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January 2, 2015

Howdy New Year?

How do I prepare report card of my previous year. It feels that I blinked my eyes once and a year passed...

The cycle of time is speeding up with time. Every year comes with a shorter lifetime. Days end up in a ratrace and nights aren't longer enough to miss the good old days.

My granny would say ''times are changing and clocks are speeding up." May be now I understand a bit that what she meant...

I still want the days to be longer than years. Days where I have enough time to relive the memories that hold the power to make me smile and cry at once...

I still want to steal those priceless hours which I would spend with my friends...doing absolutely nothing...

But...I know like others, this year will too pass once I blink my eyes...so I have decided to keep them open, as long as I can and beyond. Let's call it my new year's resolution...what's yours?

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