my love because you have a doubt that I don’t possess any love for you.

Baby, what if I am afraid of losing you, what if I can’t walk a single step without you, what if I miss you like anything and what if I just want to be with you like we used to be “us”. What if the lonesomeness kills me, what if I am nothing without you?

But yeah one thing is surely there, you are you and I am me. I don’t know how do you feel but I can sense that “we are all alone”

We started. We loved. We dreamt. We joined our destinies. We promised. We broke them. We separated.

Now what next? Tell me…

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