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July 23, 2014

Sailing on Feelings

Do we choose relationships or relationships choose us? Who knows? But when two people are sharing a single relationship, shouldn't there be few things to sail upon..Few rules or T&C? Because, feelings don't have anything to do when it comes to keeping the relationship, maintaining it and making it survive.

Feelings do play cupid in building a new relationships. They make human's silly mind believe that any of the relation it is going to start, is a) Awesome, b) better than previous ones, c) chances of its survival are higher and d) don't be afraid, everything will be okay!

And, mind surrenders! Congratulations, New Relationship (friend-friend, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband-wife, parent-child, more than friend-more than friend) has been born. Celebrations begin...

But, as soon as you come out of the celebration hangover and realise that simple abcd of love & relationships that your own feelings taught you is turning into complex programming language like c++. You try hard but cannot crack the codes of complexities, arguments, disagreements, broken expectations, allegations and loud cries/chaos.

And then, on one fine day, when you decide to take a break and gulp some beer down your throat, you suddenly realise, that the poor feelings that encouraged you to have a relationship fearlessly this time, have vanished...

You search for them here and there... ask the other party involved in this relationship if they'd seen 'em. After days and months of chaos, you finally realise that this particular relationship you shared with फलाना/फलानी has killed your feelings... So you decide to call off the relationship one day...

As you move out of the broken relationship's mess, you suddenly feel new buds of fresh feelings sprouting within you...And you smile, feel alive and feel good that your fragile feelings are coming back to you finally...Unaware of the fact, that they are meant to encourage you for trying out another new relationship and vanish again...

But even if we understand this truth, we won't give up on our feelings. After all, we are humans, we survive on feelings, rather than food...even if they break us...into pieces...!


  1. I am sorry but I am laughing. FALANA FALANI...My law coaching tutor used to teach in hindi and use this word.
    On a serious note, LOVE IS LIFE. No?

    1. Red..Hahaha. this falana falani thing is very hilarious I tell you...My neighbour aunty uses this word a lot...and Is Love Life? Duh! I don't know :p

  2. Love IS life! I know for sure :)

    1. Soumya welcome in and thanks for solving the confusion... :)

  3. Waah ... the new Love Guru in town :-p


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