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July 15, 2014

Son or Daughter...How does it matter

No, this is not a Save the Girl Child kind of post. However, I totally support the idea of women empowerment and saving the girl child...But, I just wanna make clear that this post is about some general thoughts that popped into my mind after observing a series of family events around! And, Do I need to mention I love sharing such wonderful experiences with you guys!

It was another humid day and nothing had changed except date & day on the calendar. Nothing had changed in my neighbourhood either. There lives a family in my neighbourhood, A young girl and her parents. The couple has a son too, who lives in another city, for his professional engagements. Their daugher is very bright and cute, a college student and very nice person.

From last two days, Uncle Neighbour was not keeping well..He had suffered internal bone injury, so his legs were unable to move. While walking out of the door or climbing up the staircase back, walking out of the elevator, I noticed multiple times that he had been suffering through immense pain and his little daughter and wife were busy in taking care of him.

The girl would insist her mother to take some rest and was herself indulged in dealing with all the stuff. She didn't go to college and managed to do all the household work plus nursing for his father. I visited Uncle Neighbour with a Get Well Soon bouquet and noticed how wonderfully that little college student had managed everything. While sipping mild coffee back home, I recollected all the glimpses of her efficiency of competing What A Son can do for his parents. I was so proud of her... "Daughters are the best" I told to myself with a vibrant smile.

Next morning, I wake up with some chaotic sounds in the lobby outside of my house. I rushed in concern to see if Uncle Neighbour was fine. Their door was open and few people were standing inside of the house. I couldn't resist myself and entered straight into their house to investigate further.

Thankfully, Uncle Neighbour was alright and smiling because his son was here, who had just reached to the city, straight from Bangalore. They were planning to take uncle to the hospital for checkup, but elevator was not working and that is what had created the chaos all around. Uncle was not able to walk because of excessive pain in his legs.

After few more moments of chaos, the boy from Bangalore gently lifted Uncle Neighbour in his arms. Before anyone around could notice, he was walking carefully towards the staircase. We followed him. He carried his father so gently, like a child. Like I, everyone else was worried that would the guy be able to walk three floors down with a man of almost 75-80 Kgs in his arms... But he did...We clapped for him. He safely laid Uncle Neighbour down at the back seat of car and the entire family drove off to hospital...

I couldn't help but smile and told to myself, "Maybe that's the moment for which parents want a son"

Really, Son or Daughter...what at the end of the say matters is-Dedication of children towards their parents. Their ability to pay attention towards their parents, whenever they need special care... And I am sure Uncle Neighbour and Aunty Neighbour are lucky enough to have such a wonderful Pair of Children. J

Happy Father's Day - Lovely Children's illustration for Father's Day   - Super Daddy,  Father's Love - Lovely illustration of Father's day 1600*1200  9

PS: Just to ensure that you guys are not worried about Uncle Neighbour...He has returned from the hospital last week and is doing absolutely fine...Aha! My get well soon flowers worked!!


  1. Really it doesn't matter..absolutely not...I hope people will understand this some day... :-(

    1. Maniparna...I am glad some wonderful people like you understand it :)

  2. The gender doesnt matter. The love does. He is only lucky man :)

  3. Honestly both the genders are very much required for everyone. I guess girls being too emotional are too emotionally attached with their parents, but boys take things in a practical way and hence sometimes they are being cursed of not taking care of their parents.

    It actually happen because the girl who comes in boys life want all the attention of the boy towards her parents only, and this is the reason why many boys were unable to do much care of their parents.

    Otherwise boys and girls both are very much required in every family, a complete family is of husband wife and a son and a daughter only :)

    1. I understand your point Alok. Its totally valid. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked the post.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Arpit and good to know about your venture too..Keep visiting this space...TC :)

  5. Hello there,

    Beautifully written and glad to know that your neighbor is doing good. He is lucky man to have good children, as you said in the last para, it really doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy.

    I am glad that I have a new blog to read, keep writing :) Cheers.

    1. Thanks a bunch Anoop. Hope to see you here quite often.. :)


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