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January 19, 2015

Why is it always Men vs Women??

Is laundry only woman's job? Well that's a tricky question. I think the question should have been why laundry is not a man's job. This would make the conflicting discussion more interesting.

Well, the concept is simple, man eats his food, shits his business and chases his dreams, then what's the problem he dealing with his laundry bag loaded with dirty clothes. 

Why is it always Men vs Women??

Why can't there be discussions of equality. Why is that one of the gender has to be put down in order to lift one. Such discussions are conflicting and doesn't help in solving the problem. If the one sided discussions keep going on that should women take responsibility of all laundry job. 

Women would be very happy to nominate men for this task and men would escape the situation by saying that 'ladies have sense of cleanliness as their inherent quality. And think once, according to this male, female laundry discussion, it automatically concludes that people from transgender group shouldn't even do their laundry.

Healthy Discussions within the Family:

When the topic comes to men vs women, the situation always gets a little tensed. Despite of the fact that Mother Nature has designed male and female as alternatives of one another. So, they should be taught to respect each other and clean their mess individually. Neither a lady should be responsible for washing clothes for the entire family nor the man should be appointed to do it.

Yes, the man and the lady can always work it out as a team effort. May be they can Share the Load and do the task in shifts!

Both men and women should be brought up with the thought of independence. If parents tell their daughters to be careful while wearing short dresses, they should also teach their sons to respect other women despite of whatever she is wearing. Same is the concept with laundry I guess. 

The idea should be to teach people taking their responsibility and not running away from them. There's no shame in being responsible towards yourself. In fact, it is the best thing one can do!

No laundry is not only woman's job, neither is only man's. Every individual should be taught to take her/his responsibility despite of their gender. This would bring the real sense of equality in the society.

I am sure Ariel is trying to do the same, bring in equality in the society, which is a great initiative. 

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January 2, 2015

Howdy New Year?

How do I prepare report card of my previous year. It feels that I blinked my eyes once and a year passed...

The cycle of time is speeding up with time. Every year comes with a shorter lifetime. Days end up in a ratrace and nights aren't longer enough to miss the good old days.

My granny would say ''times are changing and clocks are speeding up." May be now I understand a bit that what she meant...

I still want the days to be longer than years. Days where I have enough time to relive the memories that hold the power to make me smile and cry at once...

I still want to steal those priceless hours which I would spend with my friends...doing absolutely nothing...

But...I know like others, this year will too pass once I blink my eyes...so I have decided to keep them open, as long as I can and beyond. Let's call it my new year's resolution...what's yours?

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