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July 1, 2011

Now what next?

What is the point of being in love, when you are you and I am me, there is no concept of us, I remember the instant, when for the very first time you said something against me, it frightened me, tore me deep down, I was shocked and stunned, couldn’t even express the way I felt, I shivered inside, but I kept quite because I thought speaking on my behalf would be against the feeling of love, because in love, two people thinks about “us” speak about “us” and dream about “us” there remains no existence of the thing called “I”.
Like others me too had a delusion that our love is different and we are into each other, no ego, nothing else. But it didn’t take so long to break that false impression.

We too started the discussions, the discussions that turned out to be quarrels and painful fights. The initial days when I preferred to keep quiet and expected you to listen to my silence, vanished soon; I had to join the argument and then everything was a mess, you were you and I was me, the concept of “us” was no longer alive.

Because I am no one to decide, may that be the reason that I failed to separate myself and to build the existence of “me”, though I tried but I failed. Because I am no one to tell you that I miss you because you still think that I don’t love you. Because I am no one to express my love because you have a doubt that I don’t possess any love for you.

Baby, what if I am afraid of losing you, what if I can’t walk a single step without you, what if I miss you like anything and what if I just want to be with you like we used to be “us”. What if the lonesomeness kills me, what if I am nothing without you?

But yeah one thing is surely there, you are you and I am me. I don’t know how do you feel but I can sense that “we are all alone”

We started. We loved. We dreamt. We joined our destinies. We promised. We broke them. We separated.

Now what next? Tell me…


  1. This was awesome...
    And I think I could connect to it at some level..however, I dont have any answer bcoz I am still looking for it!


  2. really touchn.... <3

  3. Priyanka I am in love with your writings! You express your feelings in such a beautiful way.

  4. The Blue Periwinkle..
    few questions have no relation with answers.. n the people who face such question ends up waiting..forever..
    thanks for being here and liking this post.. :)
    welcome to a touch from my heart.. keep visiting.. :)

  5. Anonymous...
    thanks for your positive remark... it wud have been great, addressing you by ur name... :)
    keep visiting here... :)

  6. Aditya, i really wish to replace "thank you" with the most appropriate word for gratefulness..

    this surely means a lot.

    ita an honor.. :)


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