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Meet the Princess

December 22, 2013

Do Not Disturb: The Blue Envelop

“Do Not Disturb” Yes, this was scribbled on that blue envelop she found underneath the abandoned wardrobe. She didn’t use this closet for years. She would use it while she was a child but now it didn’t match her standards.  Today she had to bent down and search for her little boy’s toy train, which accidently landed under that wardrobe. The blue envelop accompanied the train while it was fetched out.

She was too busy to ignore that piece of paper easily, but she couldn’t because those three words in inverted commas were written by her mother. How could she forget her mother’s handwriting? Mother was the one, who taught her to write.

Escaping from her daily life duties, she managed to steam few minutes and unwrap that envelop. There was a letter in it. Her mom’s letter…! Turning too restless, she unfolded its creases…The letter read:

My little Princess,

I don’t want to disturb you so keeping it short. You have grown up, too busy to look after your life. You are moving forward, which is life’s rule and its most prominent part. But, memories are also a little part of life. Memories allow us to look back sometimes. You and I have the most wonderful memories. Earlier, you stayed inside me and then you came in this world to stay with me, completely.

You made me complete. We played together, bed-time stories, discussing about your mathematics phobia and exploring the delight of homemade foods. Do you remember I had to go for a medical check-up and you didn’t want to miss our picnic plan? So we decided to ditch the doctor’s appointment and head straight to children’s park. And magic had happened that day; my fever was gone, without taking any medicine. Do you know why my princess? Because you were there…!! My best ever remedy.

Time flies when happy days are there. You and I were best friends and soon you grew up. You learnt to make friends outside and it turned harder for you to spare some time for me. But I knew childhood is incomplete without friends like you. I cherished your friendships with other kids, but the kid inside me, who was there exclusively for you often felt hurt and ignored. But I managed.

Then you stepped into adolescence and we started having the long series of arguments over any random things. You father called it Generation gap and you blamed my Authoritative Nature.

Teenage successfully handed you over to Youth and far away from me. Every time I wanted to break in a conversation, you replied, “Mom, can’t you see I am busy, please do not disturb”

This Do not Disturb thing became the thin line between us and I could never gather courage to erase.

I often sit in this little room, where you were born and where your childhood is still treasured. I look at the colorful walls, the pencil sketches you scribbled on the walls and your tiny wardrobes and my heart yearns for a soulful cry and a gentle hug from you to soothe it forever.

Now you are a mother. Your son is a toddler yet and I am worried for you my child. I don’t want you to have motherhood, where you are gradually drifted away from your own child. Stay connected with your child and transform with time, so that you can be able to enter in your child’s life even when he grows up, which I failed to do.

Spend as much time as you can with your kids, before they ask you to “Do Not Disturb” them.

Your Mom.

She clinched the letter next to her heart and released a soulful sigh! She wanted to rush back to her childhood and hug her mom forever and never let her go!

Moms never die because they care for their child even after their death. That’s what her Mother had done-Left a note, which had taught her the biggest lesson of her life.

Kissing the letter again and again, she rushed to the garden. Hugging her little boy tightly, she said, no school today, we are going on picnic.

Kids are so happy when they get to bunk the school officially! He put his necks around her Mommy and kissed her cheeks multiple times.

Putting her social networking and work status to “Do Not Disturb”, she was all busy in relishing her life’s best moments.

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  1. Kya bataun ... I feel I shouldn't write much ... I will instead re-read this story, over and over again, and relish in the beauty and sweetness of it ... thanks for sharing.

    1. Amrit...I am so glad you could connect to this post that much.. :)
      Your positive words inspire me.

  2. I can't think anything write now ...... I read it thrice and kinda feel related to my mother now

    great post :)
    happy blogging :)

  3. Awww.. Thanks for such appreciative remarks. I will surely visit your blog and facebook page :)

  4. Such a nice post Priyanka..really enjoyed reading it ..really a WOW post !

  5. That's what we expect from the Pocket Wonder :-)

  6. thoroughly enjoyed :) Nice use of prompt


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