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Meet the Princess

March 14, 2015

Me and Mom #Together

Each one of us has seen those long dark sleepless nights and dreadful days longer than eternity. Where do we find comfort when life decides to bully us like never before? Of course, it’s Mom first and God second. And, when mother decides to hug you tight and stand bravely against all the problems of life, which have been haunting you, God follows!

My mother has taught me to be strong and give a courageous fight to every problem that raises its head to screw mine. But, at the same time, she has always taught me to breakdown into tears, speak up my pain and seek her pure and powerful love.
My #Together Story

There have been countless days of pain and difficulties in my life too. I would try hard to fight against all the challenges and whenever I thought I was tired of fighting, I used to go and hug her tight.

It was just another day, but a lot different than other normal days. Procrastination has slipped into my veins and flowing rigorously in my blood. Despite of trying hard to get my routine right and chase my life’s goals, I was still sitting idle.

I could see time slipping through my hands but I was helpless. Shackled in the invisible chains of procrastination, I started feeling that life was meaningless. Slowly, that very feeling managed to acquire a permanent space in my time. I started seeing myself as a culprit, who used to waste time and do nothing productive.

This negative feeling turned so strong with time that I started hiding from my own self. I used to sit for hours, being productive and non-productive things. And, it was too difficult to say it all to anyone, even Mom. I thought that she would not understand what am I going through and she might also start blaming me for being a loser.

After all, I was never told to behave like a loser, neither be one. So, I decided to deal with the mess alone and find a way. But, life isn’t easy to understand. I didn’t focus on doing daily household work, neither I was interested in studying. And staying up late during the nights had become a routine thing to do.

Mom’s Magic

As they say, a child can never hide anything from her mother. Soon mom discovered that I was feeling low on life. I managed to hide it for a week that too because I was staying away from her those days.

I tried talking to her much over the phone, pretending that I was too busy, because I knew she would find out about my depressing state of mind.
She called me and said, “Look My Girl, whatever you are going through, is temporary and you know that. But I guess you don’t know that every night before I go to sleep, I close my eyes, take you in my lap and sing your favorite melodies until you fall asleep. Do you feel my hug’s warmth, before sleep hits you eyelashes?”

What could have I said to this, except showering through my eyes. I was so thankful to God, Life and Mother Nature for giving me the best mother ever. I know as long as we two are #together, nothing could go wrong ever…


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