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March 10, 2015

I Look Up for Optimism in my Granny's Stories

My grandmother would tell me, “life will never be easy, but it will always be worth living.” Her words echo in my ears every time I encounter hardships in my life. From her bedtime stories to real life challenges, it has been a long journey. When I take out some time and stand to look back, I realise how far I have travelled, but the moment I look ahead, my mind reminds me, “”there’s still a long way to go honey!”

Granny’s Bedtime Tales- Foundation of Optimism in My Mind

My granny’s stories have contributed a lot in my life. Her stories introduced me to dreams, passion, sacrifice and hope for a better tomorrow. All the protagonists in those stories had to go through a long path of hardships before they rose to glory.

Healing the wounds-Every time I used to fall down while playing and hurt myself badly, I had this positive feeling within me that everything will be alright. The wound would vanish with time and I would be able to play hard again.

Peddling the bicycle-Whenever I was up for learning new things, for example riding a bicycle, I would face difficulties of different kinds. Holding the handle was the toughest thing to do until I discovered peddling was even tougher.

Homework and exams-I had never seen anything more dangerous than homework before I discovered a thing called exams. The chain of discoveries kept growing and I encountered the things called board exams, practical examinations, viva, competition examinations and what not.

But throughout all these days of dealing with daily challenges of life, I always had this feeling of positivity inside. I had this hope that one day everything will be alright. I did not understand why did I feel so, but this thought helped me.

Though, with time, I discovered that nothing actually gets perfectly alright. Life has no rule of making things perfect as it used to do in my granny’s stories. But, it does have the rule of betterment. Life believes in making things better with time and this is what matters the most. What I see today as a problem, would turn into a lesson for me tomorrow and that’s how the life goes.

And now when I close my eyes and recall my granny’s stories, I can actually understand that this is what she wanted to convey, but in a beautiful way, the way a child wants to understand life. She showed me perfection as the ultimate thing mankind could achieve and this is what kept me going all these years and is still doing the same. I have understood how significant it is to be positive, optimistic and open for all the challenges.

The idea is to walk towards perfection and life will keep getting better on the way. 

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  1. I remember my granny teaching me good qualities through various stories be it bhoot ka, bandar ka and so on :p

  2. Such sweet memories Priyanka... :-) enjoyed the post....

  3. My grandmother is the closest person to me. They teach us so many things without as much as using words.
    This was lovely.


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