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July 9, 2014

Thrilling things to experience in Oman

Why do we want to go to a particular place? What makes us steal some moments of leisure from hectic work life to plan a holiday to a place we call "Dream Destination"? Well, there might be thousand different answers to this question, but the crux always remains the same-The desire to explore all the wonderful things about that place, you have heard about or read about through various sources.

So, why do I want to visit Oman? Ah! There are nearly 100 things to talk about, but I really don't want you to suffer panic attack while you read through my Travel Bucket List for Oman. So, I would rather keep it short, actually TO-THE-POINT. Here are some of the most adventurous things, which give me complete sense of awesomeness and help me explore the joy of travelling. Certainly a particular place is famous for having some marvellous things, which no other place can have...and here are they for me, in Oman:

 Majalis Al Jin Cave

Look at the picture and tell me honestly....Would you ever want to miss the opportunity of being (actually hanging) in such place. That is what you call- A Hangout...eham..Actually Hang in! Lets make it little better...Hang-In-Between.

I am sure it would require training under professionals before trying out this heart pounding stunt. But, I want to do this... I am sure, the experience will remain in me...Forever!

Wadi Bimah (Snake Gorge) 

If trekking has been part of your passionate traveling dreams, you certainly don't want to miss this Snake Gorge hiking/trekking in Oman. In fact, it involves 3 Kms of swimming and gets you enough opportunity to enjoy the thrill of jumping in the transparent green waters of caves, filled with tiny watered pools.

Wahiba Sands

Oman is a beautiful place, where you can discover joys of relaxing at the seashore or be mesmerized by looking at the imaginary snake lines on the golden sands of Wahiba. It takes few hours of drive from Muscat, obviously through Golden and beautiful sand dunes to reach at this wonderful place. Stand there, look at the empire of sand and sunlight falling on it magically. Interestingly, you can enjoy Night Camps on these Sand dunes...Forget about the Golden Sun, its totally worth seeing how the sand reacts to moon light :)

Tiwi Hole

Tiwi Hole, located in Hawiyat Najm Park is the place, where I can sit for hours, actually weeks or may be months (of course when I have by DSLR camera and loads and loads of lunch to munch along). Its greenish blue water and picturesque site has everything to attract any wanderer forever. By the way, the name TIWI is really cute! Isn't it?

PS: These are the first and foremost things I would want to do once I get to visit to the wonderful Oman. As I warned you earlier, the list is long enough to make you faint instantly...So, let's keep it for later. 

And yes, If you wish to explore more travel attractions in Oman, feel free to visit the official website of Oman Tourism 

By the way, I have written this post for Experience Oman Contest organized by Indiblogger, in association with Oman Tourism

Ah! How I love these guys!


  1. This was by far the best post I read for this contest. Now I also want to Hang in between.

  2. nice one pri! I listed the cave as well.. too tempting that one!


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