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Meet the Princess

December 28, 2013

The Prince Charming Chapter: Piu’s Porky Pies leading to P.A.S.S. (Protest against Smelly Stubble)

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“Piu, your tongue is twisting too much these days” Mom was angry
“What did I do know” Piu asked innocently sipping her morning milk (eyuuuuk)
“Why did u lectured Sam bhaiya about that entire matrimony episode?”
“Because he was finding fault in that lady despite of his stinky beard” Piu was quite clear and confident about her point.
“Well honey, you never know you might get married to stubbly man one day” Mommy winked
Piu was silent, but Mom could notice a bouncy storm floating behind her still big eyes.

Piu walked back in her room, juggling with the horrible thoughts of having a stubbly husband. After giving thousand thoughts to this matter, this little lady decided to run away from her home and find out the man whom she’s gonna marry in future. She would make sure that she picks a man who is clean shaven ofcourse.

Packing her frocks, shoes and doll in her tiny bag, she walks straight to the pond nearby. She always considered this pond few miles away from her home as ‘Away from home’ spot.

Sitting calmly across the shore, she kept herself busy with thoughts. She didn’t bother throwing pebbles in the water.

“I am going to find that prince charming thing out and tell him that see I hate that unclean stubble. If he will understand it, he will better get a chance to marry me” Piu uttered the uncontrollable urge cutely.

“Well, my little princess is planning to get married?”  Dadda’s voice interrupted.

“Dadda?” Piu was pleasantly surprised to see Dad standing behind her.

“Let’s go home”

“Dadda, I am not coming home until you promise that you’re gonna find a clean shaven groom for me”

Did Daddy had any other choice except laughing out loud?

Word Count-295

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  1. Thanku so much priyanka...:) and nice post...you really are making little piu very famous..:D

    1. She is already famous Vaisakhi.. guess she is making my blog famous.. Thanks for being here

  2. hey good one here. U seem to be writing a li'l story book around P.A.U.S. Will come back to read the previous ones by you.

    thanks for visiting my blog. and for the tag- will surely think of something and let you know. :)

    1. Hey Richa.. thanks for being here.. Yeah, i just start writing some random incidences and it became a story book so far :)

  3. OMG... whole filmy story around Piu.. I enjoyed it...

    Acknowledged your tag and tagged you for another..

  4. Piu will seriously make the world a stubble free place :-P


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