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Meet the Princess

July 11, 2014

Trip to the Future, with Skyscanner*

What? What did you just say? I need to talk about my Dream Trip? You mean the trip I always wanted to go on, but the time hasn’t come (Actually the time is set for future!) Then WHAT are we doing here? Let's go to FUTURE....फ्युचर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्र!!

Disclaimer: Uh-Oh, that's not me in above picture! Its the RHS=LHS (hence PROVED) side of my brain! Okay! I am just excited, BEAR with me or BEER with me J

Anyways, we are going to फ्युचर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्रर्र....Hey wait, let me grab my TIME MACHINE...And here it is...टिन-टिन टिडीन! 

Wait, let me open it and go to the future...!

Knock Knock

Who’s that?


What do you want?

To travel to near future

Have you got a token?

Yea Yea a wonderful blog networking platform and an amazing travel planning company, both together have given me license of imagine a wonderful trip in near future!

Come on in!

Yeayyyy!!! All set, I am ready to go, Future Suit and Helmet on... Awww! You too wanna come along? But there's seat for only one person (look at the picture above...I am not making excuses). But don't worry, I will take you along on the ride to future through this post. As I explore through the future in this time machine's cabin, you read the Rest of the Post to know what happens next J!

Okay I am in the machine and the machine wants me to mention where exactly I want to go... My answer is August 5th, 2014...That is where I am rechecking all the plans that I have already made through skyscanner for a special trip for my birthday. 

And, that is where I am sitting in the finest corner of my room and planning a wonderful trip to Paris! Oh! That's me and my laptop J

So, Here in Near Future, I begin to explore Skyscanner and use it as my travel planning buddy! After all, I have to make my birthday special... (At least I won't wait for my marriage to break right at the day of marriage just to visit Paris! That is why I call myself Princess....Not QUEEN certainly!)

So, here I open the website...Nice and easy! (I must tell you, FUTURE has nice Internet Speed)

Disclaimer: Before you try to remind me about HUGE HOLE i need to make in my Bank Balance to accomplish this trip, Let me make myself clear...*In Loud Voice* This imaginary trip (which might turn real soon) is sponsored by Skyscanner itself...I have INR 1 lac in credit (imaginary of course...अजी पैसा तो वैसे भी हाथ का मैल होता है ) to plan this trip...So here we go!

I easily signed up with my Facebook account and logged in to plan my wonderful journey. Skyscanner is really organized portal, which makes you happy instantly. The trip is supposed to be from August 5th 2014 to August 8th 2014...

Flight Tickets aka उड़न दस्ते की टिकट 

First thing First... I began with flight booking and it was so easily done because as I filtered my search, I had a page full of flight options to choose from! I chose the bottom one...!

I noticed few nice things while making this booking! Here, you can check out availability of flights on the calender for upcoming days and months! Wow!

And, you can sort the long lists with hundreds of options through quick categorization! And yes, the smart portal automatically tells you the best available price for booking...

Hotel Booking

So flight is done, so hotel should be next...Here we go!

Let me confess, I first decided to choose cheaper hotels, so I clicked on Cheapest first and I got some amazing results in the list. Rooms to be shared with other people. Wait..I am not घंटी बिग वैन दी I mean Kangana Ranuat from the film queen and I don't have to share a tiny dirty room in cheap hotel to make some VJ (ex-fiance) feel jealous! So I immediately dropped the idea. 

And then, I sensibly booked this hotel... And I am proud of myself...That is where I am gonna stay during this trip of dreams...!

Car Booking

Hey..psst! Did you notice something in above image? They let you choose drivers by their age! Wow, isn't this amazing? Imagine you can simply hire a handsome dude of nearly 20 years and grab a chance to flirt with him...*Wink-Wink*

However, there was no driver available with age 20...SO I managed with 21 year old driver...Ah! I wish they also ask about color complexion, height, weight and overall personality of the french chauffeur! Just saying! It is good to have a beautiful man escorting you on the roads of Paris!

By the way, here's my car and booking details? Want a lift? Sorry its a mini car...See...!

Ufff..Don't worry, I haven't exceeded the credit budget...See I am calculating it side by side!

..Calculation, to be continued...!

As the calculation grew further, I found out that despite of enjoying a round trip of 3 days to Paris, I still managed to save INR 5000+

Hmm..To manage this fund, I have two Ideas

1- To travel to Mumbai, by flight from Delhi...Next day of my returning from Paris!
2- If the credit provider party allows me to donate the same amount of money to someone, who needs it for healthy food, better education or any other noble cause!

All an all, here is the Financial Synopsis of my Dream Trip

Flight Bookin-Round Trip (Delhi-IGI to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris)- INR 46865
Hotel Booking (August 6 to August 8)- INR 36,039
Car booking (3 days)- INR 12,107

TOTAL CREDIT= 1,00,000
MY EXPENSES via Skyscanner= 95,011

Savings= 4989 Apprx.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen...loosen up your Seat Belt as the imaginary ride of time machine is over! I am sure you enjoyed the journey... 

Since I have really spend good time in planning my dream holiday with amazing Skyscanner, so I get all the rights to write a review about it! Wait, this reminds me of song from a movie named Vivaah!..The song is मुझे हक है आ आ आ.... Have you heard it? Yeah? No? Anyways! Forget it...Let's get back to a quick review...The pros and cons strategy...Aah! My favorite J


  • This travel planning portal is amazing! It lets you see the costs of every service you plan to book in your currency! 
  • They let you login through facebook
  • Simplified and organized portal
  • Linked up with multiple booking platforms and travel deal providers-An Integrated system
  • Its for free! Just sign up and enjoy...However, you need to pay for all the bookings you make, using this website is free. Hehehe
  • It is advanced and totally secure platform to plan your travel
  • They have integrated with all the amazing travel service providers, be it Hotel booking websites, car/bus booking websites or flight booking portals. Thus, its a one-stop-shop for travel bugs J

  • Well, too much of knowledge is dangerous for a lazy brain...Ah! Too much of information I tell you. However, the organized arrangement of portal compensates to that, but still...How I wish they had a cute talking robot, which could do this booking face to face...

But one thing is assured, when you get all these Travel Planning Facilities at a single platform, you sure get the FEELING that your upcoming TOUR is going to be Awesome!!! Actually, better than the way it is planned!

Visit Skycanner's official website here for more information on excellent travel planning...There you go!

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda.com

To know more about the contest, click here

* PS: This post is result of interesting trip planned and enjoyed inside my brain...So it is imaginary and I call it a dream! समझे ?


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