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Meet the Princess

December 20, 2013

Desert Safari Day: Piu’s Porky Pies leading to P.A.S.S. (Protest against Smelly Stubble)

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**Alert:You are in Middle of the Piu series. To know it well, read following chapters too:


Piu went on a desert safari with her Dad. Sitting in open jeep, putting his dad’s goggles on, she kept boasting her cute looks around. She was fascinated by the ladies carrying water-pots. She kept waving to those beautiful ladies walking along the pavement.

“Why do these ladies veil their faces Dadda?”
“Because veil prevents them from dust” Dad replied neutrally
“Then why aren’t we veiled”
“Because we are in Jeep Doll”
“But the jeep is also not veiled; its open jeep can’t u see it?”

Poor Dad; trapped in little creature’s arguments, as always!

“Baby Girl, they veil their faces because they are beautiful and veiling preserves their beauty” Daddy tried to explain.

Piu was quiet and daddy was about to release a BIG sigh of relief but sadly he was interrupted.

“But their faces are hidden, how come you know they are beautiful?” Piu shot straight.

Daddy was in trouble. But, he had to answer.

“Because, those who hide their faces with something are beautiful”

“I beg to differ here Mr. Dadda!” Shouted Piu in cheerpy tone; removing goggles bigger than her cheeks, she continued, “If by any chance, you are trying to make a point that men that hide their faces behind dirty-stinky stubble are beautiful, then Mind You, It’s not gonna happen!”

Daddy’s mouth fell open, still he was thankful that he had shaved this morning.

Trying to fetch Piu’s attention, daddy looked in the rear mirror of his jeep, tucking his tongue beneath his right cheek.

Piu smiled and she was proud of her dad because ‘his clean shaved look bowled her over’

Wearing her stylish Big goggles Piu wickedly said, “No matter how much you try to woo me, I am surely gonna tell Mommy that you find these veiled water pot ladies beautiful”

Word Count-300

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    1. Thanks a bunch Mani :) Yeah, Piu is cutest of all

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  3. Piu is too good. Will she say to her mom?

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