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December 16, 2013

Monk at The Door: Piu’s Porky Pies leading to P.A.S.S. (Protest against Smelly Stubble)

Image Courtesy-https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/ 

‘Piu’, a gorgeous little lady I used to be almost 2 decades ago is going to be the lead protagonist in the story.

At the age of 4, Piu strongly believed that she was big enough to claim the position of ‘house in-charge’. She had clearly mentioned it to her mother that only Piu would open the door, whenever the doorbell would ring, no matter what!

For that she had forcefully got the little plastic ladder placed near the entry door to unbolt it without any human help. Mom was paranoid about all this as little Piu couldn’t even help her chinos slipping down her round little derrieres. But, she couldn’t protest because Piu was the in charge.

That whole day, Piu opened the door. Consequently, poor milkman, housemaid, postman and other visitors had to stand for hours ringing the bell again and again. First Piu would hold the plastic ladder, step on it carefully and then stretch her pants up and then take the next step, slowly and gradually reading to unbolt the door.

Whole day went well for Piu, of course not for the guests at the door.

It was 7 in the evening and doorbell rang, Piu rushed to the door, taking her self-acclaimed position too seriously.

Mom was expecting her husband to come back from a month long tour, but Piu came back droopy, keeping her hands in pockets, careless of pants slipping down her waist and said, “Mommy, there’s a monk at the door and I hate that unclean stubble he has”

Back from a long trip, loaded with baggage and of course monk-like stubble, Daddy stood stunned behind little Piu, smirking gently at her wife, shocked that his messy stubble didn’t let his daughter recognize him.

“Time to clean the mess” He thought!

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  1. Ah! I liked that picture. Also, your post. Thanks for the tag. I have a two pending tags, once I am done with that, I shall accept yours :)

    Someone is Special

  2. Thanks a lot Priyanka for responding to my Tag :)
    You have narrated it really well. I could imagine Piu climbing up the ladder as she was in charge!
    The gorgeous li'l lady could not recognize her own dad! Great he decided to be clean-shaven :) Li'l girl & Monk Image is nice too!
    Best wishes for the contest, dear!

    Please do register it in the BlogAdda PASS Contest Page too (We need to 'Submit Entry' there)

    1. Thanks for being here Anita. I am new to blogadda and wrote first time for its contest for your tag only... :)
      I appreciate your guidance for the submission :)

    2. Dear Priyanka,
      I appreciate your appreciation & support! Thanks a lot! :)
      I have accepted your tag in my 13th PAUS Post- http://anitaexplorer.blogspot.in/2013/12/the-most-pausitive-person-i.html
      Please do register it ASAP in your PAUS contest page!
      All the best dear! :)

    3. I appreciate your appreciation & support! Thanks a lot!
      packers and movers madhapur

  3. Wow I never thought bitstrips can be used in this manner. Indeed an innovative approach :)

    I have tagged you in my post here
    Hoping you will accept my tag in one of your posts :)

  4. Lovely story! :D As creative as Anita Ma'm I would've to say. You made up the story from that bitstrips image, or you did go in a deep search in bitstrips for finding a pic according to your suit? :D

  5. and that lovely Teddy over there made me to comment and follow your Blog XD

  6. very nice story about the monk at door Pius porky pies leading.thanks for sharing this article.


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