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December 19, 2013

Banyan Tree & Uncle Sid: Piu’s Porky Pies leading to P.A.S.S. (Protest against Smelly Stubble)

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To know the whole story, read Chapter-1 Chapter-2 and Chapter-3 here.

Piu’s favorite Sid uncle was home.

Piu liked him becuase was patient enough to answer her every quirky question she raised. Also, he never said No to Piu’s proposal of playing with dolls under water tank!

Yes, Piu loved making her doll’s house under water tank; she liked that tiny and cozy place of all. Also, she loved it because she could easily fit in it. But, Poor Uncle Sid had to go through cervical pain because he could only fit himself under the water tank by bending his spine!

But today she wasn’t that pleased to see Sid Uncle. She greeted him half-heartedly and twisted her lips arrogantly while shaking hands with him.

Sid Uncle was worried as he realized his little friend was angry or disappointed over something. So her gently picked Piu in his arms and offered her a chocolate. Piu accepted the chocolate but still looked away.

“What happened kiddo?”

“Uncle Sid, which tree has beard hanging from its face?”

“Banyan Tree I think, but why are you asking this?”

“Well yes, it has beard but it never shaves. Do you know why, because it hurts when a tree shaves its outgrowth, teacher told me?” Piu looked super cute while using her hands to express what she meant.

“Wow, my intelligent lady I didn’t know that” said amazed uncle.

“But you must know that shaving doesn’t hurt humans. Don’t you men understand that it’s a blessing for you to get rid of this dirty smelly stubble without feeling a bit of pain?” Piu’s authoritative tone certainly made Sid uncle and Mommy Daddy laugh.

“Oh, so this anger is all about my stubble look” smiled Uncle Sid.

“I hate that unclean stubble” said Piu.

Ok, Uncle Sid knew it was time for a clean shave!

Word Count-300

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  1. Wow... thats a really nice post.
    Thanks for the acknowledgement dear.
    All the best for the contest.

  2. Thanks a bunch Heena...Keep visiting :)

  3. So, little Piu helped Sid uncle get shaved :D

    Thank God! I'm hygienic. Else... ;-)

    1. Haha.. You must meet little people. Make a time machine scientist.. It will take you there... But make sure you go clean shaved.

  4. I think I should reconsider my dream of growing a beard after seeing this rising support for the anti-stubble movement ;p

  5. I accepted your tag in my post
    http://www.eatoutsdelhi.net/2013/12/early-stubble-problem.html and tagged you too.

  6. That's the power of new generation kids!

  7. Liked the ingenuity of the idea. Have tagged you in here. Hope you'll like this one. :) http://www.disavowed.in/2013/12/pass-shave-gillette-clean-shave-suave.html


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