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December 31, 2013

We Vote with We Chat: Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps

The good thing about being gen next individual is that you feel excellent when you are asked to make a difference using your smartphone! I mean Come On! Every one of us will confess that we don’t even go to toilet without carrying our smartphone along! Phewww!

Image Source-http://row-burt.tumblr.com/post/5066625451/no-smartphone-on-the-toilet

So I need not to explain that how much beholden I feel towards #Wechat for bringing this opportunity up, where I can actually play a contest using a smartphone app! Wuhu! It’s easy, but why should I talk about elections.

Elections quite boring! Yawwwn Yawwwn! Couldn’t you guys bring up something interesting? Well, let me tell ya, no one is gonna be interesting in election kinda stuff dude!

Image Source-http://www.search-best-cartoon.com/cartoon-owl-page-3.html

Wait! What did you just say… That’s the challenge! Oh, so if I really find out that how can I use this amazing #Wechat app to encourage people for using their voting right, you guys might just send some goodies for me.. Woaah! I am on it!

But Hey! I have never really been an election person. In fact I am not interested in politics! So I am not inspired enough. Ok let me look for inspiration…

Looking, finding, searching
Ok.. See I got this incidence and it inspires me a lot…

***The Inspiring Story***

I was born and everything around sounded alright. I didn’t know where I belong, what was my territory. I was just a breathing structure made of flesh and bones, claimed by a beautiful couple as their daughter. All I knew was dependency for everything except sleeping and dreaming.

Image Source-www.orendsrange.com

[Ok.. Ok I am cutting it short here… Fast forwarding]

My father told me that I was an Indian because my hometown was located somewhere in Rajasthan, a state located in the north-west of India. Yes, India was my acknowledgment!

Image Source-www.allwallpaprz.blogspot.com

As my father’s lectures about my country increased, I started falling in love with it. I learnt different things about my country, its Unity in Diversity theory, respect for all religions, which reflected only in India and much more.

Image Source-www.waterforsixthgrade.blogspot.com

But, what bellowed beneath my baby skin was when I came to know that the country I am born in, the country I live in and the country that is my identity was ruled by outsiders for centuries. The pain that British rule brought to my country could reflect clearly through my granny’s stories!

I would be afraid and disturbed of all these historical details. So one day I rushed to my father, in search of a solution of course. I asked him straight forward...

“Dadda, what if British people are here again to rule over us?”
“No they won’t; they can’t” Dad replied with ease!
“But they did for more than 250 years!” I was still worried.
“Because India is a democratic nation my love. Forget British people, No one can ever dare to rule us, because in democracy, we the common people rule ourselves!”
“How?” My curiosity escalated.
“Democracy gives us freedom to choose our public representative through our votes and get a perfect system functioning for us, for our country and for our countrymen” He explained with a smile.
“Voting is our biggest right and duty, we should never overlook it” Dad added.

That was the day when I was just 5 years old, but understood the meaning and significance of VOTING.

[Oops! I know, I am too bad at cutting stories short! Bear with me]

***The Inspiring Story Ends Here..But Inspiration Continues, Ofcourse!***

SO now that I am inspired….And I feel that people are least interesting in voting. People are too annoyed with the system that they don’t want to show any interest in doing anything for the system and politics. This rage has made them forget that their power of voting, but if we get united, it can change the entire face of politics and a healthy democracy can be established.

The potential in modern generation is enormous. Each one of us just needs to put it in right direction and miracles will happen. So let’s use #Wechat to invoke the miracle!

Using all features for motivating people to vote!

Group Chat- How about playing a poetry game 

Ok, we talk about almost anything through #wechat. We gossip about the most irritating girl around and most handsome boy in the office. SO why not just talk about voting and our right…Alright, you might find it boring at first, but we all have got creative brains and we can make it interesting.

See arrange a #WeChat voting Mushaira… Playing a rhyme game with friends that inspires voting would be awesome. And the poems can be something like this:

Friend A-Hey dudes, are you guys gonna vote!
Friend B-No dude for voting m too hot
Friend C-Our country’s politics is like a sinking boat
Friend A-but we could save it, through the voting power we’ve got
Friend E-See dude if we don’t vote, our country’s gonna rot
Friend B-And bad people will consider each one of us a scape goat
Friend A-So let’s give it another thought
Friend ABCDE-Let’s Vote…Let’s vote!

Video Chat- The perfect reply for Aur Batao

When you get to video chat for free, you surely want to talk for longer, but at the same time, you don’t have anything to talk… So what remains with you is.. A silly smile on your face and one very common (ghisa-pita) dialogue

“Aur Batao-What else”

So why not just replace it with-“Hey are you voting? You should dude.. I am using my vote right for sure”

Image Source-http://www.idioms4you.com/complete-idioms/get-along-with.html

Voice Chat- A quick reminder will do

Leave an awesome reminder for all your friends using voice chat option. This will remind them that they have to vote and use their strongest right to let the nation live for longer.

Image Source-http://www.search-best-cartoon.com/cartoon-owl-page-3.html

Bottle- This one will also help!

For once, you can use this option to remind people that one shouldn’t vote to those, who offer you bottle! Rather the leaders will be chosen on the basis of their ability!

[Ok, I just tried to think out of box… what you didn’t like it..Aha! Never mind]

Moment- The Show Off method

Listen, its easy to inspire others through show off. When we can flaunt our new haircut, new nail-polish, new look, new boyfriend or anything, then why not our voting entho? Just post your VOTED pic and see how much people will be interested in it.

Live Chat- Wuhu! You should use it, quite often!

This awesome app lets you talk as much as you can. So go ahead and sing your latest composition to your friends, bitch about the girl you hate, discuss things about family matters and much more. But, when you talk all this, then why not just take out few minutes and talk about voting and about the people who gave away their lives to save this nation. Just think of those people and for the sake of their martyrdom!

Now, we live in a nation, where we are free to move in any manner, free to use any mobile app we want to, free to dance, free to sing, free to go wherever we want to and free to do breathe in fact. Interestingly, WE’VE GOT FREEDOME TO VOTE!

Emoticons: Do I need to say that amazing emoticons will help to boost up the conversations and add some life to it!

Image Source-http://www.webdesignhot.com/free-icon/cool-smilies-vector-icon-set/
But a freedom is only meaningful if we know how to best use each bit of it. We are free to vote that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t vote. It means, we must vote using the right to choose our favorite candidate with free mind.

What... So, you're still thinking.. WHY TO VOTE? Wait!

Take this...

Image Courtesy-https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/

Or May be this

Image Courtesy-https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/

But, you should also know...

Image Courtesy-https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/

So, better us your brain and #Wechat to do something incredible!

Image Courtesy-https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/

So get you guns loaded and ask people to vote #VoteForIndia

This post is written under #WeChat Contest Indian General Elections 2014 With Social Mobile Apps in association with Indiblogger

To know more, you can click this link here-http://www.wechat.com/en/ Download the app here for you Andriod/iOS/Windows/BlackBerry/40S Symbian/Windows Phone smartphone or Web WeChat and explore these amazing features!


  1. Surely no one can feel lazy and not go to the pooling booth if the ideas in this post do get implemented .... very innovative thoughts :-)

  2. I liked that "show off method mentioned here".

  3. Wonderfully written, Priyanka! With such cool images & convo!
    Congrats for winning :) Happy for you!


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