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July 19, 2014

Defining Zest Continues...

If you have reached here accidently, then let me warn you, this is a serial post... (sirens blowing). Yes, and here I am gonna talk about the things that I think WILL add some ZEST in my life... Read the zest theory in the previous post, here.

Now that I have talked about all the existing things that still add zest in my life and will continue to do the same, my mind called for a गृहयुद्ध (civil-war). It has been arguing with me for all the wonderful zesty things I could talk about...So, I decided to talk about 5 such things/situations, which I never ever attempted before, but I am sure, if I ever try them, they will add LONG-TERM Zest to my life. 

Romantic Sunset Date @ Beach

Everyone has the idea of a perfect date...So do I. Restless waves yet calm seashore, amber sun slowly falling in the sea line far away and He & I taking heavenly sips of champagne in. Dressed in elegant white, we both look into each other's eyes, conversing the passion, love and affection without uttering a word. Ah! the moment I imagine us on this wonderful date, the silhouette image of us holding hands, witnessing the promise of eternal togetherness as the waves wash out feet on regular interval...I simply go crazy! 

I can feel blood rushing in my nerves with high speed and I wonder the moment this perfect date would come into my life in reality, how much energy and zest it would bring to me...Yippeee...pinch me.. will ya?

Balloon Safari

Every time I held bunch of balloons in my childhood days, I tried hard to stop breathing and loosen up my body and turn it lighter enough to be lifted up by those balloons. I am sure this childhood madness explains How I loved balloon safaris!

I have never been on one till date but I am sure it would be one hell of a memorable and zesty experience. I imagine myself standing in the box and screaming in joy as they light up the fire and get it ready for flying.

I want somebody to capture my photographs and record videos as I go crazy when the balloon is being lifted up in the air. I want to see the landscapes down, wave to the people standing down on the earth and look at the sky, mountains, birds and possibly everything I could glance at. Wuhu! It would be thrilling and I would remember such experience for a lifetime. 

Luxury Ship Voyage

Watching Titanic had a side effect on me. I could never imagine my bucket list completed without having a luxury ship voyage listed in it. 

I definitely want to go on at least half a month long journey on the ship through the wide, blue and gigantic sea. I think of a serene, luxurious white ship, which is an absolute beauty. Having my partner along on this journey would make it more than just memorable. Ah! Standing at the railing, looking at the dolphins jumping out of water and falling it in again, having scrumptious candle light dinner at the open deck of ship, followed by some good live music...ah! do you still think all this cannot add zest to someone's life?

Sky Diving 

This would be something I am going to name The Most Adventurous Experience of my Life if I manage to prevent my heart from sinking while jumping from a plane & if my parachute opens on time & if I come alive on the earth.

I firmly believe nothing on this planet can compare the feeling of flying or falling down from the sky. Imagine the thrill, the excitement, the fear and the adventure. I would love to see how earth looks from the skies (or how Gods see our earth, to be precise) if I could open my eyes during the process.

I don't just want to attempt but successfully perform the act of sky diving, so that I can have an example of my strength and survival for the tough times I face in rest of my life. This would certainly add up a hell of zest to my life. And I would add a big picture of me doing this in my living room, just to remind me How Strong I have been!

Scuba Diving 

I have always believed that there are three different worlds. The Sky, the Earth and the Sea. We live in the middle one, the safest of all. But, I always desired to explore the rest of the two. Scuba diving comes for exploring the sea, bearer of infinite secrets. 

Earlier I was afraid of going deep in water. But now that I know swimming, I have developed a deep desire of diving in the deep seas, where I can see the different creatures, the underwater environment and sea stones & plant. I want to keep my eyes open and take pictures from my mind's camera. These pictures will stay fresh in my mind for a long-long time...This will add zest and wonderful memories in my mind, for a lifetime. 


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  1. Wow... thats such an amazing list of zestful adventures.


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