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July 11, 2011

My eyes, a “piece of Gadget”

I have been trying writing for this contest since the moment it was introduced, I love writing but I rarely participate in contests and all. But this time I have the urge of participation to its highest extent as my mother wanted me to do so. Though she is not much aware about blogging and stuff but she is aware of the fact the she has full faith in her daughter and the gift of Lord which her kid possesses.

I tried hard to write on the topic “How my gadgets reflect my personality”, but ended up drawing a few aimless and funny sketches on the pages of my diary because I really didn’t have anything to write and the reason behind this was, ‘I never possessed gadgets as such’.

I have been through various gadgets though; a laptop of my roomie, Camera of my brother’s best friend, ipod of my US returned cousin, iphone of my lofty classmate and blah blah blah. I never had and I still don’t have any gadget as an owner, except my Nokia C3 mobile phone, which is indeed more than a gadget as it is a gift. There have been reasons for not being a gadget freak but there has always been a desire of buying a few for me one day.

So, trying hard to write down something fake to win prize and see my mother smiling was the only possible way but I am too bad at this, so I somehow made my heart understand the issue and requested it to make my mother understand the same and I gave up.

But today morning, mother called up and said, “Piyu, kid! It’s the last day of your contest, did you submit your entry”.
I was half asleep, but I could make out the level of faith and curiosity from her voice, I tenderly said, “will do it today maa.”

So here I am, without any experience with gadgets, but yeah I can give it a try in a different way.

If I were a Machine...oh I wish I really were.

It’s all a work of imagination though, but sometimes I wonder if I were a Machine. I would have been a full package of various Gadgets. My mind would have been the “Master CPU” containing all the memory, controlling the whole system and operating it all.

Considering me as a machine makes my each body part a Gadget, but the Gadget which reflects my personality is “A beautiful pair of eyes”. My eyes are the high quality, lets say HD quality cameras offering me audio as well as video feature. They capture each moment passing by and send them to the smart “Master CPU” and the mastermind decides which one to keep, which one to discard and which one to treasure for forever.

My eyes are the ‘piece of Gadget’ that speaks, blinks, works automatically and pours a strange liquid when any problem takes place.

That’s not all, my eyes posses a home screen as well, no power backup required, just need to put down the outer veil of eyelashes and I can watch any pre-recorded, creation of my mind, the places where I have been or may be the landscapes that I have never ever seen.

I thank God for gifting me with such a wonderful Gadget for lifetime & above all, free of cost.

Whenever I meet new people they say, “Your eyes speak a lot, they are very expressive and they reflect your entire personality.”

So that’s how I can rate my eyes as a “piece of Gadget” that reflect my personality.

This post has been written for:

Dell inspiration contest- Change is Easy


  1. awesome expression for the sake of a faith and curiosity lying in a mothers eye Priyanka....
    God bless ya...

  2. Pankaj, hey thanks a bunch and good to see you here... :) :)

    yup "anything for the creator.."
    love mum..

    thanks dear n keep visiting.. :)

  3. lovely imagination....great post...

    just one thing...you are much better than a machine, never wish to be one...


  4. nice post wid great imagination.........keep it up.....dear

  5. SuB,
    hey thanks and i am glad that you liked it..

    and special thanks for the following quote.

    "just one thing...you are much better than a machine, never wish to be one..."

    :) :)

  6. Rubeena..

    you are a sweetheart n ur encoraging comments kep me going.. hugs sweeto.. :)

  7. Oh wow. I love this. I loved how easily you linked the eyes with a gadget. Amazing =)

  8. Aima hey thanks a bunch and i welcome you here... :) :)
    keep visiting.....


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