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July 5, 2014

An Updated Lifestyle via Smartphone with Superpowers!

Okie! Why do we need SuperPowers? To spice-up our struggle-filled life? To achieve or do what we can't in our normal lives? To get better than others (दुनियादारी है भाई!)

These desires are motivational force, which empower us to think, imagine and create wonders! Considering that SuperPowers don't exist or there's no 'thing' called Magic would be ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

A perfect combination of science & technology and boundless imaginations of human brain is bringing miraculous range of SuperPowers for mankind. The world is a platform and showmanship of vivid creations by humans is simply brilliant. So, one should never give up imagining! In this twenty first century, technology and innovative ideas have turned weirdest of imaginations into reality!

So, यूँ के जब हम से पूछ ही लिया गया है (when I have been asked) to Give your phone a superpower and tell us how it would help you see what others can't see and do what others can't do! So let's begin!!!

Declaimer: I won't ask for out of the world things when it comes to empower my smartphone with super power! I would rather ask for sweet little magical upgradations to make my lifestyle perfect J

'Mix n Match' with my outfit- THE रंगरेज फ़ोन :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Girls are stung by STYLEBEE. What you don't believe me? Oh Please! They match everything from head to toe! In fact, I bet, if the contrast thing didn't exist in a woman's mind, you would often see ladies with black outfit wandering with black lip color and black nail-polish on! Are you kidding me!                                                   वैसे...आपकी जानकारी के लिए बता दूँ , Just for your kind information, I am a girl too. Not too obsessed to wear बाल्टी भर के मेकअप Bucket full of makeup, but obsessed enough to carry a smartphone matching exactly with my outfit.

So, the first SuperPower that I want to be present in my smartphone would be-Its ability to change the back panel color and internal color theme automatically according to my outfit.

Confused! Eh! Let me make it easy for you. I want my super power phone to turn its back panel black, when I am wearing Black outfit, Green when I am wearing my favorite green outfit, then orange, yellow, blue and the list goes on....

PS: The phone would change its color the moment I touch it for the first time, after putting my outfit on. And yes, if the outfit is multicolored, the phone has to change its back panel and inner theme to multicolor...in short, an exact replica of the outfit I am wearing. 

She's asleep, call back later:

However, putting the phone on SILENT MODE is a good idea so far to keep people from disturbing my sleep. But, hey, who would want to stick to this OLD SCHOOL idea when you have a phone loaded with magical Superpowers J

So, whenever somebody will call me while I am asleep, My super awesome smartphone would tell following things to the caller in its sweet Interactive Voice:

"Hey Dude, Listen, she's asleep and it would be better if you call her up in the morning"

and this,

""""""अगर तुम्हे अँगरेजी नही आती तो हिन्दी में सुनो...बच्ची सो रही है, सुबह फ़ोन करना ""

Or May be this*, 

"इतने रात को फ़ोन किया जनाब, आपके घर में मच्छर मारने वाली कोइल खत्म हो गयी लगता है...क्योंकि इतनी रात को तो सिर्फ़ 4 ही किस्म के लोग जागते है...उल्लू, बीमार, चौकीदार और मच्छर मार"

* This one would officially be for those, who suffer hormonal imbalance late at night and try to call their female friends! Whatever!

PS: And yes, it would be excellent if the smarty device is smart enough to read caller's name from the screen and call him/her out by his/her name...Ahh! It would be so much of fun!

Opps! That's me, sleeping tight while my super phone handles all the troubles
Yes! That's me...I wear a flower on my hair while sleeping! ANY Problem?
Image Source: www.picturespk.com

A phone that can do Music Therapy-सा रे गा मा पा:

Music is the best medicine! It lets you cry out loud when you are depressed, lets you feel like flying, when you are high and heals your brain every time you listen to your favorite numbers! But hey! Sometimes, we are too busy to notice that what music do we like. Music is being sidelined by our hectic schedules. Ignored and unnoticed track plays in the background, while we are busy typing our blogposts or office emails! Huh!

So, I want my superpower device to understand how important music it and use the magic tools to let me enjoy every tune of it like I used to do when I was a teenager. I have overgrown the passion for listening to music...I don't want this to happen. If I get a chance to have a phone with certain superpowers, I would definitely want one of them to be MUSIC POWER. 

Power to help me feel music again...Feel the pain of sad numbers, enjoy depth of meaningful songs and flow with the tunes and live every bit of it. Because I know, the day I will be able to do this, My life will be back on the track!

Enough for the day! That is all of MAGIC I need to lift up my lifestyle. But Yes, I do need magic to turn my fantasies into Truth...And here is the BUCKET LIST u-oh बाल्टी सूची of SUPERPOWERS that I need in my smartphone to do the needful...नही समझे? Offoh! Read the Second post here!

PS: I would like to sincerely thank Indiblogger and ASUS from bringing this wonderful opportunity, where I could steal some time from routine rush and look into the imaginations sprouting in my dream world. Cheers to you people! J

This post is my official entry under ASUS-In Search of Incredibles Contest organized by Indiblogger in association with ASUS

To know more about ZenFone ASUS by click here! Not certainly an imaginative smartphone I have talked about above, but the features explain that this phone is loaded with wonderful features that can be named MAGICAL! 

Psst! Don't miss checking out the features of Zenfone, after all, Its Intel Inside! And it can do low light photography!!!


Okay Bye

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