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July 5, 2011

Sometimes it’s okay to let Go…

There is a box of pain and bad memories in heart; every smile ends up with tears because happiness and pain go hand in hand. The ones who were close to our heart are strangers today, things are not the same. Someone else has taken our place in our special one’s heart. Sounds unfair, hard to accept, seems unreasonable, pinching but sometimes it’s okay to let go.

Every new moment, every coming moment in life is enveloped mysteriously; don’t know what will come out when life will unfold it. People meet, walk together, get separated, go on different ways, their memories hit our mind, we miss them and eyes shed million of tears in their memory, it seems impossible to breathe without them, but sometimes it’s okay to let go.

There comes few turns where life means nothing, emptiness takes it all over, the ones for whom you fought with the whole world their behavior changes with a blink of an eye, they leave you in the middle of journey and walk away, without even looking back for once, they never come back and their absence draws you to a dark cave , full of pain drenching your soul. It takes a lot to make your heart understand that those who were your whole world have betrayed you. But sometimes it’s okay to let go.

When a wounded heart starts remembering those flashed of pain, which has built a “rigid yet broken” you, it wishes to scribble down each and every pain on the pages of that old diary, which you had purchased to write beautiful moments of life, years ago. Heart cries silently and feels the urge to mention each and every pain it went through, but after a few lines it surrenders. Because, sometimes it’s okay to let go.


  1. Sometimes it's okay to let go but every time it's even harder than before. Nice post.

  2. Yeah its even harder than before n painful too..
    thanks for reviewing Aditya. :)

  3. I expected some verses here. But anyway, the overall look and color of the blog makes me really feel I am in a girl's room. I have visited several blogs, but trust me this one has the longest loading time. Its FILLED :D.
    I end complaints here :P
    I loved the very title of the post.
    Sometimes it’s okay to let Go…
    The following sentence is stuck in my head.
    Sounds unfair, hard to accept, seems unreasonable, pinching but sometimes it’s okay to let go.

    It's good to let go only when you can ensure you really don't want it back.
    Keep writing!!

  4. GvSparx - Inspiring Lives
    hello, welcome to "a touch from my heart" or "a girl's room" (according to you)..
    well complaints are always accepted when they tend to any suggestion and solution.. i look forward for your complaints in future as well, keep correcting, keep visiting.

    Glad that you liked it and hope the line which is stuck there in your mind is not bothering you.. :)

    Good to have you here.. keep smiling.. :)

  5. You appear to have some real talent, keep up the good work don't give up. Love is a great topic and very powerful.

    Stop by and share with us, we appreciate your support.


  6. marieclv54 ....
    heya thanks for being here n i welcome u to.."a touch from my heart"
    ur positive remarks n keep visiting...i will keep sharing..keep smiling.. :)

  7. I have been visited dis blog mmm maybe 2weeks ago n rememba dis tittle "its ok to let it go".
    I open dis blog again (now) coz Im abit painful n I feel beta afta read dis..

    Thanks P!yu..

  8. aulia_elf

    ahww that an inspiring remark, it surely means a lot that my writings have touched your heart.. keep visiting.. :)

  9. Anonymous...

    thanks a bunch n welcome here... :)


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