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December 18, 2013

King's ‘lice sprinkled beard’: Piu’s Porky Pies leading to P.A.S.S. (Protest against Smelly Stubble)

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This is second Chapter of Piu's Porky Pies, Read previous ones here: Chapter-1 and Chapter-2

It was Sunday morning, holiday for the whole world but not for Piu’s Dad. He was appointed as Sunday Story Reader for his daughter, deserted from offs including sick leaves too.

“Come little princess, what do you want me to read for you today?” Said Dadda; hugging his little angel.

“Love Story” Piu said obliviously, gazing at her toy train innocently.

“What, love story? No you are too young for that; No love stories until you turn 18”

“Love sees no age” Piu was firm.

“Who told you this?” Daddy shocked!

“You and mommy were talking something like this last night” an innocent reply melted Dadda’s heart!

“You little devil, when do you overhear all these conversations? Love sees no age my love, but love stories do. So I am going to read you Sukbar & Girgal’s story” Dad was all set to convince his princess.

“Not again Dadda grow up!” Piu was least interested.

“I promise you will love it” and Dadda opened the book

Piu joined in half-heartedly and Dadda began to read the first line of the story.

“King Sukbar, sitting in her courtyard caressing his beard, asked Girgal…” Before Daddy could complete the sentence Piu interrupted.

“I don’t understand why kings had beard? And, if they had beard then there were lice in them for sure. I don’t want to listen to such story, where kings were unhygienic and stubbly… “I hate that unclean stubble”. Tell me something about love or you are dismissed” Piu’s little nose had turned red.

Dad broke into laughter. What was this new strategy he wondered? Did Piu really hate stubbly look that much or she wanted him to read love stories to her. Whatever it was, he was sure that there was absolute No-No for stories of the bearded kings.

Word Count-300

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