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July 18, 2014

Reading नानी माँ's Mind

If you ask me...Whose mind I would read, If I could read minds?
I would say, Obviously mine...I sincerely believe that one part of my brain is written in secret language and if I ever get some super powers, I would really like to read it and save myself from constant state of confusion

But, you guys have made this situational question even more tricky and interesting. So No Escape! Let's begin...

What if you are blessed with a power to read others’ minds? Whose mind will you read and why? What will you hear it say?


I would read my maternal grandmother's (नानी माँ's) mind. She left this world more than a decade ago. But, she was the one, who made me wish if I had powers to read her mind. 


She couldn't speak. Paralysis attack had disabled her vocal cords completely. She could utter a very few meaningless words by putting a lot of efforts on her brain, throat and entire mouth. But, most of the time, none of us could ever understand what she exactly wanted to say.  

This would upset her and she would prefer to keep mum and sit in a lone corner...for a long time. I can still picture her sitting at the edge of the window, lost in thoughts, talking inside her brain or may be waiting for us to read her mind and understand what she wanted to say...and probably save her from painful experiences that she encountered while putting extra efforts to speak & communicate with us...

Ah! Everytime I SAW her like that, I wished for such a superpower...

What will I probably hear it say?

Now that I am imagining that I am reading her mind, holding her hands gently, looking into her eyes and she isn't saying anything because she need not to...I can now read it all in her mind...Without putting any pressure on her vocal cords...

And I hear her mind say that...she is happy...happy that finally I have managed to get this super power... For a long time, she waited to be heard...she wanted to talk and she wanted to be listened carefully...

As the ship of beautiful imaginations sail, I sit with tear filled eyes and blurred vision, listening to non-stop chatter her mind is communicating to me...Oh! How long she has waited just to express what is in her mind...

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  1. emotional read showing your love towards her,

    my wow post Inhuman Mind

    1. Thanks a ton cifar... I loved your post too :)

  2. hey m sure she's happy where ever she is. This post expresses ur love for ur grand mother. You know as a child I wonder what goes through the minds of people who feel pain or relish success.
    A WoW post:)


    1. Hi Vishal...Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.
      I liked your blog design and blogpost too :)

  3. Lovely! Your wish is so touching and it is definitely worth asking for!


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