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May 30, 2011

“fall of leaves”

Whenever I go out for a walk, I can see the roads covered with leaves. My mother says its “fall of leaves”, teacher explains its season of defoliation, but I am not convinced, I feel something else.

I can sense the sadness in the surroundings; I can feel the pain of the trees that are going through the phase of separation.

I can’t put my gaze away from a tiny leave, which is falling on the earth. For a few seconds it floats in the air and then lands on the road, its alone, away from its habitat, that makes me sad. I am worried about these tiny leaves that are bound to move according to inclination of air.

Mother says its circle of life, exactly as human beings live their lives till a certain point and then they leave it forever.

I understand what mother says, but there is an inherent sadness in this “fall of leaves” and I can sense it.

A beautiful sadness which allures me and invites me in and I keep on walking on the leaf-covered roads until it gets dark and street lights hit the ways.

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