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October 19, 2011

The Only Way Out

Everyday I wake up, turn back and look at the most charming face in this world, you lying next to me, holding my waist with gentle cuddle while sleeping. All I can think of is the fact that we have traveled miles together and I know this is an endless journey, beyond death, we have to walk together. The freedom of being alive that I have discovered in you is the shining pearl of happiness, which always adores my eyes with its glowing presence.

I remember our one of the several ‘over the coffee conversations’, where you and I would experience the “surrender-situation”, chained with charm of love and nothing was more beautiful than that. That warm sip of coffee in the cold evening and our charismatic togetherness.

“So what are your plans?” you began with a naughty smile…

“My plans? Regarding?” I replied, pretending to have missed your signals.

“I know that you know what I am saying” so swiftly you eliminated the distance between your lips n my ears. Whispering was enough to make me hear and entrap me in the magic of your magnetism.

Biting my lover lip to hold the sensations was the only possible remedy I could afford at that time. And I don’t remember when you put your warm palm on my cold, frozen left cheek, but I remember melting of my each heartbeat. Sipping coffee was not a good idea in that intoxicating moment.

The coffee kept waiting, the chillness of that cold winter night had almost frozen it, but we were still warm enough into each other’s arms. Those smooth temperate cuddles defeated the cold outside, couldn’t remember when we shifted to one chair. All I remember is, we both madly kissing, hugging, smiling and caressing one another.

“Lock me in your heart, forever. Treasure me … never let me go…” I had a lot more to whisper but your gentle finger on my lips interrupted me sweetly.

“shhhh.. Baby, I can’t lock you in here, I can’t close the doors as it is the only way out..” you were so intense.

“Who wants to go out?” I argued, “You want me to leave?” my voice trembled.

“I can never ever let you go; neither can I lock you inside…I just want you to be happy.” You made it very clear. Your words were firm enough to drive me insane.

“I don’t want to lose you at any cost, you understand, I will lock myself inside your heart and I will never ever open this door, no one can enter in here but me….Only me”.. I busted into tears.

“Honey, honey, Baby….please don’t cry.. Please ….” You were out of your senses now, the only thing you never wanted to let happen, my tears, crossing the boundaries of my eyelashes.

“No No No…  I know you want your heart to keep open for other bitches, so that they can hunt over you and come here intruding in my peace? Am I not the one you always dreamt of, tell me if I am not….are you still looking for someone better than me…” I had become a disaster till that moment.

“Honey I was just being practical… nothing else, my kiddo please don’t cry” and then you kissed my forehead. “you little disaster, you are my everything, I just want you to be free, want you to be real and I can never see my little heartbeat getting suffocated inside a locked heart.” You kissed me again.

“I love you” I opted for the only reasonable thing that fits in every conversation of two of us.

“Love never sets up boundaries, my heart is all yours and no bitch or dog or whatever can even enter without your permission, I just want you to set free, my open heart, that allows you to venture out whenever you wish to and to surround you with love whenever you’re tired.”

“I love you, I had lost my mind…I’m”

“shhh even me too seem to have lost my mind in love…come here lets lose minds and m make love…” ahh you always interrupt me with your sugar coated talks.

“I lov..mmm… you..mmmmmmmm” oops you kiss, at least you could have waited until I complete these three words. Hmmm

The sound of my sobs brings me back to the bed from the olden beautiful memories and you from the dreamless sound sleep. You look at me with affection and concern.

“kiddo… what happened…baby te…mmmmmm” aah you have taught me to interrupt like you in these twenty years.

After a long smooth good morning kiss I speak smoothly “I am not crying baby, just returned back from a beautiful trip, walked back a few steps and now I am back.. from the only way in and out… your heart and my world.”

I know I had uttered enough words for you to lock my lips. We immingle our breaths amalgamating our lips. The kiss lasts longer. It has the essence of our first kiss, actually every single kiss that we had enjoyed prior than that.

I love you my love. Thanks for never letting me feel suffocated.


  1. really nyc..i feel like im watching a picture.....good keep writing well sweetheart.....:):)

  2. Ninoria.. thanks a bunch for you valuable remark.. :)

  3. that was sweet, hmm.. passionate too.

    yours words weaved a magical web through out the conversation.

  4. heya thanks Anurag.. your presence here surely means a lot.. thanks for visiting...

    came across your blogs. *following*

    keep visiting.. :)


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