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December 27, 2013

Parenting Desires: 5 Special Gifts for my Childern

Grown up and aced, healthy and placed, finally I am Daddy’s big girl. Mommy is so proud of my achievements as an individual and brother thinks that there’s a long way to go. I am my father’s dream, my mother’s hope and my brother’s chum.

I have been given the best life till date and I am fortunate enough to be amongst those Indian girls, who are treated equal to men in their families and society.

I was born strong and brought up even stronger. My parents gave me the best of upbringing and this reflects in each step that I take forward towards accomplishment of my dreams.

So, sometimes I sit back and think that how I am going to manage my future life, new relationships and above all, my kids. Yes, I will have kids like I used to be years ago (and still am). But, things were easy when I was a kid, now things are different, tough and life’s even more challenging.

But, generally I sideline these thoughts, considering that there’s still time for all these responsibilities. I still have some time to tie a knot with my soul mate and have kids. BUT…WHAT PLANNING EXACTLY MEANS, Doing it in Advance! There’s no use of digging the well when the house is on fire already.

So, thank you HDFC for letting me think my future in advance and planning for it. No more escape, now I am going to finally decide some significant gifts I wish to give to my child.

Image Source-http://sweetclipart.com/mother-and-child-1-1302

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.
Carl Jung

Phew! This quote certainly makes me think that parenting is the most challenging task. Being a parent I would have to watch my each step to ensure that my children grow their mind healthily and learn & adapt only good things from me.

Gift#1-Upbringing (Sanskar)

The biggest gift a parent could give to his/her child is-Balanced Upbringing and good sanskar. Whenever I think of bringing up a child, Abraham Lincon’s speech, “How to raise my child” echoes in the back of my head.

I certainly need to make sure that my child gets the best if upbringing, where he/she learns the importance of good health, rational behavior, playing his/her heart out, fighting for what is wrong and standing strong for what is right.

I will make sure that while growing stronger with technology, my child always knows that there’s a thing called outdoor games and looking at the sky or rain falling with no purpose could be amongst most beautiful moments of life.

Image Source-http://berlianchevi.blogspot.in/2012/03/my-beloved-best-friend.html

Gift#2-Courage to Make Mistakes & Sincerity to learn from them

If I say I will make sure that my children make NO MISTAKES, then it would be too unrealistic. Humans cannot imagine living a life without making mistakes. So, I would rather strengthen my brain enough to stand at a level, where I could gift my children the COURAGE to MAKE MISTAKES.

Image Source-http://kids.nobleandroyal.com/en/americas-best-100-books-for-kids-counting-kisses-a-kiss-read-book/

But, I will have to make sure that at the same time, they are SINCERE enough to LEARN from their MISTAKES.

Gift#3-Bicycle & Books

“We learn from failure, not from success!”
Bram Stoker, Dracula

I would want my children to relish the luxury of BMW or even expensive cars/bikes. But, I would want them to enjoy the wonders of cycling. Nothing could beat the moment when you first learn to paddle your bicycle. Its exciting to see your feet doing wonder and making you feel like flying.

I would make sure that my children feel that bliss of being able to make the air sing through their ears while they paddle the bicycle. I would make sure that they learn the biggest lesson of life while cycling, which is-Falling down doesn’t mean that you can’t get up and start all over again! There’s always a second chance to get up and start again.

Image Source-http://www.nutsbike.com/transportation/police-looking-for-missing-man-on-bicycle.html

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Books invoke imagination. Such imagination, which no graphics, animations or moving images could bring. So, I would introduce my kids to the wonder of books and would pray that they carry the magic of books to their next generation.

SO, gifting them bicycle and books is my heart’s core desire.

Image Source-http://www.skertonstlukes.lancs.sch.uk/index.php?category_id=41


“Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they're already asleep.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Like any other parent, I would want to earn a luxurious future for my kids. For that I would need money and to earn money I would require spending hours chasing my targets at workplace. But, I promise to steal time from anywhere and put it in pockets of my children. No matter I steal this time from my sweet morning sleep or replace my back home lazy walk to high speed racing… I promise to do it.

I am sure my children would be able enough to earn millions times more than the pocket money I might afford for them. But, I am sure my Goodmorning hugs and goodnight kisses for them would always be priceless.

Whether it is about going out for picnic, juggling with their homework and assignment, working with their school projects, accompanying them for parents-teacher meets, cooking for them, playing in the backyard or anything they would want me to do, I will make sure I will always be there.

Image Source-http://kids.nobleandroyal.com/en/americas-best-100-books-for-kids-counting-kisses-a-kiss-read-book/

Gift#5-Insured life

There were days, when insurance was only seen as shield, which would protect you against taxes.

My father would tell me that he is doing great task by investing in life insurance. He always suggested me to invest in insurance and not consider it as a burden. Now, when he looks at wonderful children insurance plans, pension insurance plans and health insurance plans or insurance about almost anything, he feels great about his visionary attitude towards investing in insurance policies.

He has always suggested me to plan my children’s future smartly and give them an insured life. So, I will undoubtedly take my Dad’s suggestion and make sure that I pick the best insurance policy for my kids, so that they could have an insured and secured future.

Image Source-http://backgroundsforpowerpoint.org/tag/child-insurance-background

 Life’s full of uncertainties and being a parent; it’s my duty to minimize these qualms. And, I am sure the better and refined child insurance plans available around will help me to do it.

This post is official entry under 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life A Contest by HDFC life in association with Blogadda.


  1. Insured life! There is no reason why HDFC is not going to smile at this one! :)

    Arvind Passey

  2. Books and Sanskar...The greatest gifts given to me by my mother! Lovely post Priyanka. All the best! :)

  3. So sweet ... you will be such a good mom :-P

  4. Brought a smooth feeling :) loved the starting line

    and Priyanka you always bring some thing new for me every day
    thanks for that :)

  5. Nice post Priyanka..Books and Sanskaar..yes these two are the best gifts to any child by the parents ..Best of luck for the contest :-)

  6. That's a gorgeous post hun...Hope you win :) <3


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