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April 14, 2015

A Dil Deals with Everything for 'The Goodbye Hug'

We were best friends, for a long time. She ruled over the most fragile and precious corner of my heart. Niva, I used to call her Niva and she had named me Navi. There was a time, when we shared everything, room, secrets, clothes and problems. We were soul sisters, those typical ones.
As they say, 'change is life's only guarantee', we began to change too.

Sometimes she had a reason to fight and on the remaining days my thoughts would linger around whatever happened. There were times then we could have never imagined that we would be fighting with each other in the future. Thus, we both were not in the position to accept the CHANGE.
Long story short, we couldn't handle it, neither we could break it completely, so our friendship and sisterhood had reached a dead end, where pointless fights had surrounded has badly. And one fine day, we decided to call it off officially. We divided all the common dresses (the ones we has bought together for both of us) equally and with mutual consent to avoid useless fights. But, there are still some things, which are hard to divide and a classy leather jacket was one such thing.

That brown genuine leather jacket was our mutual property. We both had put our respective pocket money to buy that jacket and since in that much money we could afford only one so we had happily decided to share it. But now that things had changed and we had decided to split our paths, the sharing thing had lost its meaning.

"I will take this jacket , you take anything else" she said, which was quite unexpected.
This made me furious and I said, "Why don't you go for what you have suggested to me".
This was enough to begin the quarrel, which soon turned into a fight we both were going to remember for a lifetime to come. We kept fighting until one of us gave up and it was her. So as per the argument, I had won the jacket in my name so technically I had a reason to celebrate but I couldn't. Neither I celebrated nor could I sleep whole night.

My heart wanted me to do something... something to comfort it because it was paining. My heart ached whole night and continued with the pain next morning as well because it cared about the sisterhood and its promises.

At least we could have fared each other well... this was probably the last  time we would spend together and life would  never give us a chance to be roomies again. At least we could have shared a nice goodbye hug with smile on lips and tears in eyes. We both deserved it but none of us had the courage to say it.

My heart couldn't favor the idea of keeping the jacket. It keep telling me that the jacket should go with Niva. May be as a memento of our friendship and its last ever fight or may be as a remembrance to the promise of sharing we made and none of us could keep.

She was ready to go. Her bags were pack and she had no plans to look back at me. I had no courage to say anything. When she picked her bags, that was the time my heart pounded heavier than ever. I had to listen to my heart because if I hadn't, it would have sunk, deep into the layers of grief.

"This belongs to you" I managed to utter these words somehow while offering her the jacket. She looked at me blankly. Tears rolled down of my eyes. Things had gone worse with no hope of recovery and I had to bear with the truth.

"I will take it but as a whole. For that I need to return you your part, how much should I pay you?" She asked with all the anger last night's fight had ingested into her.

"Yes right...if you really want to pay me my share, I would ask for a goodbye hug." I finally had the courage to speak my heart out. She instantly grabbed me in her arms and for a moment that hug made us forget all the chaos we were dealing with.

We didn't speak and let the grudges melt with the dim heat of our dying yet surviving friendship. Had I not cared to listen to my heart, it would have died that day. I am glad that we had a moment to be the old Niva-Navi again before our paths were separated.

Thank you #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal for bringing this wonderful topic up so that I could share one of the most precious and memorable moments of my life.
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