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July 2, 2011

I am still afraid of darkness

Remember the blunder that I created when you genuinely asked me for a night out and it took at least more than three hours for you to convince me that you asked me that thing casually, not otherwise.
“I am not that type of girl; do you think I really am?”I repeated this phrase infinite times.

And I am sure you were regretting asking this casual question from the all-time-confused and ‘a lot to handle kind of girl’.

You somehow made my complicated mind understand that going out didn’t mean that we would do something inappropriate; it’s just that you wanted a few amatory moments with me, beneath the silver moon.

You expressed it so calmly and beautifully, remember I would say that you are a magician and you would smile gently, here’s the reason for my almost every-day statement. The way you would stay calm to make me understand whatever you wished to communicated, even after my obstinate behavior against all your valid and thoughtful points.

That’s not the only basis; there were plenty of reasons for calling you a “magician”, may be my words would fall short to express the grounds, as your presence in my life, itself was a “Magic”.

Yeah so finally I was convinced for the moonlight moments and you were happy, we settled up all the plans, as I agreed to stay out with fou, beneath the silver moon, until 11 pm SHARP…

Like always you planned everything so smartly, the pickup, the drop, the place and the timings. We decided to meet up at 7 pm on Sunday evening and the place was still a surprise for me.

Oh..!! Now I was nervous, what to wear, how to react, the major point for being nervous was “finding an excuse for staying out of home, ahem-ahem a reasonable and acceptable excuse.” You helped me in that as well. I finally managed to dominate the nervousness with a cheesy face.

I could sense the soul-stirring experience when you veiled my eyes with a satin ribbon and whispered “I waited so long for this fragile second”.

I trembled … trembled… and trembled. You were holding me, you ‘the only desire of my heart’.

“When can I remove this?” I asked hesitantly.

“Once we reach beneath the moonlight” you answered.

“But I am afraid of darkness” I said in a slow panicking tone.

“I am here with you” you whispered again.

I held your hands and spoke three silent words, “I trust you”.

I knew that you heard my silence.

Throughout the ride, we kept on talking, holding each other; the cool breeze was tempting us to stay closer and closer. I wished that journey to last forever. I knew I could walk a lifetime with you with closed eyes and holding your hands.

This wonderful feeling landed us to the place, you chose for this wonderful “Half-night out”.

You held me in your arms and removed the satin ribbon gently, I opened my eyes and looked around, it was beautiful, we were beneath the open wide sky, somewhere among the hills, in the valley, that had turned completely dark and the moon was playing hide n seek.

I turned up and looked at you, you were looking at me with passion and affection, I came closer to you and you did the same. We held each other, the amalgamation of our breaths was tantalizing. We held our breaths for a moment until our lips immingled. It lasted for so long; we experienced the intensity of emotions and blended into each other’s hug.

The few raindrops approached us, the drizzle was on, I opened my eyes to check-out what was happening and yours were still closed.

I looked around, the scene had changed completely, the valley was darker than anything and the moon had disappeared, I shivered inside and sighed with fear.

My gentle sigh was enough to bring you back from your heavenly fantasies and you drew me closer in your hug.

“What happened love?” You were worried.

“I am afraid of darkness…I’m just” I was still shivering.

“Shhhh…baby..Don’t be afraid, I am here” you hugged me tightly.

I put my face on your chest and pushed myself towards you. You caressed me, your every tender touch started healing me and the fear began to disappear. Then you took out your lighter out of your pocket and lit it up right before my eyes. I was relaxed to see the beam of light and we looked into one another’s eyes.

Then you said the most beautiful lines ever, “sweetheart, whatever the situation comes, I am here with you, I won’t teach you to fight with darkness, I will rather stand by you forever to fight with the dense darkness, and I will never let the darkness touch you.”

I was soothed and secured, happiness cuddled me in that very moment and so did you.

We embraced….

And now, sometimes when I sit back near my window and look at the street in the darker nights, I think to myself whether you really happened in my life ever or it was merely a dream.

The thought emerges, troubles me until the fatigue takes over my body and I fall asleep.

But baby..!! I am still afraid of darkness.


  1. Very well written Priyanka...nice blog...


  2. SUB, welcome to "a touch from my heart" n thanks for your positive remarks.
    keep visiting.

  3. Jill.. awww thsnks for your lovely remark.. ur presenc means a lot .. keep visiting a touch from my heart"
    cheers.. :)

  4. Whoa... very nicely written..loved it... keep writing such brilliant stuffs

  5. Aaaah...beautiful. This reminds me of the time I was slowly falling in love.

  6. The Dreamer...
    thanks for encouraging remark..
    keep visiting.."a touch from my heart"
    smiles :)

  7. The lover,
    thanks dear, glad that you can connect to it.. :)
    smiles :)

  8. nice thoughts as usual.......pinks........luv u.........

  9. Rubee.. you are a sweetheart.. welcome here n thanks a bunch..

    lots of love.. <3

  10. hi pinks...it ws really gr8 i cud still feel d goose bumps..he he..

  11. Neerja, thanks sweetz and i must say u too write really nice.. keep writing and keep sharing.. :)

  12. Nice little semi-love story. Keep up the good work, the dark can be a scary place. Remember this, choose Christ whic is the light of the World. If you choose darkness, you will truely suffer and it will no longer just be fear it will be damnation for eternity.


    Share with us, we appreciate your support.

    http://smiling-worldwide.blogspot.com Read, enjoy and follow me.

  13. marieclv54..
    thanks for ur positive remark.. this encouragmnt really means a lot.. :) :) :)
    me too prefer light instead of darkness..

    will surely visit ur blog.. keep printing ur footsteps here.. smiles.. :)


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