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December 6, 2013

Chronicles of Aggarbatti to Ambi Pur journey

Ok, I am going to tell you the whole story about how Ambi Pur entered my life. We’ll start with the flashback highlights and progressively will review the product.

The Flashback

Image Source-http://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/incense-stick-vector-317108

Tired of a hectic day of work as I finally reach the staircase of my home, that very familiar sharp smell hits my nostrils. God, this Aggarbatti (incense stick) trend of these second floor tenants is going to kill me for sure. Why can’t they just get a good room freshener? Arggh, the smell of these Aggarbattis is too sharp to penetrate through my nasal cavity and drag me towards nausea (almost). Every time I tried to convey this message to that lady, she would make annoying faces and babble about the benefits of Aggarbattis followed by some religious comments.

Before I could shout, “Then for God sake, get some incense sticks, which have frail fragrance, forget your neighbors; at least don’t torture The Almighty with this suffocating smell.” She would slam the door and walk away.

Recalling these instances, today also, I don’t feel wise to replay the entire conversation episode with the Aggarbatti lady. So I walk upstairs, keeping my mouth shut. But wait, I am upstairs now and rather than diminishing, the impact of sharp Aggarbatti smell is enhanced. What the fish is this… I am sure, that arrogant lady must have ignited two more incense sticks intentionally to take revenge for all the dialogues I often pass to her.

Trapped in the thoughts of anguish, anger and doubt, I ring the bell and my 'Mommy the great' stands at the door, smiling and holding 5 ignited Aggarbattis in her hand. It’s enough to blow up my mind and I can’t really figure out what has happened.

“Mom, where did you get these from” I am sure she could sense my anger!

“Well, I borrowed these from the lady downstairs”

“What the…f… Mommy… You… You went downstairs to borrow these Aggarbattis from that arrogant Aggarbatti aunty?? Mom what’s wrong with you?”

“Why are you so paranoid and what is this Aggarbatti.. Aggarbatti… it is the traditional room freshener” now she is talking like a Mother.

“Oh please! You know that it hits in my head and it has nothing to do with room freshening Maa… Now please extinguish these incense sticks, they are driving me nuts”

“Well, they are still better than the pesky room freshener you bought” oh, so she’s getting sarcastic now.

“Mom, don’t call for a WORD-WAR, I am telling you. How would I know about the fragrance of that room freshener until I get to open it and don’t you know it comes sealed…SEALED” I spoke uninterruptedly, while busy in dousing those incense sticks.

“Poor lady, she would have used these sticks for 5 days” Mom was concerned about Aggarbatti aunty.

“They are still usable, return them to her and tell her to GET A LIFE” It was a breathless sentence.

“I would rather tell you GO GET A BETTER ROOM FRESHNER” hell, she’s so good at sarcasm

“I am gonna get one for sure” I say firmly.

“Oh Yeah” sarcasm continues in her expressions and tone

“Yeah Yeah” affirmation continues too.

Image Source-Google Images

The climax & conclusion
This one of the mini Daily Word Wars leads me to trust the advertisement of Ambi Pur (Smelly to Smiley) being broadcasted for so long. Also, i had noticed #FreshNHappy social media campaign by makers of this air freshener. So, I finally decide to trust almost everything they tell in the advertisement and spend my valued 220 rupees and buy one of the aplenty fragrances offered by Ambi Pur.

I pick Ambi Pur Air Effects Blossoms & Breeze, why? Because I loved the name of the product and of course the color of freshener bottle is quite tranquil.

Now, as I open the spray bottle for the first time and use my index finger to spray it in the air, my Mom looks at me with suspicious eyes. She is quite sure I have no idea about purchasing room fresheners at least. And, till the date, her belief about me has been proved ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
But, I wish today things be different. I spray it.

The Review

Yes, Ambi Pur has changed my life! Voilla…! I AM HAPPY that this product didn’t ditch. Its fragrance is way better and enchanting. The tranquility and freshness that it adds to the air certainly justifies the outer design of its bottle.

As you press the spray nob and let the micro particles come out to fresh n up your surroundings, certainly magic happens. As you close your eyes, you can simply feel the bliss of being on a holiday in nature’s lap.
And, it’s amazing that this air freshening formula by Ambi Pur really deals with:

Smelly feet

Image source-http://www.thinkquest.org/pls/html/think.library

Smelly Socks of course

Image Source-http://strictlycoffee.co.za/blog/tag/coffee-stops-smelly-sock-smell/

The dirty things/Rotten stuff in the surroundings

Image Source-http://www.freightandvolume.com/news/

Lack of oxygen

Image Source-http://badeventer.blogspot.in/2012/04/i-rode-my-horse-for-first-time.html

Smell of Garbage

Image Source-http://islamicvoice.com/islamicvoice/buddy-and-the-garbage-bin/

And a lot more I guess...!!

The most liked factor: What I love the most about this particular room freshener by Ambi Pur is that it is too gentle on nostrils. You can simply inhale and exhale to enjoy strong breathing process when the freshener is poured in the air. This has never before been possible for me, neither with my random selection of air-fresheners nor with Aggarbatti ofcourse!

So, through this post, I would like to thank Ambi Pur for:

·         Rescuing me from painful experience of headache and nausea when I would inhale any of the sharp nose penetrating smell in the name of air freshening.
·         Making my mother believe that I can choose right things, so she would let me marry the man I choose for myself.
·         To transform the ambiance of my house, without affecting our daily breathing routine.
·         To add pinch of freshness and healthiness in my surrounding.
·         To solve my problem of air freshening for LIFETIME.
·         To give me this chance of sharing such wonderful experience.

PS: I am planning to gift one Ambi Pur air freshener to my beloved Aggarbatti aunty too. Hope she would understand the difference between sharp smell and soothing scent.

Note: The review is my official entry to contest Ambi Pur Home Range (Smelly Air to Smiley Air), organized by Indiblogger in association with Ambi Pur India.

To explore more about Ambi Pur's new product range and latest updates, click-https://www.facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia 


  1. Haha! Very well written! Fantastic description too. Keep it up!

    1. Monika.. I am glad that my post made you laugh :)
      Keep visiting... its an honor having you here :)

  2. Really nice Post, Priyanka!
    Apt images- Socks, Garbage... To tackle these, Ambi Pur is very much needed :)
    I love this line- "Making my mother believe that I can choose right things, so she would let me marry the man I choose for myself." That's a real extrapolation!
    Best wishes for the contest, dear! :)

  3. Making my mother believe that I can choose right things, so she would let me marry the man I choose for myself.

    Epic! I laughed Literally rolling on the floor for nearly 20 minites

    1. Haha. I am glad i made you laugh Mr. Scientist+artist (Deadly combo)
      And i know you are Gitacharya, need not to tell.. You are a friend, not a stranger :)

  4. Priyanka, I have tagged you in my Post- http://anitaexplorer.blogspot.in/2013/12/pass-parcel.html :)
    Pl do take a look and find time to respond by writing a Post! :)

  5. I hope you will share the Rs 20000 voucher with me ;-)

  6. Firstly, I loved your title. Then the post, then the pictures, and finally the last punch. Thank you so much for visiting Few Miles. I have tagged you here. All you need to do is write a post of 200 - 300 words protesting against stubble and accept my tag :) Thanks a lot in advance :)

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks a bunch Sarav :)
      I responded to your tag...

  7. hahaha loved the cartoons! I really like your review...

    would appreciate your feedback on my review too :)



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