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Meet the Princess

May 31, 2011

"i take my words back"

The way you have become now, I am sorry that I ever loved you.

Those moments I wasted away on you, I guess saying sorry to them will do.

I wanna end it here before you give my mild feelings a whack

Once I said “i love you”, okay now,i take my words back

I’m apologetic to the rose petals I crushed to find out whether you love me or not.

I am regretful that I did anything you said without giving a single thought

May be you own everything beauteous, it’s a pure heart that you lack.

Once I expressed “i trust you deeply”, okay now, i take my words back

I am sorry for the swears you broke and the promises I kept

I couldn’t even count the days and hours, how long I wept

My feelings are rotten and ruined; I couldn’t escape your blanched attack

Once I promised “i'll be with you forever”, okay now, i take my words back

I am deeply regretful to those Myriad moments I wasted on you

The dreams that I adorned in my eyes were never meant to be true

You left me in middle of  the darkened ways, everything around  is dreadful and black

Once I swore “you're my whole world”, okay now, i take my words back


  1. well written again.. its gud to see that u have the courage of taking ur words back and stand again..
    very few people are able to do it :)
    kudos!! <3

  2. Sanchi... thanks for ur postive remarks.. :)
    yeah its all about sanding for urself coz its you who's here to play your own role.. :)
    hugs <3

  3. I wish I had written this ... "Once I swore “you're my whole world”, okay now, i take my words back" ... one of the most touching lines I have ever come across :-)

    The pain, the longing, and the love, you wrote about them so freely ... just loved it ... awesome poetry.

    And ya, this one goes straight to our band ;-)


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