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July 4, 2014

Connecting Through Car Connect: Review

Post an update on general social networking platform for your dream car and you will get a cocktail of responses! Mostly tasteless! Wanna know how? Let’s take up some उदाहरणs

Does that not make you crave for a neat and clean platform, which is exclusively made for discussing cars? Of course, a place, where you can discuss about your existing and dream cars, without bothering to answer questions like, अब्बे इत्ते पैसे कहाँ से आए तेरे पास? बेटे ज्यादा Fast and Furious ना बनो! and a lot more! 

See, every time, when people talk about cars, they don't mean to just buy them! They do it because they are passionate about such wonderful vehicles. They understand importance of revolution, which a  car or car trip can bring into someone's life. Therefore! discussing about cars and car trips is not sin! Let's do it on http://www.carconnect.in/ हाँ हाँ भगवान ने तुम्हारी सुन ली....! Now you can talk about cars and share your views about anything related to these amazing vehicles with likeminded people (ahem ahem people with समरुचि)!

I got to know about this wonderful car socializing platform through my favorite blogging network- Indiblogger! I tried it out and here's the review to help you know more about it :)

Login through Facebook, Easy! J J J

If you are truely a car lover and want to discuss about it, join this platform in one easy step. No need to enter your email, fill your details and go through that boring tunnel of registration. Just click on login through facebook and there you are! 

PS: Psst! It also saves you from the headache of checking your email and clicking on the registration link and blah! You know what I am saying!

Connect with existing social media friends available on Car Connect  J J J

You can easily trust on a new platform, when you see some of your social network friends present there already! It is wonderful to find a lounge, where you can discuss your car specific interests with your existing social media friends!

See, I found friends there! 

Review as many cars as you want J

You might not own every car under the sun, but you can learn more about them and share your review about them too. Car Connect gives you all the freedom to write your genuine reviews and get your friends and readers to interact with you about the same.

PS: All the reviews are approved by team Car Connect, thus no reason to worry about any spamming or unwanted content! Cool no?

Share unlimited trip experiences J

If you are bitten by travel bug, you have got a wonderful platform to talk about all your car trip experiences. Join the platform to talk about your road trips in your car!

Read car reviews and experiences J

Do I really need to explain that you get to read a lot of meaningful and authentic car reviews and car trip experiences here! कमाल करते हो! 

Share photos & Videos with your experiences J

Flip through your photo and video libraries to share the experiences of your car trip in visual manner. Isn't it interesting to connect with people in interactive manner?

And yes, there's something interesting on Car Connect! You get to enjoy earning some points like Bronze, Silver, Gold... Can you see at the right side of above picture, I've got bronze point L

Commenting through Disqus, Are you kidding me? L L L

That means, if you have logged in to Car Connect, then also, you will have to log in to Disqus using any of your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter credentials for commenting. However, many bloggers including me are familiar with disqus and have their accounts registered to it, so for them it is easy and simple. But still, I personally believe that if there was simple built-in integration for commenting (without requirement of separate), it would have encouraged more conversations and discussions over car and car trips. I sincerely believe that this wonderful platform will look into this matter and make this unique social hub even better. 

One the whole, this platform is quick to register, easy to browse and fun to use. I ardently look forward to some new and more interactive commenting integrations to be introduced on this platform! Meanwhile, I am up for sharing my thoughts about my favorite cars and car trip experiences on this exclusive platform.

This post is written for Experience Car Connect contest organized by Indiblogger in association with www.carconnect.in/ .

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